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1) This is my #Qanon thread for July 2nd, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: Q's School of Law
2) This thread is intended to spur discussion & research into the legal matters that #Qanon has brought up.

After all, a major part of Q's mission is to drop hints (crumbs) to encourage average people like you and me to do our own research and uncover the truth.
3) Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and I have no formal legal training.

I have studied the legal system as a hobby so I do have some familiarity with the subject. I'll share what I've learned but there are many things Q has mentioned that I haven't begun looking into.
4) As always, I suggest digging into these clues. Do your own research and see what you uncover. Even better if you know someone with a legal background.
5) This thread will examine many of #Qanon's early posts. If you haven't had a chance to check them out, this will be a good way to become familiar with some of them.
6) At various times in #Qanon's mission, he hinted at the possibility that there are sealed indictments awaiting the criminal cabal that hijacked our government.
7) But the mention of sealed indictments brings with it many thorny questions.
What is an indictment, exactly?
What is a "sealed indictment?"
How would anyone know if there were sealed indictments pending for an individual (or a group of people)?
8) I won't ask you to take it on blind faith that there are sealed indictments piling up, waiting to put the cabal in jail.
I don't think #Qanon would want that either.

Let's look at what evidence there is in favor of (and against) this idea and see where the facts lead.
9) On March 10, #Qanon posted this. It predated by several weeks the announcement by Jeff Sessions that US Attorney John Huber had been assigned to do to the work of swamp draining requested By Chuck Grassley, Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte.
10) All the articles I found about this announcement were published no earlier than March 29. How #QAnon got the information on March 10th is a bit of a mystery.…
11) #Qanon asked us to go back to his previous posts and look for his mention of something "sealed."
12) That takes us to this post by #Qanon from November 2017.
I've provided my answers to some of the questions.
Read this and think about how it relates to current events.

(I'm just getting started. I'll continue this thread tomorrow.)
13) In November, #Qanon said it would be difficult to impanel objective Grand Juries in Washinton DC, so a prosecutor was working outside of DC to obtain sealed indictments against bad actors.
14) That is precisely what Sessions' told us in March.

How did #QAnon know months ahead of time that Sessions had appointed a US attorney outside of DC to prosecute corruption?

Lucky guess?
15) This is one of the biggest proofs that #Qanon must have access to information at the highest levels inside of the Trump administration.

No one could simply guess that this was happening.
16) #QAnon pointed out in November that the President was appointing Federal judges at a break-neck pace. Few people have made the connection that all those new judges could be a necessary step before prosecution begins against the swamp.…
17) Ever since #Qanon mentioned sealed indictments, anons have been doing their best to track them on the website

If you have an account with pacer you can research Federal court dockets.
18) There is, however, a problem with tracking sealed cases on
There are many different types of cases that are listed as "sealed."
Some are civil cases.
Some are criminal.
Many of them are not indictments.
19) If you're not aware of the different types of cases that are sealed, you might wrongly assume all sealed cases are indictments.
20) Many people who are tracking sealed indictments have referenced this study done by the Federal Judicial Center in 2009, on sealed cases in Federal Courts.

(If this subject interests you, this is an excellent read.)

21) The Table of Contents of the document lists the many types of cases that are sealed in Federal Courts. Note that only a few of these categories could pertain to the kind of criminal indictments or Grand Jury matters that we're interested in.
22) Anyone doing research on the website should be aware that in order to get a real idea of how many criminal sealed indictments there are, a specific type of sealed case needs to be identified.
23) Page 21 of the document lists the data for sealed criminal cases.
For the year 2006, researchers found 66,458 total criminal cases.

1077 of these cases were sealed for one reason or another.

284 sealed cases were criminal indictments.
24) I'm not trying to be a wet blanket. Just pointing out the fact that not all sealed cases are criminal indictments. If we're going to present this information to the public and be taken seriously, we need to have our facts straight.
25) That brings us to a recent post by #Qanon who thanked a group of anons for keeping the list of sealed indictments updated.
26) Here's a closeup of the bottom line, showing approximately 40,000 sealed cases since October 30, 2017.
Read the fine print. These are not all sealed indictments.
It's difficult to ascertain the exact nature of some of these sealed cases.
27) Nevertheless, this kind of activity is not normal.
This article digs a little deeper into the data.
The author concludes that there has been a 175% increase in the number of sealed cases from 2017 to 2018.
28) If there is a significant increase in sealed cases overall, it follows that there should be an increase in sealed indictments although the exact number is difficult to determine.

#Qanon asked who is filing the sealed indictments?
29) #Qanon posed this link, saying that John Huber is working with Michael Horowitz's team of 470 investigators to build cases against bad actors in DC.

(Also, consider the possibility that Huber may be working with other US Attorneys.)…
30) An anon with a legal background (lawfag) weighed in on #Qanon's post.
31) Another anon suggested that the military's Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) could help if needed. And that brings up another thorny question:

What role could the military play in prosecuting the swamp?
32) Before we address that question, let's look at #Qanon's next post.
33) The Breitbart article mentioned that there are 470 investigators working with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

#Qanon suggests that Mueller's team is 470 strong.

He's hinting that Mueller is coordinating with Michael Horowitz.

Will future prove past?
34) An anon correctly answered #Qanon's question.
If 90% of DC voters pulled the lever for Hilary, what are the chances of empanelling a Grand Jury that would fairly weigh the evidence against her cohorts?
35) The Breitbart article answered #Qanon's question: Grand Juries can be empanelled and charges filed in any state.
36) An anon replied to #Qanon
37) #Qanon suggested that the prosecution is being done in stages using multiple agencies including military intelligence and the NSA.

