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There was a time when it might have made sense to make a protest vote for a third-party candidate who didn't have a chance of getting elected, or to withhold your vote as an act of rebellion against the establishment.

That time is long gone.

I'm old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans could both be sure the other party, while having radically different views on what the solutions to our national problems were, at least agreed on the shape of the basic problems. We at least shared some basic facts.

Though we disagreed on proper policy, we agreed that that United States needed to exist as a democratic republic. Its institutions of governance--the House, the Senate, the Executive, the Courts, regulatory agencies, and so on--served a purpose and needed to exist.

Though there have always been marginalized extremists, Democrats and Republicans used to agree on which foreign nations were our allies, and which were our enemies. We might disagree on details of how to treat them, but we knew who were and weren't our friends.

Back then, small political parties grew up around specific ideas, particular issues, because constituencies of those small parties wanted their pet peeves to get more national attention. Their candidates wouldn't win, but could affect the national conversation.

Often, voting for a third-party candidate--or not voting at all--meant sacrificing the major party candidate with whom you most closely agreed. That was seen as worth the cost, because:

A) it could force the major parties to start talking about your issue

but also:

B) allowing a candidate of the "wrong" major party to get elected wouldn't endanger the every existence of the nation.

You see, back then, Democrats and Republicans agreed that America should survive as a free and democratic state,

With protest votes, the wrong Congress or POTUS would move in the wrong direction, but that wouldn't be fatal to America.

This is no longer true.

Republicans are now enslaved to a fascist would-be god-king, who is himself a puppet of an enemy nation who put him in power.

Republicans have sold whatever bits of souls they ever had, and no longer care about America.

Protest voting will no longer send any sort of "message" to anyone. It'll have only one effect: to strengthen the growing fascist movement now systematically dismantling America,

Make no mistake: there are only two (2) parties on the ballot. Anyone who isn't a Democrat is a fascist.

Even the third-party candidates who pretend to be ultra-super-mega-leftists are really fascists, because they know the stakes.

Even the fake "progressive" third-party candidates know damn well their mere presence on the ballot takes votes away from the forces striving to protect our nation from totalitarianism.

Every third-party candidate is knowingly complicit in the destruction of America.

There was a time when it might have made sense to make a protest vote for a third-party candidate who didn't have a chance of getting elected, or to withhold your vote as an act of rebellion against the establishment.

That time is long gone.



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Sep 21, 2018
This has the stench of psyops again. It's not so much an effort to depress Democratic turnout or divide Democrats, but to rile up Cult45 voters, incite "deep state" conspiracies, and provide further excuse for Tinpot Don to fire everyone.

It was, of course, immediately denied, because it simply doesn't make any sense. There would have been no need for Rosenstein to wear a wire, and him "discussing" the 25th Amendment has no more force than you or I discussing it.

But the point was never to "reveal" anything real, rather to create another far-right conspiracy theory. It was supposed to play into the classified documents that Toddler-in-Chief had order declassified, which he was forced to back down on today.

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Sep 20, 2018
Almost two and a half centuries ago
a bunch of guys got together
and they said,
"We're going to build a nation.
Without a king.
Without nobility.
A nation
where The People
rule ourselves.
A nation
where We The People
are the government."
These guys said,
"We will write down the rules
by which this new nation

will function.
And we will obey those rules
because We The People
choose to rule Ourselves."

That had never been done before
in the history of Planet Earth.

Never before

Never had a group got together
and built a nation
by setting out the rules
by which that nation
would function.
Never before.
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Sep 20, 2018
Okay guys, let's talk.

As men, do you know why you should care about the rape accusation against Kavanaugh and the way Republicans are treating Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

There are three good reasons. Shut the fuck up and listen.

Begin by putting aside that "innocent until proven guilty" argument. This isn't a court of law. Kavanaugh isn't being tried for anything. He's being considered for a honor, a privilege, the highest court in the nation from which there is no appeal.

And yes, it's a political process. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it is, so accept that and let's move on.

Why should you care? Reason one: Martin Niemöller.

He's the guy who wrote this poem. "First they came for ..."

Don't pretend you don't get it.

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Sep 10, 2018
This article is from last December, but it's worth remembering. GOPers knew the #TaxScam would cause enormous deficits. They planned (and still plan) to dismantle Social Security and Medicare to pay for it. Problem is, SocSec and Medicare HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEFICIT.

Both Social Security and Medicare are funded through dedicated taxes (your payroll taxes, otherwise known as FICA), and are NOT part of the general fund.

The only way to use SocSec and Medicare to pay for the #TaxScam is to STEAL *YOUR* HEALTHCARE AND RETIREMENT MONEY.

You have been paying into these special funds--which are NOT part of the general treasury, and contribute NOTHING to the deficit--you have been paying into these earmarked funds all your working life, under the promise that YOUR money would be there for you when you need it,

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Sep 9, 2018
Not political, except it is:

I've seen two solar eclipses in my life. Seriously, they're the most awesome things you can ever see. Nothing compares. Maybe the birth of your kids, nothing else.

The world goes dark. It's a darkness more strange than you can imagine.

The Sun is reduced to a ghostly smoke ring. The entire horizon becomes the color of a sunset. Animals grow silent. Stars and planets peek at you.

In ancient times, people feared the world would end. Even knowing better now, your heart stops. Your breath catches.

The longer an eclipse lasts, the more your instinctual lizard brain screams at you. It's a combination of fear and exhilaration. The World is so much bigger than you! We are at the whim of the Gods of Nature, of Time and of History.

Except--you know better.

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Aug 24, 2018
All right, I"ll be the first to say it. Amid all the nice words everyone in the media is saying about John McCain--

No. Just no.

Yes, he was a true war hero. And he used to be a moderate Senator.

That was then. This is now. My, he's fallen.

McCain gave us Sarah Palin. That alone s enough to cancel a lifetime of achievement. Fuck that.

McCain became part of the obstructionist Republican Lie Machine and tried to oppose and then tear down everything President Obama sought to accomplish. Fuck that, too.

McCain joined in the lies and slander against Hillary Clinton. BIG fuck that.

Once Trump seized power. other than one (1) Senate vote, McCain has been a Total Team Trump Toady. Yeah, he's said some strong words, but never followed it up with a meaningful vote. Fuck it.

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