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BREAKING: Former PM Najib Razak has been arrested in connection with investigations into #1MDB.
BREAKING: @NajibRazak to be charged on Wednesday morning, says the #1MDB special task force.
JUST IN: The #1MDB special task force confirms former PM Najib Razak's arrest at 2.35pm in connection with investigations into former #1MDB subsidiary, SRC International.
Media have gathered outside Najib's house at Langgak Duta after the former PM was detained. Only a police van spotted.
Former PM Najib's arrest comes after more than 400 bank accounts were frozen, millions of dollars of items seized and statements taken from his, his wife, stepson Riza Aziz, his former deputy Zahid Hamidi & more.
Items seized by police from Najib-linked residences, part of #1MDB investigations, had a total market value of RM900mil - RM1.1bil (USD224-273mil). See thread👇🏾
UMNO member Lokman Adam calls for Najib supporters to gather outside the MACC headquarters where he's being held in a show of solidarity and to protest against his "persecution". #1MDB
UMNO Wanita chief says solat hajat (special prayers) will be held in all 191 divisions to pray for the safety of and justice for their former leader, Najib Razak.
Looks like this won't be happening tonight at least. Former PM Najib is expected to spend the night in lock-up at the MACC before being brought to court in the morning to be charged. #1MDB
Former PM Najib Razak is expected to be charged with more than 10 counts of committing criminal breach of trust linked to SRC International with the new Attorney-General, Tommy Thomas, himself leading the prosecution, reports Bernama. #1MDB
What we know about Najib Razak's case:
• he faces charges linked to former #1MDB subsidiary, SRC International
• RM42mil from SRC was reportedly deposited into Najib's bank accounts between 2014-15
• His lawyer has previously denied Najib received this amount from SRC
JUST IN: Former central bank governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz denies claim by former PM Najib that she knew about the inflow of RM2.6bil into his personal account. She alleges that in 2015, Najib & another minister asked her to issue a statement saying he had done nothing wrong.
Expected these comparisons might happen. Here's what PM Mahathir had to say about Najib being the next Anwar when I asked.
The Malaysian Bar says it is "shocked and troubled" by the #1MDB Task Force's statement as the Task Force has no legal standing to arrest Najib Razak nor is it in a position "to decide whether or not Najib will be charged and/or when he is to be charged".
The MACC chief is on the task force. Presumably, it's the MACC arresting him and charging him and the task force issuing the statement. But will see if they respond.
The demonstrators outside the MACC headquarters where the former PM is being held started singing "Allah selamatkan Najib Razak" (God save Najib Razak)
JUST IN: Hours after his arrest, @NajibRazak posts what appears to be a pre-recorded message to his social media accounts: "If you're listening to this, then action has been taken against me".


In pre-recorded message set to video & music, Najib Razak says
• "not everything" he and his family are accused of is true
• apologises to Malaysians, admits there were weaknesses
• says there's a lot of slander; he deserves a chance to defend himself
"Spokesman" for Najib says: "SRC charges against Dato Sri Mohd Najib tomorrow as well the on-going 1MDB and AMLA investigations against Dato Sri Mohd Najib are politically motivated and the result of political vengeance by the PH leadership under Dr Mahathir Mohamad."
After spending the night in custody, ex-PM Najib Razak will be charged this morning in connection with former #1MDB subsidiary, SRC International.
.@NajibRazak has arrived in court to be charged.
Posters prepared for Najib supporters: "We demand the rule of law"
"We condemn human rights violations"
Attorney-General Tommy Thomas is leading a 12-person team from the AGC to prosecute Najib Razak.
BREAKING: Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak has been charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust. #1MDB
•The three counts of criminal breach of trust Najib Razak has been charged with are to do with former #1MDB subsidiary SRC International.
• The alleged offenses occurred between 2011 to 2015
• Each charge carries a maximum of 20 years in jail.
The former prime minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, is accused of misappropriating RM42mil (USD10mil) for personal use from funds intended for former #1MDB subsidiary SRC International. #1MDB
Najib has also been charged with abusing his position for gratification of RM42mil (US$10mil) from SRC International. #1MDB
Former PM Najib Razak enters "not guilty" plea for criminal breach of trust and abuse of position for gratification charges.
AG Tommy Thomas has asked for bail to be set at RM4mil (US$1mil) for the four charges, with two sureties. Also wants Najib's passport to be impounded.
Najib's lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, wants bail to be set lower, at between RM500,000 - RM800,000 in total as he argues RM4mil is too high and the family would have to borrow money from relatives.
To recap, at least RM900mil worth of items/ cash was seized from Najib's home and other residences linked to him. He's accused of misappropriating RM42mil.
RM1mil bail set for former PM Najib Razak. Half will be paid today while lawyer has asked for more time to pay the rest.
Lawyer Shafee Abdullah says Najib Razak's bank accounts have been frozen.
Judge has granted Najib's lawyer's request for an interim gag order "against any statements which can potentially affect his client's case as per the four charges", reports Malaysiakini.
Former PM Najib Razak's trial begins in February 2019. The dates are:
• February 18-28
• March 4-8
• March 11-15.

