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The blood-drenched British ruling class has all week been doing its best to celebrate the #NHS70 while at the very same covertly destroying it.
And when not hiding behind their Tory friends every Fabian MP is wearing an "NHS 70" badge to mark the number of hospitals plundered by Labour Party PFI programs & privitisation.
Whom is "we"? Rotten Fabians have had 100 years in the heights of power to transform the economy, all they've done is loyally uphold the capitalist economy, where workers produce everything & get only crumbs in return, while lazy rich parasites do nothing.
The capitalist's public self-celebration is in itself a mask for capitalist predation.
As we speak, as every Fabian & Tory politician hypocritically cheers for the NHS, both Tory & Labour councils are busy plundering the very same NHS for the profits of their capitalist exploiter chums.

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Sep 21, 2018
This transatlantic grouping of the Fabians & their 'left' adjuncts & the DemParty/DSA & their many 'left' adjuncts are key to marketing imperialist reaction under guise of 'progress' in all fields, from NATO's mercs to the anti-feminist eugenicist lobby:
Particularly on infantilized forms of media such as twitter, where 'the debate' can easily be reduced to a pantomime of guilt-by-false-association, tribal group-think, crude memetics & banal platitude.
The general template for these psychological operations remains constant: adopt aesthetics of certain revolutionary/progressive movements, and then proceed to spew reactionary filth in our name. The youth mimic reaction thinking they are actually 'rebels', while those of us old..
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Sep 21, 2018
Calling for an arbitrary #internationaldayofpeace in a world ravaged by imperialist war & exploitation is the imperialists call for the oppressed to renounce fighting back.

The blood-drenched British Foreign Office is responsible for much of the war in the world today, far from 'solutions for peace', they only seek 'solutions to increase imperialist domination' under guise of 'peace'. -
"The key issue to which insufficient attention is paid [or no attention at all] is the class character of war. We Marxists do not belong to that category of people who are unqualified opponents of all war." - Lenin.…
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Sep 20, 2018
"A Historic Institution of the Transatlantic Left", yes indeed.

A historic institution of the MI6-CIA 'Left' wing of bourgeois power, ie: the DemParty & the Fabians.

"Tribune was founded by two wealthy Labour Party members, Sir Stafford Cripps and George Strauss. It was independent but usually supported the Labour Party..."

Nowt's changed.

Petty-booj pundits like @ronanburtenshaw live, or pretend to live in a world where the CIA & MI6's near-total control of all major media publications, not least 'the left' variety, is all a thing of 'wild conspiracy'. Luckily, workers are not that stupid.
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Sep 20, 2018
Often perplexed by white individuals who generalize 'white people' as if they are the Godly exception among us, happens a lot in the 'intelligentsia', cos its much easier for them to denounce amorphous racial generalizations than their concrete petty-bourgeois class privilege.
A class privilege that is no doubt afforded to mostly whites in the core, 'labour aristocracy' etc, but ofc not all by a long way, as the many white workers in prisons, on the streets, suffering extreme poverty, unemployment, destitution, etc, are testament to.
So on one side we have Dick Spencer & 'alt-right' goons wailing 'The Whites are Magnificent' & on the other side we have Georgie Maher & the ultralefts wailing 'Exterminate The Whites, They are All Bourgeois!'.
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Sep 17, 2018
Russia brokers a halt to Syrian ops to liberate NATO-Turkey occupied Idlib, and NATO immediately respond with yet another heinous aggression on Syrian army sites in the north...
'israel' can't scratch its own arse without Yankee direction & support, ofc the US-NATO are behind the attack as they are with all others, they work in concert under US command not independently.
Don't believe for a second that 'israel' would drop a Russian military aircraft over the Med without US-NATO green-light. -
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Sep 12, 2018
There isn't a Party on earth more loathsome than the rotten British Labour Party, precisely because they are such arrogant imposters. I hate them even more than the Tories, because the Tories could not survive without them.
When workers start to see the whole of parliament & the capitalist State as their enemy, the rotten Labour Party steps in with its 'radical' reformist platitudes to give said parliament & State the appearance of 'new life', splitting & diverting revolutionary self-organisation.
That is the Corbyn clique's major task: to draw as many workers as possible into futile parliamentary spectacle & divert them from extra-parliamentary means of struggle. & the 'upper strata' just lap it up, thinking the Fabians in power will simply hand them socialism on a plate.
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