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Jul 3, 2018 8 tweets 5 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
It's very telling that the media Trump has demonized, aren't deemed worthy of lowering the flag to half staff.

Pull up a stump. I got a few things to say about the past week or so.

.@CNN has capitulated. @nytimes has insisted on coddling nazis, first by renaming them "white nationalists" and more recently, rebranding them "populists."

This is the epitome of political correctness. It is the abject surrender of the media to a burgeoning autocrat.
Like many in the Resistance, I counted on the media to report the facts. I have subscriptions to NYT, @washingtonpost & my local paper, @latimes. I'm keeping WaPo & LAT, but I'm done paying NYT for the privilege of being lectured on civility by the likes of @maggieNYT.
Whether Trumpists battered the national media into a state of collective Stockholm Syndrome or they came up a with survival strategy for authoritarianism, results are the same. NYT's vignettes on misunderstood Trump supporters continue, ignoring the other half of the story.
I hope each of us is over Justice Kennedy. He was never our friend. He & Sandra Day O'Connor handed the presidency over to George W. Bush - the first SCOTUS in history to intercede in an election. He handed #DarkMoney corruption its greatest victory in over a generation.
45* has incited hostility against the press at his rallies. He's offered bribes to his audiences to batter protesters. And today, he brought that bratty level of campaigning into the presidency, issuing a veiled call to violence against us.

It's been a week, but we stood our ground. No, we're not going to stop Trump from getting another conservative SCOTUS Justice, but we did make him sign a new EO, which made him look weak and stupid.

Look, hell. If you look up weak & stupid in the dictionary...
We're not helpless. GOP worked the refs & so - apparently - have we. A lopsided concession by WaPo gave the Resistance ink. We can and will win this fight. We're motivated, we're strong, but most importantly, we're in the right.

--Jack Snow
The Resistance

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Jun 26, 2018
Dear @washingtonpost,

I have some questions regarding your editorial, linked below.

WAPO: "How hard is it to imagine...people who...believe abortion is murder deciding...officials, who protect abortion rights, should not be able to live peaceably...?"

Where to start?

Have you lived under a rock for the past 3 decades? You ask us to imagine a world, where anti-abortionists won't allow others to live in peace. That takes no imagination, since anti-abortion terror is a reality.

A recent SCOTUS decision should be an indelible reminder that this charge of "incivility," directed at the left - however well-intentioned -will be historic when this dark era of would-be authoritarians, baby snatchers & unabashed prejudice ends.

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May 22, 2018
The mind-numbing headlines weren't going anywhere. He was going to tweet some inane bullshit after Fox&Friends ginned him up with a reach around. Rosenstein & Mueller were going to be fired for so long, we’re almost numb to the threat.
I left twitter Thursday to deal with some personal business I've been putting off for most of my life. I needed 3 days to settle it. What could I possibly miss in 3 days?

Harry & Meghan would dominate the headlines the entire weekend. Even 45* couldn't eat all that scenery.
I got in late Sunday. Up early Monday. Missed 45's* nutty morning constitwittual. What now? He's demanding DOJ investigate itself? Yes, well, he demanded a military parade, too. Did he get it?
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Mar 2, 2018
As #HeirsOfLiberty it is our solemn duty to honor the founding words and principles of our Constitution:

“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility...
“... provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
Written words are precision instruments. They say what they mean, not what we wish. Words have historical context we cannot ignore because it conflicts with our agenda.
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Feb 1, 2018
It would be so easy to descend into cynicism. We’ve witnessed Republicans working hard to obstruct justice and protect 45* from himself. Republicans have – to my observation – contributed absolutely nothing to prevent the Kremlin from interfering in our elections again./1
This reckless sprint toward authoritarianism feels eerily similar to the rise of Fascism in Germany. We judged the Germans harshly for not stopping the Hitlerian apocalypse of the 30s and 40s. The Germans have been patient, but I wonder if they feel a sense of schadenfreude?/2
We find ourselves forced endure a dark era of rampant corruption, state-run media, attacks by the political establishment on the #RuleofLaw and the re-emergence of discriminatory practices, in both the public and private sectors./3
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Jan 30, 2018
We find ourselves once again in the position of hoping "principled" Republicans will stand up for the #RuleOfLaw.

I know you see dozens of threads every day. You're busy like me & can't read all of them, but please stay with me on this. I think we all need a refresher course./1
I wrote that meme back in February of 2016, when it became apparent the Republicans in the legislature had no intention of honoring their sacred duty to be a check on the Executive./2
Since then, they passed one law the President did not approve of, sanctioning Russia. As we all know, the deadline has passed and the President has failed to comply with Congress' mandate./3
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Jan 29, 2018
Meet Sir William Sidney Smith, British Imperial Admiral and Napoleonic nemesis.

Why do you care?

Well, I am so very glad you asked that question.

Napoleon was an asshole. Don't take my word for it. Ask the British, Germans, Poles, Austrians, Russians and the French.
Don't ask (white) Americans how we feel about Napoleon, because we got a killer deal off of the Louisiana Purchase.

The Native Americans, on the other hand, got hosed.

Aside from Admiral Smith losing decisively to the French Navy at the Battle of Chesapeake (American Revolution), he was a bona fide ass-kicker.

The Chesapeake was not his best battle.

He got better at it.../3
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