Case management is on August 8 but these are the trial dates for now.
No comment from PM Mahathir Mohamad on Najib Razak's charges.
Asked on his way out about former PM Najib's allegation he's being persecuted, Dr Mahathir said: "I don't know, you ask him".
"I don't see how the charges can be deemed as politically motivated because there was evidence," - @anwaribrahim, as Najib Razak supporters compare the former PM's case to his.…
Najib Razak: "I am touched by the presence of my supporters who are here to give me moral support even though I did not call for a movement, but they came willingly".…
Najib's son posts photo of him back home with his cat. Says prayers and support will keep the family going.
This morning, at court👇🏾. UMNO members including Zahid Hamidi visited Najib Razak's home earlier tonight as well.
Former PM @NajibRazak says he's touched and grateful for the support he's received, including from those who used to oppose him but are now asking for him to be treated fairly. He said he's seen the support from Malaysians too be it at the MACC, court or on social media.
Tabung Harapan Najib? "We want to give moral and financial support to Datuk Seri Najib".…
Najib Razak's stepson, Riza Aziz, is at the MACC for his third day of questioning. According to the US DoJ, funds from #1MDB were allegedly misappropriated to finance films his company backed, including The Wolf of Wall Street. Is Riza the next to be arrested in the #1MDB probe?
JUST IN: Malaysian police chief says #1MDB central figure Jho Low's last known location is Macau: "The latest that we know is he was in Macau. The other day we sent our team to Hong Kong but when we arrived there, he went to Macau".
Attorney General's Chambers' statement:
• Dates for Najib Razak trial have not been fixed. Prosecution will request for dates in November
• "Gag order" is only interim in nature. Prosecution will oppose the formal written application by the Defence once it's submitted on Aug 8
UMNO supreme council member Lokman Adam is organising a demonstration against the freezing of "childrens' bank accounts" tomorrow night after Najib Razak's daughter alleged her baby son's account had been frozen too. The MACC has denied this.… #1MDB
RM86,282 collected so far for former PM @NajibRazak's legal fees. This fund set up by his supporters will be collecting donations until Monday, July 9.
Najib Razak sues anti-graft chief Mohd Shukri Abdull, police commercial crimes head Amar Singh and Attorney-General Tommy Thomas. His lawyers allege the three were prejudiced against him over the course of their #1MDB investigations.…
RM204,393 (USD50,545) collected as of 330pm today to help former PM Najib Razak with his trial-related expenses including bail. Bail was set at RM1mil.
Former PM Najib will pay the remainder of his bail today. He had already paid half of the RM1mil owed. His supporters have raised more than RM200,000.
Former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner is reportedly seeking an agreement with prosecutors that would involve his co-operation with the government's criminal fraud probe into #1MDB and Goldman.…
The Attorney General of Switzerland met Malaysia's Attorney General, Tommy Thomas, today and the coordination of the #1MDB investigations including requests for mutual legal assistance were discussed. Updates on the Swiss case:
Lawyers for former PM Najib's wife responds to report of Lebanese jewellery firm suing her: "all of the jewelleries itemised in Global Royalty's statement of claim, were sent to our client, for her viewing, and none was purchased by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor".
Rosmah Mansor's lawyers say she she "wants to first ascertain the items seized, and identify her belongings, as during the raids, items belonging to our client's daughter and son-in-law were also confiscated".
Where in the world is Jho Low? No longer in Macau, believes Malaysia's police chief.…
JUST IN: Former PM @NajibRazak says the timing of the freezing of his bank account is among "draconian actions by the Government of the day". "Like any other citizen I deserve to be given access to my personal freedom until my trial is completed".
Najib's childrens' accounts have been unfrozen but his personal bank account remains frozen.
"A request made to the Hong Kong authorities in April 2016 for the arrest of Jho Low, the Malaysian businessman linked to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (#1MDB) scandal, was declined".…
Police and immigration departments in Malaysia and Singapore assigned to track down Jho Low reportedly believe he could have had facial reconstruction surgery.… #1MDB
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said it has lifted the freeze on Najib Razak's bank account because it had nothing to do with the SRC and #1MDB investigations. He had closed other accounts linked to the case, however, before investigations began in 2015.
JUST IN: PM Mahathir says he is not aware of reports of Jho Low being arrested in China.
Dr Mahathir: "I did not know (Jho Low) was arrested, thank you for giving me the information. I hope he was arrested and brought back to Malaysia....We have no treaty on extradition but that doesn't mean China cannot hand him over"
Police: Cops were at Naib Razak's home today to take a statement from his domestic helper in connection with a police report lodged on behalf of Najib.
Dr Mahathir says he still hasn't heard any news about Jho Low's arrest. Says he thinks it's fake news.
Ex-PM Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor, will "in due course" apply to strike out suit brought against her by jeweler. "The position taken by Global Royalty that our client is liable to indemnify them monies in the sum of RM59,831,317.40 is misconceived and without any legal basis"
"When we issued the cheques, we were very clear that they (money) did not come from #1MDB. I would not have issued the cheques if it came from 1MDB,” - Najib Razak on cheques amounting to RM470mil that he made out to BN accounts.…
Sports Minister @syedsaddiq on reported rumours that Lee Chong Wei’s withdrawal from the badminton World Championships is linked to #1MDB: “There’s no such thing... I met Chong Wei at his home & he really is having breathing difficulties".…
Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali replaces Mohd Sofian Abd Razak as judge presiding over former PM Najib Razak’s case. This comes after reports of Sofian being the brother of an UMNO a member from Najib’s home state, Pahang.
Indonesian police said they would hand the Equanimity over to Malaysia but did not specify when. "The yacht will be handed over at the border between Indonesia and Malaysia's waters".… #1MDB
Jho Low’s statement on Malaysia taking possession of the Equanimity yacht: “The action of the Mahathir government in illegitimately taking this asset shows just how quickly the rule of law disappears in Mahathir’s regime”. #1MDB
JUST IN: Malaysian PM Mahathir thanks Indonesia for handing over the Equanimity - a yacht allegedly purchased by Jho Low with funds misappropriated from #1MDB. Dr M says if anyone claims the yacht is theirs, authorities want to know how they purchased it.
“We believe this yacht belongs to the Malaysian government because it was bought with Malaysian funds that were stolen by certain parties. If anyone alleges this yacht is theirs, they can show proof. We want to know how they got so much money to buy such an expensive yacht” #1MDB
The Equanimity will be in Malaysian waters tomorrow. Malaysia’s Finance Minister @guanenglim says they want to allow the public to visit at least part of the yacht allegedly bought with funds misappropriated from #1MDB.…
Jho Low on Dr M ignoring “the owner”’s claim on the Equanimity which will dock in Malaysia soon.

