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THREAD : On #IndependanceDay, a story of how the future is past…and how the after the US broke free in 1776, the British empire struck back and helped create the Deep State.

If you want to under foreign policy and populism TODAY, pay attention.
WARNING: The thread will be loaded with links and in some cases, you may go down an information rabbit hole that will be the equivalent of a bottle of Red Pills.

It's ALL information you can confirm if true for yourself, which may lead to serious adjustment in world view.
Before we get to the history, let's introduce a term: Atlanticism.

Atlanticism is defined as "belief in or support for a close relationship between western Europe and the US, or particularly for NATO."

The main organization driving this Atlanticism is @AtlanticCouncil.
As I'll show up, this idea of Atlanticism was cooked up by British elites in the media, banking, politics and business beginning in the late 1800s.

It was behind World War I, the mess in the Middle East and turning the US-the land of the free-into a colonizing swamp.
It will be like fireworks.

That's how the lights will be going off in your head once you understand how all of this history explains events like the growth of the CIA & FBI, why the fake news about Russia is coming from all sides, and more.
What changed America?

What took us from the country that fought for its freedom into the country that we see today? Atlanticism.

It's why we did nothing when Vietnam wanted its freedom and we ignored this letter from Ho Chi Minh in this 1946 telegram.

Atlanticism is a key to understanding the world today.

The Atlantic Council is one of the centers of world elitism, along with connected groups like @CFR_org and related groups in the "Round Table" UK groups and the infamous (and quite real) Bilderberg group.
And Atlantic Council is about to be monitoring your news

They have teamed with @facebook to decide what you should see during the election.

This is fact.

You're going to need to warn people about this.

Here's a list of who funds the @AtlanticCouncil from their own website.

It's who runs things, no matter who is President or which party rules Congress.

They have co-opted both the left and the right in American. They are the elites.

Look for yourself.

The @AtlanticCouncil's Digital Forensics Lab not only works directly with and promotes DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa and @thedailybeast Editor / @CNN analyst Michael Weiss, a @POTUS hater who promotes Syrian war and lies about Ukraine.

One purpose of the Atlantic Council is to set the frame of the media narrative, declaring anything that does not fit from the left or right to be a conspiracy theory, propaganda or fake news.

They’ve used projects like Interpreter Magazine to do this.

So, please pay attention to this:

If you see anyone jumps in and says that this thread is a conspiracy theory, propaganda or fake news...assume they be RIGHT.

Start as a skeptic.

But research yourself. Click the links. Verify.

You'll see it's all true.

THEY are #FakeNews.
This is deep history.

May forget how recently England wasn't our closest ally, as every President says.

The US broke free from England in 1775 on #IndependanceDay.

England remained our enemy in the War of 1812.

Even in the Civil War, England backed the Confederates.
In fact, although due to public opinion the UK eventually said they were neutral, in fact they helped build the Confederate Navy at their shipyard in Liverpool.

Remember: England was helping fight the US in the mid-late 1800, 100 years after 1776.

But America continued to prove impossible to beat.

So, in the late 1800s a small group of elites began to meet to discuss the idea that if you can't BEAT the USA, JOIN THEM.

This is the birth of Atlanticism.

Let's start with Cecil Rhodes - as in the Rhodes Scholarship.
A tremendous source for this is the work of Carol Quigley, who I return to in a moment.

Cecil Rhodes helped the British colonize South Africa and he had a vision to preserve elitism and the British Empire.

He stated this goal in his own will -- a secret society.
Rhodes had a number of versions of his will, where he donated vast sums to Oxford for the Rhodes Scholarships and donations to US States.

Here's one version of Rhodes' will.

Rhodes's vision was discussed and implanted by people like the father of modern tabloid and investigative journalism, W.T. Stead, who died on the Titanic.

Another imperialist dreamer like Rhodes, Stead also wrote about the Occult.

Rhodes conquest of South Africa was funded by the Rothschild banking family, and Nathan Rothschild was part of Rhodes' "Society of the Elect."

Remember that in the early 20th Century-in 1917, to -UK's Balfour Declaration was made to the Baron Rotchschild for the land that would eventually form Israel.
Another important figure connected to this group with Lord Milner and his group of Oxford students that became known as Milner's Kindergarten.

The rabbit hole is deep on this group.


• • •

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