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Today I've decided to do a thread on immigration.
Illegal vs. legal to be exact.
Immigrants who come here legally do so b/c they WANT to become citizens of the U.S.A.
Illegal immigrants want to come for work, mostly to send their earnings OUT OF THE U.S. to their family back home
Now I'm not saying ALL illegals are doing this, but most are.
The biggest problem w/ allowing illegals to go on receiving the same benefits as citizens is it's very unfair to those immigrants who worked hard & paid there dues to become citizens.
While legal immigrants WANT to...
become citizens & do so with the oath of allegiance.
The citizenship oath is when they RENOUNCE there former country/citizenship & swear allegiance to the United States of America.
By coming here illegally these folks already show a lack of respect for our laws.
Their allies here do not respect this country or it's laws either, mostly because illegal immigration has become a booming business in the U.S. over the last decade.
Especially for "charities"
Now, a common theme regarding illegals is that it's to expensive or that it takes too long for the citizenship process.
Well, let's see about that.
It costs under $1000 to become naturalized here.
It costs $3000-$5000 PER PERSON to be smuggled by Coyotes.…
Here's some info on that Coyote price!…
And as far as the time it takes to gain U.S. citizenship it takes anywhere from 1 to 7 years to become a citizen.
That doesn't mean they have to live outside the U.S. while awaiting citizenship either.

read about it here.…
And as far as asylum seekers go, yeah most of them are lying & have been coached on what to say when they cross our borders illegally. Because of this AGAIN those seeking asylum for legitimate reasons are being treated unfairly!…
More on so-called asylum seekers abusing our flawed immigration system,…
This article from 10/19/2016 shows a %900 upswing in welfare handouts for "asylum" seekers
A direct result of Obama administration going above & beyond for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by opening immigration centers w/ lawyers who coach them every step of the way.…
Here's another article from 2016 pointing out how quickly Cartels figured out the game & are abusing the immigrants & our flawed system!…
So to sum this up, those who go the distance & work hard to become U.S. citizens ARE NOT BEHOLDEN TO CARTELS, they are beholden to the United States by choice!
Illegal immigrants, ARE BEHOLDEN TO CARTELS & aid them in smuggling drugs, weapons as well as humans.
Legal immigrants PROVE they love & respect our country & it's laws by doing it the right way.
Illegal immigrants START OFF BREAKING OUR LAWS, proving they don't respect our country or laws right off the bat!
Why would we want people that start off breaking laws in our country?
As for democRats saying poor migrants from Mexico are just running from persecution but at the same time applaud their oppressors, like Vincente Foxx because they say fuck Trump.
Are you kidding?
The dems & many republicans too, are elbows deep in financial incentives to keep...
illegal immigration going just the way it is.
Which ends my thread & now I send you on to a very impressively done thread by @TheLastRefuge2 on how lucrative the illegal immigration is. Which explains it better than I can at the moment!

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