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@upandoutcomic 1/ Thanks for asking this, because the answers illustrate wonderfully how there are so many #trans #diversities, often experienced with such intensity.
@upandoutcomic 2/ My answer is like the stereotype few believe. Which is hard. And I remember it well too, which again few believe.

I was 2, & being pressed to "be a boy" for the 1st time, & not liking that. My dad & his mom were criticising me, & my mom for me not being "like a boy". It was…
@upandoutcomic 3/…1950, so no TV. There were no boys around - no neighbours, all my cousins girls. There was a family wedding, & they'd cut my hair for the first time, literally using a pudding basin, the night before. They'd put me in little tailored shorts, with an uncomfortable waistband,…
@upandoutcomic 4/…& a shirt with a bow tie, which was tight. At the reception, in our garden, the men & the women were all sitting separately for some reason, the women occupied with children, food, chatter. My mom, after a while, sent me to "be with the men", which felt really…
@upandoutcomic 5/…uncomfortable all round. My dad sat me on his lap & I looked around. It struck me, hard, that there wasn't a single man there, of two extended families, that I'd want to be like, whose life I'd want. When I returned amonst the women I looked around them, in comparison, &…
@upandoutcomic 6/…realised there wasn't one of them, of any age, I'd mind being, as I understood their lives. This was a very firm realisation. From then, for weeks, I thought on how I could grow up a woman, wondered quite when bodies started to grow very different, & wondered if doctors had…
@upandoutcomic 7/…a way to switch which way they grew. Eventually I figured a phrase to say how I felt, & to ask my mom, who was a nurse, to ask if doctors did have such a way. It turned out my parents weren't surprised. Unfortunately it was 🇬🇧, & the response from doctors was to instruct…
@upandoutcomic 8/…my mom to discourage it, but if it persisted they'd commit me to an asylum for life. So it was the whole family's protective secret, with me terrified of men in white coats, until I found an affirming psychiatrist with power to protect me from his peers, when I was 21
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Sep 20, 2018
@anna_carlile 1/ Those are all topics that deserve research - indeed far more than most topics "leading researchers" like Zucker have wasted years on (eg "Are AMAB girls more attractive than male peers"), but there are several others too, that medics, especially, have neglected for too long…
@anna_carlile 2/ such as:-
a) What Tanner stage of "male puberty" needs to be avoided to prevent hands & feet exceeding normal women's sizes, in those so predisposed?
b) Is there an intervention could stop the "female" restriction of height in AFAB boys?
@anna_carlile 3/
c) Practiced ears can diagnose male Tanner 2 from voice changes. Does that reverse if agonists or hormones are started before Tanner 3, or should, in the very clear cases where "desistance" never occurs (eg 📽️), Tanner 2 be avoided too?
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Sep 20, 2018
@MavenOfMayhem @makesweirdart 1/ May I, as a woman who was forced by the highly abusive psychiatrists of the UK NHS in the 1940/50/60s (their "treatment", if one tried to transition, was being locked in asylums & tortured with electro-convulsive shocks to wipe the mind), to "ride it out" until 21, add that…
@MavenOfMayhem @makesweirdart 2/…the trauma, & many body changes are irrecoverable or need costly & very painful treatment to ease. The pain & regret from being denied help available elsewhere, from the totally lost childhood & teens, the tensions & stress in the family, which can easily destroy the…
@MavenOfMayhem @makesweirdart 3/… family, destroy others lives too, perhaps prevent siblings ever being conceived, the distraction from, even destruction of educational opportunities, & the restricted life choices & economic deprivation, even dangers that follow from that, are all unnecessary, & abuse too.
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Sep 15, 2018
@jazzrat2000 @princess_stef69 1/ Almost all research on trans children until very recently was intended to justify pretty baseless beliefs or protocols, & anthing counter those was deliberately not reported. Sometimes, as in the case of Benjamin, who treated adolescents in the 50/60s, out of fear of haters.
@jazzrat2000 @princess_stef69 2/ Glaring, & continuing examples are those who for centuries fled hateful families & joined trans communities in 🇮🇳🇵🇰🇧🇩🇱🇰. So many of them obtained, in those pre-agonists, pre-hormones days, surgery in time to stop the wrong puberty📽️
@jazzrat2000 @princess_stef69 3/…🇮🇳 police define one trans diversity as typically having had surgery at 10. Only one doctor ever published anything, & he suppressed the paper. Now they📽️ use over-the-counter hormones at first, which one might think would interest researchers, but still no one publshes…
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Aug 16, 2018
@TeamGender @FierceMum @MavenOfMayhem 1/ Obviously the research is still used as a reason to delay affirming children as their real gender, so it is highly relevant. Children weren't treated as purely binary back then either; but to provide agonists/hormones, or not is a binary decision.
@TeamGender @FierceMum @MavenOfMayhem 2/ That no one needs needs to be dysphoric to be trans is an example of why "trans" is not relevant, & should not be used in deciding which children need agonist/HRT internevention at Tanner2. A kid not fearful of/hating the wrong puberty doesn't want that intervention.
@TeamGender @FierceMum @MavenOfMayhem 3/ A valuable fact that emerges from some "desistance" research is that the single GIDC criteria common in those who presented pre-puberty & continued thru to hormones, & #SRS was stronger dysphoria, which was often those who presented earliest, just as Prof C-K said in 1995.
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Jul 28, 2018
@uhh_kate @PollyLlwyn 1/ It wasn't quite like that. It was a series on the woman, who wasn't following the NHS pathway. The crew got her in to see the founder of CX GIC (who was my psych 1971-73), in order to make him look bad on national TV, knowing he rejected some classes of patients, including…
@uhh_kate @PollyLlwyn 2/…those who like her who were involved in drag. He died shortly after.

He worked absolutely tirelessly for decades establishing a network of professionals who enabled a huge number (there being decades of backlog), often for free on the NHS, get where they needed to be, …
@uhh_kate @PollyLlwyn 3/…including me - he certainly saved my life - in a situation where most had been, & some still were locked away in asylums & subjected to brain-wiping ECT.

In the process he was conservative about who he accepted as patients, or recommended for surgery. He was fighting…
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Jun 11, 2018
May I lay before you trans women in 2nd cent AD Syria, in a validated Greek text? Theory has it their traditions dated back to at least 660BCE, & have been reflected until very recently right across to SE Asia, but were erased by xtianity to the west.
For that SE Asia connection, the Kathoey of 🇻🇳🇰🇭🇹🇭 were Buddhist temple dancers, & the Kothi, Aravani, & Hijra of 🇮🇳🇵🇰🇧🇩 may have been too, before Hinduism, & Islam. Here's an 🇮🇳 Aravani dancer who had surgery at 10yo
Are the Aravani trans women? Most say they are women, even though some Hijra identify as #3rdGender. See what you think… Here is another, younger, married, 🇮🇳Aravani dancer
#TransHistory #TransWorldwide #TransCulture
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