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1/ Let's review the arc of the Scott Pruitt story.

Phase One: Scott Pruitt is a true conservative, a national hero, and a fine American.

Talking Point: "ALL WE DO IS WIN. Shut up, libtard Deep State Swamp RINOS shill."
2/ Phase Two: Scott Pruitt is showing some signs of adjusting to the job. What? Don't YOU need a $43,000 Cone of Silence?

Talking Point: "LA LA LA LA I'm not listening. We need a conservative warrior so coal companies can dump slurry into nursery schools so we can MAGA."
3/ Phase Three: Well, maybe it LOOKS bad but who cares? We're not those soft, wussy GOPers who cared about laws and ethics and all that swamp stuff.

TALKING POINT: "Trump loves him, so suck it, libs. He's going NOWHERE."
4/ Phase Four: Did you see that Breitbart article? Pruitt's FINE. This is just a liberal media lynch mob. The Feralist says he's the future of conservative regulatory rollbacks and it's all worth it!

TALKING POINT: "I'm off the record on this, right?"
5/ Phase Five: Wait? What? He quit?

TALKING POINT: "Well, the President never knew him that well."

"He wasn't our first choice."

"He was a volunteer, really."

"The only time we saw him was when he was fetching coffee."
6/ Phase Six: Unpersoning. Scott Whoitt? This is fake news. There is no such person, no such agency, and no such firing. Fake news. Sad!

#ETTD, champ. Learn it, because you're gonna ride it.

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Sep 6, 2018
1/ A quick memo for #DeepStateThroat, the WH NYT Op-Ed writer.

First, golf clap. Half marks. You know what you're doing in service to Trump is morally indefensible, but you're trying to "But Gorsuch!" yourself out of the ethical hole.
2/ This tells me you at least have some vague survival instinct and know that you need a marker on the board for when the walls close in for the last time.

I want you to apply that survival instinct and look to the near future.
3/ Three things are coming, two of which you're sure. A) You know the system of subverting Trump you boasted about is marginal and unstable. Your wins were small, and now they're utterly over. B) You know Mueller is coming, November is coming, and all the easy days are over.
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Sep 4, 2018
1/ Super excited today for the "conservative" media excuses for "Why Bannon isn't a great guy but the MSM is so much worse for pointing out that Bannon isn't a great guy and the New Yorker was wrong not to destroy their conference by throwing him over the cliff."
2/ Bannon is, as I've written here, in the Beast, and in my #1 NYT best-selling book (ha!), is an actively evil player who seeks to use the rules-based society and "everyone deserves to have their truth heard" philosophy extant today in order to hack and destroy that same system.
3/ Bannon is a cancer in this republic, and every electoral system he attempts to subvert into his dark, totalitarian vision. His "populism" is a thin veneer over authoritarian statism and outright, no-exaggeration fascism.

No, he doesn't "deserve a place to tell his truth"...
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Aug 1, 2018
1/ After 30 years of political, government, advertising, and crisis management experience for politicians, corporations, political parties, PACs (Super and otherwise) and associations I've internalized some hard and fast rules.
2/ Good leaders react to a crisis swiftly and honestly. Bad leaders blameshift, like, cover, and lawyer up.

Terrible leaders pretend there is no crisis, lie to their stakeholders, the press, and the public. They are frequently shocked how bad it really looks from the outside.
3/ The current crisis will test three groups of leaders. First, Trump and his WH. He wants to destroy Mueller desperately, passionately, and instantly. His staff, such as they are, are simply among for the ride, oblivious to their historical and legal liabity
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Jul 27, 2018
1/ Watch the "Cohen is _____" attacks ramping HARD from both Trump's legal team, media boosters, et al.

This is a Known Phase of Trumpism. Everyone one of you working for him will reach this spot.
2/ And of course, they'll be amplified and boosted by the bot army of a Russia, as well as organic MAGAe.

But there's a problem.

Two problems, really.

The first problem is that Cohen has paper. He has emails. He has contemporaneous notes. He has contacts. He has NDAs.
3/ He has phone logs. He has screencaps of text messages. He has *knowledge*

Now, here's the second problem for the "Burn Cohen Down" crowd.


The SDNY and Robert Mueller have all of this stuff, too.

So Hammity, Rush, et al can screech themselves raw. Won't matter.
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Jul 21, 2018
1/ It's an administration full of self-described unsung heroes, always with their own heroic narrative of how they're doing the right, smart thing, then cowering in anonymity, and oh, never resigning in protest and telling the truth.
2/ After the fall, you'll see a wave of articles and books about how hard they fought against the madness. Many of them play this game with reporters every day. "I hate him, he's crazy, but *I'm* trying to save the world."
3/ Just like any regime of collaborators, they want history to be revised and elided.

"We were just trying to prevent something worse" doesn't work come the épuration légale.

Sorry. If you're still in there now, you're complicit.
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Jul 13, 2018
1/ The Mueller indictments today should serve as a reminder. He is doing the slow methodical, grinding, work of this investigation. He deals in facts, he deals in indictments, he deals in the realities of Russia's interference.
2/ The underlying predicate of yesterday's hearing was to "prove" that the entire cloud of suspicion that hangs on Trump like the reek of a dumpster full of dead rats is just the evil Killary Deep State trying to deny Trump the WH.
3/ An entire segment (in fact, the majority) of my party are now willing co-conspirators in corrosive lie the denies Russian interference in our nation's elections in order to protect Donald Trump.

Mueller has had these bastards from the jump.
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