“His only objectives are political: from a freezing bank accounts of rival political parties, to public trial-by-media, where guilt is proclaimed before any evidence is presented”
The US Justice Department, which had sought custody of Equanimity as part of its anti-kleptocracy investigation into #1MDB, said proceedings in the US courts should be suspended until it finds out what Malaysia would do with the yacht.…
The Equanimity has arrived in Port Klang. This USD$250mil yacht has become almost a symbol for the millions of dollars allegedly misappropriated from Malaysian state investment fund #1MDB. Fugitive Jho Low is accused of using this yacht to sail across international waters.
Officials from the attorney-general’s chambers are here to inspect the Equanimity. The Malaysian government intends to auction the yacht off should it be legally awarded to them in order to recover some of the funds allegedly misappropriated from #1MDB.
Malaysian police with the Equanimity.
JUST IN: Attorney General Tommy Thomas thanks US and Indonesia for handover of Equanimity yacht. Says seizure was done under the laws of Malaysia. #1MDB
Najib Razak summoned for questioning again by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission at 5pm amid reports he’ll be slapped with more charges tomorrow. #1MDB
Lawyer for Malaysian government and #1MDB says process to determine ownership of Equanimity could take 6 to 8 months.
In the meantime, Malaysia will have to front the Equanimity’s maintainenance which the lawyer estimates could cost around RM3mil per month. #1MDB
Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad made a courtesy phone call to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, thanking him for his country’s assistance on the Equanimity and offering Malaysia’s assistance after the Lombok quake.
Why’s the Equanimity so important to Malaysia and the #1MDB probe? Today’s wrap.
CONFIRMED: Former PM Najib Razak faces additional charges tomorrow in connection with SRC International - a former subsidiary of #1MDB.
Najib has already been charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust and one count of abuse of power. These additional charge/s fall under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti -Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001.
JUST IN: Former PM @NajibRazak arrives at court to face more charge/s under the anti-money laundering act. He also has case management for the previous charges (abuse of power and criminal breach of trust). #1MDB
Three charges read out to Najib Razak under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2002. #1MDB
Former PM Najib Razak charged with three counts of money laundering under Section 4(1) of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2002. #1MDB
Ex-PM Najib is accused of
• receiving RM27mil of proceeds from unlawful activities on Dec 26, 2014
• receiving RM5mil of proceeds from unlawful activities on Dec 26, 2014
• receiving RM10mil of proceeds from unlawful activities on Feb 10, 2015 #1MDB
Each new charge faced by Najib Razak carries a maximum of 15 years in prison and could also carry a fine. #1MDB
If Najib is convicted of any/ all these charges - criminal breach of trust, abuse of power, money laundering - he faces a minimum of 2 years in jail or will spend the rest of his life in prison, at worst. #1MDB
Case management for Najib Razak’s corruption charges is happening today as well, with a new judge presiding over it. The previous judge recused himself following reports he was the brother of a member of Najib’s party, UMNO in his home state of Pahang. #1MDB
Correction: He did not recuse himself but the current judge, Justice Mohd Nazlan, was transferred to the criminal court from the commercial division and placed on the case.
Najib’s corruption charges have been amended. #1MDB
Najib’s lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, is arguing for a gag order and the judge’s help for a “cool down” period, referencing comments made by the public on this case. #1MDB
The RM1mil bail set for Najib for his criminal breach of trust and abuse of power charges has been extended to his money laundering charges as well.
Najib’s lawyer Shafee argues one way to “dilute” prejudicial comments being made in the public and the media is to delay the start of the trial. The judge had proposed for dates later this year but Najib’s team wants it next year.
Court will decide on the gag order for Najib’s case on Friday. Trial dates will be fixed then too.
“(These charges) have got nothing to do with #1MDB, zero. It’s got nothing to do with the yacht. I hope they have not arranged the coincidence of the yacht arriving in Port Klang with the sudden decision to charge my client today,” - Najib’s lawyer.
Fresh charges for Malaysia’s former PM Najjb Razak who is already contending with multiple investigations into #1MDB and its former subsidiary, SRC International. My report👇🏾
Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak is back in court today where it’ll be decided
• when his trial will be
• if there’ll be a gag order and what/whom it applies to.

