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Not weird at all..

This is textbook execution of a PM between asset and handler

Since there is no known comm barrier, no need for c/o to bring in a linguist

Oh there will be plenty of record, as venue will be 'prepped' well in advance.
You'd have to be incredibly stupid and or desperate to walk into that room alone.
Putin is a Counterintelligence Agent from the Cold War era how also happens to be leader of our nation's primary geopolitical rival..Trump on the other hand is a mental midget who can easily be manipulated..who also worships Putin..'alone time" can be disastrous to the US!!!
Utilizing 'casino' techniques and other tried and proven KGB tactics, Putin will soften up Trump and get him ready for debriefing..thanks to tech, Putin won't have to stop Trump to take notes or change tapes..esp since Trump won't STFU..
This time will also be used by Putin to fill in the blanks on Trump's asset dossier...after debrief, he'll transition to tasking..After the meeting, In addition to concessions, expect Trump to tweet out weird Kremlin propaganda!

..and without anyone in there to interrupt and or shut Trump up, God only knows what all he'll 'confess' to his idol.

#Counterintelligence #Fail
Let’s not forget Trump is under CI/crim investigation for both his shady finances and for colluding with FISS..given those facts, it’s very odd to see him push for a one on one with Putin,head of FISS that helped him!!

Ranging from secret service detail to White House staffers, a great deal of effort is undertaken to not only protect the POTUS from physical danger, but also insulate him from manipulation/exploitation..esp by FISS. By waving off all such measures, Trump is handing Putin a win!!!
Aside from the obvious audio video surveillance measures implemented, with advanced notice, they could fit in other tech measures that can provide Ru intel bio data about Trump. Him being the only one in the room makes targeted collection much easier!

#TSCM #Fail
Withiut DoS personnel/US press in the room, this will give Putin the upper hand in controlling the message...and given their expertise in subversion, it’ll be hard for US to push back..

Then there’s the issue of what our allies think about all this..and what they believe...
..and more importantly, how they react!

It goes without saying both will have significant impact on our #natsec.
GOP senators that are currently in Ru are too busy licking Putin’s and his cronies boots to have the sense to consider abovementuoned facts..or optics, for that matter.

In the end, they’ll give Putin the ammo he needs to undermine the US globally..
It goes without saying that Putin can’t be trusted..but in this, you can’t trust Trump either.

Trump, who hasn’t divested from his personnel businesses, is currently duelhatting as both the POTUS and de facto head of Trump International.
This is where the art of the deal gets a secret setting, is Trump trading US interests to further his business recognition of Crimea as Russian for a future Trump Tower Moscow?

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