What happens when you "pull the trigger" of a gun?

38) #Qanon brought up two major themes found in previous drops: Military Intelligence (MI) and the NSA.

You can use the terms NSA or No such agency on to find Q posts on that subject.
39) Many of #Qanon's early posts mention Military Intelligence (MI).
Because the C_IA, FBI & DOJ have been corrupted, the President has been relying on Military Intelligence (MI) as a workaround until those agencies can be restructured and reformed.…
40) Here's a post by #Qanon from November explaining the upside of using Military Intelligence.

What's a major drawback with the FBI & DOJ?
They leak to the media.

(Note that Q said we need to dig as we're still missing critical points that will help paint the full picture)
41) More to the current point of discussion, #Qanon suggested on October 31st, that Military Intelligence would be used to help prosecute the swamp because they could not trust corrupt investigators (FBI), prosecutors (DOJ), and judges.
42) This was one of #Qanon's first posts. Note, again the emphasis on using Military Intelligence to go around three-letter agencies that have been corrupted.
43) NSA stores all domestic communications.
At the time, Jeff Sessions (DOJ & FBI) Mike Rogers (NSA) Mike Pompeo (CIA) and POTUS had it all.

(Gina Haspel is now C_IA chief and Paul Nakasone is head of NSA.)
44) Slight rabbit trail. There are many levels of secrecy (classification) used by the government. The idea is to compartmentalize information so as to restrict access only to those who have a need to know.
45) Speaking of security clearances, #Qanon posted this in November to clarify what the term "Q Clearance Patriot" means.

It does not mean he is (or was) an employee in the Department of Energy.
46) #QAnon pointed out that Hillary's "Russian Reset" was for the purpose of allowing the Uranium One deal to be approved. The Prime Minister of Canada was a key player because much of the uranium involved came from Canada & they needed his cooperation.…
47) Interesting how progressives tried to patch up relations with Russia when it suited their agenda but for the last 2 years, their fears of Russia have reached levels of hysteria approaching that of McCarthyism in the 50s.
48) In this post, #Qanon again asked the anons to focus on POTUS, Military Intelligence and this time, State Secrets.

#Q has repeatedly asked what Supreme Court (SC) decision opened the door for POTUS to use Military Intelligence versus 3-letter agencies?
49) The Supreme court decision on State Secrets was the United States vs Reynolds which established that the government could refuse to provide evidence in court if it were deemed to be a threat to national security.
50) The question of what Supreme Court case allows the President to use the Military for prosecution instead of the DOJ is a more difficult one. I've researched this issue for days and I haven't found a clearcut answer.
51) At issue is the question of the extent to which the President can use the military to enforce laws.

The Insurrection Act empowers the President to use the military to enforce the law under certain conditions.
52) The posse comitatus act is thought to restrict the use of the military but in fact, it simply acknowledges that no one EXCEPT Congress and the President are authorized to use the military to enforce the law.

53) Except in rare cases, non-military personnel cannot be tried in a military court. The constitution guarantees civilians the right to a trial in a non-military court. Detention & trial by the military of a civilian would in most cases violate the right of habeas corpus.
54) But there are exceptions. If a civilian is believed to have committed an act of war against the US, they could be tried as an enemy combatant. Treason and espionage are also charges that could be suitable for a military trial.
55) After losing a case in the Supreme Court, the Bush administration & Congress passed the Military Commissions Act, aimed at strengthening the military's ability to detain enemy combatants.
56) The Military Commissions Act has been fraught with problems. It's been repeatedly challenged in court and parts of it have been ruled unconstitutional.
57) Obama may have accomplished what Bush wasn't able to. Hidden inside the National Defense Authorization Act, is a provision allowing the President to detain & prosecute those who provide aid to terrorists—even if they're a US citizen.
57) This article approaches the subject from a perspective of concern about executive abuse and overreach but it nicely chronicles the government's shifting view toward treason, sedition, sabotage, espionage, and terrorism.
58) Congress has authorized the military detention & prosecution of US citizens as spies during times of war.

If Obama's staff are found to have aided Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, etc, could they be tried in a military tribunal?
Link to article:…
59) Speaking of Obama, #Qanon posted a link to an article about the former President.
60) The article #Qanon posted is worth reading.…
61) #Qanon posted a link to an article about inconsistencies in the testimonies of Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and members of the Secret Service (USSS) who guarded them during the #TarmacMeeting
62) The inconsistencies about the #TarmacMeeting were reported in the OIG report.

No mention by the mockingbird media?

63) #Qanon pointed out that the mainstream media is attempting to push a false narrative by spreading [fake] news about civil war and North Korea's nuclear program.
64) For your own sanity, please use discernment when reading the news.
Avoid sensationalism.
65) If Susan Rice is warning us about North Korea's supposed nuclear plans, you can take it to the bank all is well.
66) #Qanon posted this, noting that Ben Garrison (@GrrrGraphics) is now on the Q train.
67) An anon posted the same graphic as #Qanon.
The time difference between the two posts was 7 seconds.
68) #Qanon posted a link and said it's time to review drops about the intelligence group known as "The Five Eyes."

UK intelligence operatives are now the primary target [+].
Events have taken a sudden turn.
69) The chain of [unofficial] communications under Obama was DOJ/FBI>> StateDept >> White House staff >> Foreign bad actors.

Here's the link #Qanon posted.…
71) A solid article that pieces together the UK intelligence connections in the surveillance of the Trump campaign.

• • •

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