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@KristinMak2 @larryelder Well lessee...
MS13 originated in Los Angeles as a Street gang to protect Salvadoran immigrants in the city. It expanded into organized crime in different Metro areas in the US.

In '04 there was a crackdown and members were deported back to El Salvador.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder El Salvador had been ravaged by Civil War in the 70s/80s, a victim of the US funding the strong men leaders and cracking down on poor farmers who (supposedly) espoused communism.

So when hardened US sociopaths began landing en masse, you can imagine what happened.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder They spent the next few decades recruiting. In gang speak, that means they were "jumping in" kids (boys and teens) by beating them senseless. If the kids survived and joined, they lived. If they didn't join, they were hunted and killed. If they didn't survive 🤷.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder Their numbers grew, fueled by the drug trade in the US and they began sending their new soldiers back into the states using more sophisticated means, which they could now fund.

@KristinMak2 @larryelder So the cycle was:
Jumped in (or killed) in El Sal
Trained and conditioned in the gang and away from family
Smuggled into the US
Build the operation further.
Get arrested/deported.
Jump more kids in.
Try to cross back over if possible.
And so on.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder So you're now a parent in El Salvador.
You've got a kid, maybe a few.
If they're boys, you're worried they'll be beaten and indoctrinated.

If they're girls, you're worried that they'll be raped, trafficked, or both.

And so, Mom and / or Dad, you decide to roll.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder You trek with your kids through harsh conditions, probably spending every dime you have to get to safety.

Some of the group die on the way. Others are preyed upon.

You don't stop in countries along the way: MS13 is entrenched throughout Central America at this point...
@KristinMak2 @larryelder There's an option to hole up in Mexico, but the cartels do brisk enough business with MS13 to put you and your family at risk for kidnapping and being used as bargaining chips.

So you're off to the "Land of the Free!™️*"

*Restrictions apply
@KristinMak2 @larryelder You make it to the border and...what's this? The kids you brought with you to keep safe, the agents in the "Land of Opportunity"™️* are telling you you have to give them up well you are rested and being processed to be deported.

Horrifying. To never see your child again.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder But, really, you don't have many're at the border and you HAD to try to cross: you're out of money, there's no work, and the refugee processing center has a 3 month wait....when it's open.

So you get caught. They take your kid(s) but at least they're alive.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder You're remanded to a federal prison to face deportation. You may have second thoughts and maybe want to try Mexico or go South instead. But it's too late and you don't know if or when you'll see them again because you don't know where they are.

You just pray they're safe.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder And you did your job: they're alive. That's the best you can do.
Especially now. is this OUR problem, #amirite?
@KristinMak2 @larryelder Well, the US spent abt a decade+ destabilizing the entire region by backing totalitarian strongmen against rebellious farmers who espoused (gasp!) Communist ideas.

During those crackdowns, those who spoke out were marked by their govt & forced to flee.

Guess where, as refugees?
@KristinMak2 @larryelder While here, in the "Good Ole US of A"*
they built up gang infrastructure in our cities, funded by government sanctioned drug trafficking and distribution.

When they got too big and dangerous, we shipped them back to El Sal.
*Does not warrant product as "always good"
@KristinMak2 @larryelder Where they got even BIGGER.

Now HERES the ironic part (well, one of them):

There's about 10k of them across all of the US.

Now that's 10k too many, but that's also not a tidal wave of murderers, just boogeymen for the 🍊💩🤡.…
@KristinMak2 @larryelder So we've taken boogeymen (that we made in the 70s), hardened them and funded them with our drug demand, then shipped them back to their home country where they're causing ordinary folks to

Where we take their kids away.

And then accuse them of "child abuse."
@KristinMak2 @larryelder Oh and sorry about the typos: I was using speech to text while I multitasked lol...

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