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@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha Let's do now

OK so this is Rose Review definition which not everyone agrees with but firstly it's phonological (ear) not visual (eyes) although there maybe co occuring difficulties

There are three main components

@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 2/20
1. phonological awareness - the ability to reflect upon and manipulate the sound structure of words - that includes rhyme, alliteration, asking children to replace c with b in cat etc.
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 3/20
2. short term auditory memory - so that's when they can only remember a certain amount you say at any one time - you ask them to do 4 things in one sentence they may only do first or last (including .... and don't use red - they may use red!)
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 3. speed of processing - this does not mean they are slow learners as we'd understand it, it means taking time for the language to go in - swirl around - and then come out. So life goes very quickly in class - too quickly often - add in memory where you disrupt the thinking BAD
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha I would add a fourth possible one which is visual - I think Rose got this wrong but understand why he did it as it's not always an issue.

So now we have the three main elements, phonological awareness, auditory memory and speed of processing.

Now we get contentious
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha Let's talk cognitive levels. So an old model (still used too much IMO) is that there's a discrepancy between this and literacy levels - if the gap was wide enough dyslexia was diagnosed. Since Rose Review this is not the case - he said that dyslexia was a continuum
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha with no clear cut off points and that dyslexia occurs across the range of intellectual abilities

So, it is the pattern of the low scores in the three areas of difficulty alongside difficulties learning to read which would generally, in UK, be called dyslexia.

More contention..
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 8/20 some call reading difficulties dysteachia which makes me go rargh - this is not fair on teachers or children. The reason however they say this is that we know early intervention can often help children with reading difficulties but as Rose said in review..
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha it is when pupils are stubborn to interventions which show dyslexia - this does not mean you stop interventions it just means they take longer and you will have to remove barrier in the classroom - it may mean that they're typical in all other areas so that's a challenge
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 10/20 also even if a pupil does learn to read they still have residual difficulties which remain through life - slow processing, phonological difficulties and auditory memory - so this affects many areas in the classroom and where teachers can offer strategies to help
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 11/20 other co occuring difficulties are likely to manifest although I think Professor Snowling (best in field on dyslexia by the way) would say that these are not dyslexia - pure labels is the exception rather than the rule however and likely to be caused by other difficulties
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 13/20 what are these other difficulties you speak of I hear you say?

Organisational (forgets homework planner, pen, lunch, timetables, PE kit)
Time (late, early, has no concept of time generally)
Direction (can't read maps, can't remember way even though they've been shown)_
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha planning and sequencing - completely random in thoughts when speaking and writing - no chronological order in anything -hence why spider diagrams often recommended, problem is getting this to a coherent, linear essay

struggles with memorisation - times tables, alphabet, dates
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 15/20 Attention

difficulties which may affect someone with dyslexia but likely to be a co occuring diff such as ADHD

I'm never sure about retention and retrieval - I think possibly dyslexia still as linked to memory but not 100% sure.

A couple of Snowling corkers coming up
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 16/20 Snowling now argues that dyslexia is still a language disorder - if we go back to the continnum - articulate but weak literacy is a classic #dyslexic profile and receptive and expressive language difficulties but OK ish decoding and spelling is #devlangdis but along a line
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha two common components are memory and processing and that they are spikey profiles so typical in other areas - hence the hidden disability description often given.

Let's bring in phonics now I have only three left.
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha 18/20
Snowling says phonics is essential but not sufficient. To be honest the only thing which will work to teach decoding is phonics but some are stubborn to it. Archie Driver was hence @DriverTrust - he's 19 and still can't decode and an ex-student of mine could read but not
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha @DriverTrust 19/20 decode well or encode and write. He uses Dragon dictate and a lot of hard work and has graduated with a first and is doing a PHd - so it can be done using technology. They are extreme cases however, most can read functionally but may always struggle with literacy
@debrakidd @mr_bjones1986 @tech_magpie @Emilie_London @Positivteacha @DriverTrust 20/20 to finish I'd say don't tell kids dyslexia doesn't exist when they have it & can't read/write as well as peers - it's usually pretty obvious

But equally don't think it is cured by a coloured overlay

Here's Eddie Izzard (warning 1 spelling error)

• • •

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