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1. New #Qanon posts. Q made it to Times most influential! so did Potus and Kanye...Power to the people! This is huge as far as public disclosure! interesting..#wwg1wga
2. Anon posts that the congressional hearing is incredible boring and will not wake up "asleep" voters/public...Q says focus on House floor vote taking place now...perhaps those who vote against and for will tell us something about those officials. #Qanon #wwg1wga
3. The floor vote below pertains to congress insisting DOJ fully comply with subpoenas from intel and judiciary committee relating to violations of FISA by DOJ personnel...Yays won 226 to Nays 183 #Qanon #wwg1wga
4. WOW...Q asks why FB is trying to normalize pedophilia? FB has survey asking users if they condone pedos...WTH!! MSM and DS downplaying pedophilia to get ready for all disclosures of Deep State officials who are pedos such as HRC, Podesta, Hussein,! #Qanon #wwg1wga
5. #Qanon asks if the DS really believes the public will ever accept pedophilia! this is insanity! many on the left will no doubt try to defend pedophilia as they have defendant trans rights, etc..those who defend the most are the ones guilty of it! These people are beyond sick
6. #Qanon DOJ must turn over all documents to Repus re FBI handling of investigations during 2016 election..House measure just passed as discussed 2-3 tweets ago...Repubs can hold DOJ in contempt if they do not comply and Potus can issue EO..all according to process. #wwg1wga
7. It appears Paul Ryan, Speaker of House, brought the bill the floor...I could be wrong as I haven't dug in to the transcript but I'm only reviewing the clerk's summary...this ties back to what #Qanon was saying about Paul Ryan being freed of chains of DS now that retiring
8. #Qanon points out VipAnon (@Qanonbaby) again who posted on his twitter a video showing Potus pointing right at him at the rally last night in ND! He was at rally wearing his Q shirt again...there should be no further doubt as to Potus acknowledgment of Q! #wwg1wga
9. #Qanon asks where the term "storm" came from...the movie White Squal. is posted and the trailer has key terms Q uses "where we go 1 we go all", "anonymous", etc...undoubtedly this was one of the underlying influences in Q and Potus choice of terminology...amazing! #wwg1wga
10. #Qanon asks when did Potus make the "statement"..we know in early Oct 2017 Potus said "we are in the calm before the storm"...however, the awakening started when Potus presidency started, and the stage was being set about 3-5 years before when Generals asked Potus to run
11. #Qanon posts a photo from the Seattle Times of the ND rally where patriots wearing Q shirts were shown in the picture...Q says "are you ready"...#wwg1wga
11. @Q_ANONBaby is what I meant to put in my thread above...I left out the underscore...#qanon #wwg1wga
12. #Qanon posted and asked, who just joined board at Netflix? cites to article re Netflix being under fire for Argentine film promoting child pedophilia! angers me! 2 10 y/o girls essentially playing with themselves...wth is wrong with these filthy perverts! #wwg1wga
13. Susan Rice, former UN Ambas, just joined Netflix...trying to normalize pedophilia; Hussein pushed for this appointment as we know Netflix paid he and Michelle millions for a documentary... the storm is coming, but DS has to lessen the blowback of disclosure. #Qanon #wwg1wga
14. Anon says he/she wishes he/she could help get these "sick bastards" and "go get em"...#Qanon says "we are! pain!!...(followed by 37 exclamation points)...may just be for emphasis or there may be a reason Q lists 37 exclamation points...#wwg1wga
15. Last week #Qanon posted prose regarding the "full moon coming"...the full moon was peaked at 12:53 a.m. early this morning June 28. (strawberry moon)..many anons were analyzing what this could mean...Q said this post was intended not for anons but for Deep State...#wwg1wga
16. #Qanon posted again to clarify, and the consensus was that new disclosures would be made public after last night's full moon...Interesting timing that the shooting in the Maryland Newsroom would occur today...has the feel of a false flag or attempted distraction...#wwg1wga
17. Q just posted an article from Breitbart re Facebook investors contemplating a coup on Zuckerberg to remove him as ceo. #qanon #wwg1wga
18. New #qanon. The dims signed a resolution demanding Assange asylum be revoked in violation of international law. Q says once the server evidence comes out or Assange testifies its game over for Deep Stage and Dems. Truth about Seth Rich will come out. Panic mode. #wwg1wga
19. Awan is bigger than we can imagine...why? Because he had access to DNC server and several Dems Computers and confidential military intel and state secrets. He fed the intel to Pakistan and Muslim Brotherhood. Question is how much and what type of intel...#qanon #wwg1wga
20. Putin & uranium 1 disclosures and How HRC sold out the USA will be disclosed after Potus meets Putin and of course msm will try to use pressure to prevent meeting from taking place. The dims sold their soul to Satan and evil long ago. Unprecedented corruption #qanon #wwg1wga
21. Q cites to journalist tweet blaming Potus for shooting today and #qanon says they should be blaming Maxine Waters...they know exactly what they’re doing..very interesting Q said June would be eta for Assange disclosure and stage is set. Comey killed Immunity deal.