Najib’s lawyer Shafee Abdullah arguing for a gag order on any comments suggesting his client is guilty in SRC International case: “I don’t think there’s been a case - not even Anwar Ibrahim - where publicity pre trial has been so immense, suggesting Najib is guilty of offenses”
Najib’s lawyer Shafee is quoting articles from Sarawak Report as examples of prejudiced reporting.
Najib’s lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, arguing for a gag order citing AG Tommy Thomas’s comments now. “Seeds of poison spread to public and they get excited. (They think,) ‘if Tommy Thomas can say that, we can say that and they get excited’”.
Najib’s lawyer is now reading public comments online that are critical of the former PM - all part of his arguments for there to be a gag order. Some of the comments: - “You’re a better actor than Dr M”
- “Good for you, more of your family members die soon including you”.
Judge: “They’re anonymous?
Lawyer: “Because they’re anonymous they become even more sinister because they’re accommodated”.
Shafee Abdullah now reading out tweets critiquing him from the last hour to the judge. His legal team evidently monitoring Twitter as well.
Court adjourns for lunch. Small crowd or Najib supporters chant “Allah’u’akbar” and “Lawan tetap lawan” as he leaves.
High Court rejects Najib’s application for a gag order on “prejudicial” discussions of his case by the media/ public.
Dates for former Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s trial for corruption and money laundering charges related to former #1MDB subsidiary, SRC International:
• Feb 12-28, 2019
• Mar 4-29, 2019

