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1) #Qanon
Bad Actors = Evil, Treasonous Fools
2) #Qanon…📁
Re_ read drops re: Five Eyes / FVEY.
Will be extremely important going forward.
[UK] - primary
Turn taken.
FBI/DOJ to State / Hussein WH (inc C_A / other appointment Start) to Foreign *Bad Actors.*
[RR] deadline?
We have the server.
3) #Qanon
Globalist Elites & anyone associated with, married to, infiltrated into are a part of this giant Cabal (Deep State) and 'We The People' are attempting to unravel it. Knowing how/where/why it operates is key to taking it down.
4) #Qanon
What Patriots think about the Global Elites...
Their evil, bad actors, heinous, liars, ravenous killers, keepers of power, control freaks, sellouts, hoarders of (cash/property/children), & over zealous sycophants.
5) #Qanon
Bohemian Grove is not just a bunch of dudes getting together for drinks and hookers--they are actually conspiring how to take down our current president. They attempt to sway the narrative their way.
What evil doings are they concocting?
5a) #Qanon
The people that gather at Bohemian Grove — who have included prominent business leaders, former U.S. presidents, musicians, and oil barons...

Bohemian Grove: Where the rich and powerful go to misbehave.…
6) #Qanon
Five Eyes turned into something Evil under the Obama Admin.

Nunes Refers Ten Obama Officials to House Judiciary and Oversight Joint Task Force.…
6a) #Qanon
Five Eyes info passed through different channel instead -- EVIL!
7) #Qanon
8) #Qanon
has it all....
We now know it exists... thanks to the Obama Administration who used it as a Political Weapon against his opponents. He also used the CIA, FBI, DOJ, & IRS.
9) #Qanon
What this Anon said is so true...

World Wide. The Whole Thing Tumbles. They Are All Screwed.
10) #Qanon
Disgusting but true what 'Educating Liberals' says...
11) #Qanon
The Bush family are traitors. They are oil tycoons and when Bush Jr. was in office his buddies made more money off oil than his father.

Bush crime family members are pillars of US deep state: Scholar…
11a) #Qanon
Yes, 'We The American People' Would Lynch You!
We are now discovering what heinous acts you have done such as lying viciously, you are traitors to our great country, stealing our hard earned money just to keep your evil going, and doing evil deeds behind our backs.
12) #Qanon
Satan would blush at all the misdeeds this woman has done. Her husband too. It's all coming out. CF Foundation [Nightmare Awake] [slush fund / children].

Opinion: All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list…
12a) #Qanon
Note CF children drop in IG report.

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer…
13) #Qanon
Creepy Joe Biden -- We all know what he is and what he does. He cannot hide it from anyone. He touches children in front of cameras and these children know what a perv he truly is.
14) #Qanon
Awan Brothers -- what they did with Debbie was nothing short of treason. She is horribly guilty too and if these people walk, I desperately pray for their souls because the devil will accept them willingly. They will find themselves in fire forever.
15) #Qanon
Lies Attract Flies!
10 Top Ways Obama Violated The Constitution During His Presidency…
15a) #Qanon
18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency…
16) #Qanon
Podesta Brothers

Russia Scandal Befalls Two Brothers: John and Tony Podesta…
16a) #Qanon
Pizzagate proof
Podestas were accused of being a part of this heinous atrocity.
17) #Qanon
They are disgusting, horrifying, and immoral.
These people have a sick sense of staying young--get surgery like everybody else!
18) #Qanon
Most Damaging Wikileaks
19) #Qanon
The entire Obama Administration has blood on their hands concerning the American People, Children, Our Money, Weaponizing The Gov.
These people are sick, dangerous, and are willing to do anything for a buck...
20) #Qanon
Did Obama give citizenship to thousands of Iranians during nuclear deal discussions?…
21) #Qanon
Full text of the Iran nuclear deal…
22) #Qanon
Bad Actors have had it in their clutches for far too long.
It's about time they overthrow their corrupt government.
23) #Qanon
The Obama Admin created ISIS -- It's not just for tin foiled hat wearers anymore. He did it to turn Europe and the World into a hellhole.
I guess with Satan on your side, you will do anything to destroy God's creation.
24) #Qanon
There are various people involved in the Cabal (Deep State).
They are the ones screaming the loudest.
You can always count on them to turn something good into a pile of sh!t!
25) #Qanon
The #MSM is complicit in everything evil that has taken place inside and outside our Government.
They are all guilty!!!
26) #Qanon
The Rothchild Family has had a heck of crime spree going.…
27) #Qanon
The Rothschilds, a pamphlet by ‘Satan’ and anti-Semitic (((NOT))) conspiracy theories tied to a battle 200 years ago…
28) #Qanon
July 4, 2018

Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.
29) #Qanon
Admiral Rogers is a true Patriot and without his heroism we might not have the Great Awakening and Truth!
29) #Qanon
Bad Actors work for Satan and Good Actors work for God!
What makes a good movie?
Good Actors is what make a good movie.
31) #Qanon
We are waking up by the millions and it cannot be stopped now.
This awakening will not be stopped no matter what anyone says.
We go with God, Q, & DJT.
It is taking a lot to wake up the world, but it will be so worth it to have a safe & happy future.

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Aug 11, 2018
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August 11, 2018

QAnon: The Illusion of Choice
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Do we really have choices?
Propaganda is strong and the competition works together.
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FAKE NEWS consolidation [propaganda arm of the D party].
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Psychological Projection.
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1) #Qanon
Qanon: Dark To Light, TRUTH
July 28, 2018
2) #Qanon

Welcome to the no borders, pro pedo, destroy ICE, socialist movement - Antifa (arm of Democratic Party).
Dark to LIGHT.
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Normalizing NAMBLA? That's just insane.
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1) #Qanon
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Qanon: Sliding Down & Singing Like A Caged Bird
2) #Qanon
Twitter near 20% slide? = Collapsing under own weight.
FB near 20% slide? = Collapsing under own weight.
All because of missed earnings? = They knowingly removed Conservative sites and posts.
What does the Street know? = It all.
2a) #Qanon
Insiders dumping? = MZ was caught doing it.
[DC moves slow] = Like a snail.
@Jack = Bad boy.
MZ = Bad boy.
Your hands are dirty. = Their hands are filthy and they have gotten caught.
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Jul 26, 2018
1) #Qanon
July 26, 2018

QAnon: Enjoy The Show 🍿
2) #Qanon

Trump is in charge--why do we question so much? Do we trust? Do we believe what he is doing is right? Think deeper.
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