22. What does #qanon mean when he says “they know exactly what they’re doing”? Deep state likely planned this shooting and will try to connect shooter to q follower or trump supporter. Will say he was angry at msm because of q posts or some nonsense.
23. If interested, I retweeted a few “Awan” q posts I analyzed over the last couple months...ties in to Q post re Awan just now. See my timeline #qanon #wwg1wga
24. All of us who assumed the shooting was a false flag...looks like we are right...#qanon just posted and said law enforcement should interview shooters therapists because each shooter magically has a therapist. Are the therapist a part of the #mkultra conditioning?
25. This is out of many innocents will deep state kill to stop disclosure of truth? Everyone except them if that’s what it takes. #Qanon asks who were the targets of shooting? The shooter was relocated w/in 30 days of the shooting as were others. New name maybe?
26. FBI has this info and they know the real reason behind the shooting. They are intentionally ignoring the mkultra aspects of these shootings and they will do so with this one. How many FBI agents are corrupt? Spoons meaning cia clowns must fill the FBI. #qanon #wwg1wga
27. #qanon mentions “dream to reality”. I think Q is referring to project deep dream which he talked about weeks ago. Here’s a post I tweeted re cia program called deep dream a few weeks ago. This shooter was likely programmed via CIA deep dream mkultra program. #wwg1wga
28. Wow! Check out this #qanon post just now connecting #freemasons to mass shooters. Why are free masons present on scene at mass shootings? Symbolism is their downfall. This is heavy. Sacrificial rite in all likelihood. Wow
29. Yep.
30. Clearly Freemasons at scene of today’s shooting. So much to discuss on this issue. #qanon
31. #qanon makes the point not all Freemasons are corrupt and sinister. There is a corrupt component in most “all powerful” organizations and I think most of us realize that. However, certain organizations have a sinister past and the impetus of them is to conduct evil.
32. New #qanon post re the shooter. This is getting weird. Q posts this link. Nothing is coincidental. Q tells us to find paper articles re Freemasons. They are controlled. #shooting
33. We now know what the Dems plan to cry about after they get trounced in the midterms...Russia hacked the midterms and Trump allowed it to happen
34. Here’s an interesting interview of Bill Schnoebelen a former 32nd degree free mason on the connection of freemasonry to pedophilia. Fascinating but eye opening read...#qanon
35. Fascinating post by #Qanon. Ramos the shooter signs off on his “complaint” with a Masonic symbol or shield. He was a controlled shooter involved with the Freemasons. As Q said, the targets of his shooting spree will tell us quite a bit about the purpose of it.
36. #qanon reposts this symbol posted by an anon. It’s a sacrificial marker apparently. “Brand of Sacrifice”. Was Ramos offering “sacrifice of blood” by killing the victims?