• • •

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Sep 28, 2018
HAPPENING NOW: Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaks at the #UNGA, 15 years after his last address.
“The new Government of Malaysia, recently empowered with a strong mandate from its people, is committed to ensure that every Malaysian has an equitable share in the prosperity and wealth of the nation.” - Dr Mahathir at #UNGA
“A new Malaysia emerged after the 14th General Election in May this year. Malaysians decided to change their government...We did this because the immediate past Government indulged in the politics of hatred, of racial and religious bigotry, as well as widespread corruption.”#UNGA
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Special PC on #1MDB by Malaysia’s deputy inspector general of police. “This evening, I’m going to update you on the developments of the case as investigated by the police”. 4 aspects have been probed by the CCID and several individuals investigated.
Main areas probed by CCID:
• 1MTN notes worth RM5mil by Terengganu Islamic Authority
#1MDB & PetroSaudi Intl joint venture & loans in form of Murabahah Notes
• purchase of assets worth USD3.5bil involving Tanjong Negeri
• issuing of US$3 bil notes by 1MDB Global Investments
During the course of investigations, police uncovered
• USD$972mil (RM2.973bil) was transferred to the accounts of former PM Najib Razak in 3 phases - “Good Star”, “Aabar” and “Tanore”
• 132 transactions involving illegal money identified
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“There’s no conclusion, there’s no answers”. #MH370
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Jun 27, 2018
Former PM Najib Razak gave Malaysiakini an interview. Not only that, he went to their office to do it. A new Malaysia indeed.
Najib on his seized "gifts":

"Over the years as head of the government, we have been gifted with a lot of items by foreign leaders as well as personal friends and I do know that under the law it is not illegal to receive gifts."
Najib said Rosmah herself was surprised about the number of items mentioned by Amar Singh.

“She doesn't believe it will come up to that amount. Also some items, the jewellers have got records that they were sent for viewing and need to be returned."
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What's behind Malaysia's RM1 trillion of liabilities?
• RM686.8bil of Federal Government Debt (50.8% of GDP)
• Government Guaranteees of RM199.1bil (14.6% of GDP)
• Lease payments of "Public Private Partnership" projects of RM201.4bil (14.9% of GDP)
"Let me emphasize that the fundamentals of the economy remains strong... Together with the commitment of the new Government as well as the support of Malaysians all over the country, we will definitely succeed in saving our country," - Finance Minister @guanenglim
"In the short term, this decision to tell the truth may unnerve Dato' Seri Najib Razak..." - Finance Minister hits back at former PM/ Finance Minister Najib
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Malaysia's first Pakatan Harapan cabinet has its first meeting.

(Photos: Syed Fidaz/ Selangor Chief Minister's office)
In first post-Cabinet meeting PC, Dr Mahathir says they've studied ways to reduce government's debt which is in excess of RM1trillion.
Some projects committed to by the old government may be dropped, says Dr Mahathir.
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