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Oct 9, 2018
2. #Qanon links to Bloomberg article - new evidence of hacked supermicro hardware found in US telecom...shows china sabotaged tech components bound for US...China has essentially declared war on the US by doing this...Q then confirms where photo of Feinstein vehicle likely taken
3. Guangzhou is the silicon valley of hardware in China; Feinstein is Senator in California where silicon valley is located...Google and China are interconnected through US Silicon valley and Guangzhou; and now the Chinese spy driving Feinstein's car ties into the equation
4. So it appears Feinstein's Chinese driver (who was a spy) was the bridge enabling China to have access to our hardware and install defective chips into our hardware courtesy of Feinstein...SICK TREASON! Now we see why Goog was so willing to bend over backwards to accommodate...
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Oct 8, 2018
1. There is a massive unseen battle raging in this world right now. There's a reason #Qanon posted Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-18 from the Bible in May and then again in August of this year. As Q said in one of his first posts almost a year ago, many in our govt worship Satan.
2. I have to remind myself every week that all the evil we are seeing from the Deep State in this country and in this world is driven by a much more powerful, dark, and sinister force...Satan...There is a reason the @POTUS surrounds himself not only with military generals, but...
3...also Christians...devoted Christians who have a genuine faith in Jesus Christ...(think Mike Pompeo, VP Pence, @GenFlynn, Sarah Sanders, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and many more). This was intentional on his part and not just for political purposes. Q has recognized more than...
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Oct 8, 2018
1. #Qanon uses a great meme we were circulating on Friday around Twitter except Q crosses out "after" and inserts "before"...Ford was tossed out by the Dems but not without a hefty million from a few Gofundme accounts...sick and evil people...Feinstein's true colors on display
2. Google, FB, and Twitter "accidentally" allowed user data to be exposed to the tune of millions of accounts...#Qanon is saying this was intentional to allow the Dims to gather up info to target potential voters...this is so sick...I am so sick and tired of the cheating by Dims!
3. The Dims know that that #Qanon posted several months ago "mid terms are safe" meaning rigged Soros voting machines will not be in play for mid terms. So what do they do...they just steal private info to blanket millions of people with false ads and scare tactics about Repubs
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Oct 7, 2018
Like Liz said, please spread the is the 2 year anniversary of #pizzagate...Podesta/HRC emails were dropped by Wikileaks this day October 2016. I’ll never forget reading those emails and thinking what the heck is this dude’s fascination with pizza and pasta all about?
2. And of course shortly thereafter I wanted to throw up as I scrolled through Comet Pizza and James Alefantis Instagram photos. My wife was next to me and we were in tears looking at the photos of children and babies and how he referred to them as sex objects and inuendo.
3. Here we are 2 years later and God has answered so many of our prayers. We are at the precipice or seeing justice poured out on evil pedophile traffickers at the highest positions of power in the world thanks to @realDonaldTrump, our military and s a few brave men and women..
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Oct 7, 2018
1. Boom Week ahead...#qanon #wwg1wga. Let it rain....freedom is never free
2. This is big. Fox News interview of Rep Nunes. He lays out exactly what #Qanon telling us for months. Michae Susanna, the head DNC lawyer received dirt (untrue info) on @Potus from Christopher Steele former MI6 agent of UK intel who received it from Russians. Sussman then...
3...fed this dirt to James Baker Gen Counsel of Fbi who then used the false info to obtain fisa warrant on Carter Page from fisa court and never told fisa court about source of info from DNC operatives. McCabe claiming Rosenstein offered to wear wire when meeting with @Potus..
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Oct 6, 2018
1. Looks like #qanon and @potus having a Kavanaugh nomination waiting party...I’d say they’re cracking open a few beers but @POTUS doesn’t drink. Maybe am Odouls...#voterepublican #walkaway
2. And the Dims are on to their next victims to push their next narrative...Russia...we all knew they’d throw her to the curve. Just a matter of time. #qanon #wwg1wga
3. This is what the Dims do...they could care less about women or victims... they abuse victims and use them for their own evil purposes....always to advance power. #qanon #wwg1wga
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