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It's time for the #Cin thread. #Days #DOOL
Let's start with Ciara mentioning to Julie that Tripp was making a romantic dinner for her. #Cin #Days
"Ciara, that's wonderful. So you're possibly going to be getting that pussy beaten up tonight? Are you sure you're ready for that? You were raped two years ago. I know that pain and so do a shit ton of women on this show." #Cin #Days
"Um, I wasn't really thinking about that, Auntie Grandma. But now I'm going to be thinking about that all night. Thanks?" #Cin #Days
Ciara and Tripp's date goes well and they eat Kayla's apple pie. An actual pie. Get your minds out of the gutter. Anyway, they start making out and Ciara flashes back to the rape. They don't show it because of course, Mouth Breather Ciara was in play then. #Days
"Yawn. I sure am tired. Nice date or whatever. Bye!" #Days
"So am I just supposed to take care of this boner on my own? Oh, okay. Time to see what's up on Helix Studios." #Days
Meanwhile, Hope and the rest of the Salem was outraged over Ben's impending release. #Cin #Days
"Ben is getting released! This is a scandal and a outrage! The law abiding citizens of Salem shouldn't be subjected to a serial killer. Yes, I can hear fans calling me a hypocrite through the TV. Y'all can eat a dick. Stefano's bitch ass had those bullets coming." #Cin #Days
Hope asks Marlena to try to stop Ben's release, so Marlena visits Ben in the looney bin. #Cin #Days
"Hello, Ben. It's probably a bit of a conflict to see you tried to murder me and then 'killed' my grandson, but let's ignore that. Are you faking sanity so you can get out and strangle more bitches?" #Cin #Days
"No, Dr. Evans. I feel terrible about strangling all those bitches. I'm different now. I know nothing I can do will make up for the hurt I've caused, but I don't want to hurt people anymore." #Cin #Days
"What brought about this sudden understanding that killing people with cheap neckties in order to frame a romantic rival was wrong? This feels out of the blue." #Cin #Days
"Your daughter. She broke me out and forced me to reenact killing and watched from the closet like the most fucked up gay porn ever. That's when I realized I didn't want to hurt people anymore. It also helped that Will was suddenly more sympathetic for some reason." #Cin #Days
"I'm a fucking genius. I should write a book about curing serial killers. Maybe even get my own talk show. I can advise out of control teens how best to sell their newborn siblings on the black market." #Cin #Days
"Shut up, Sami. Ben, look at your victims. See! We even remembered Wendy existed, so fans can stop yapping at Ron about that. What do you feel when you look at pictures of three women you murdered and one twink you gave a secret fetish?" #Cin #Days
"I feel tremendous guilt. Look at Will. He's so handsome. When I murdered him, he looked like a ventriloquist dummy. Now he looks like a smirky, handsome ventriloquist dummy. So cute. I'm going to boop his nose in this pic. Boop!" #Cin #Days
"Shit. I see no reason to disagree with your psychiatrist. You are sane. And I will join you in booping Will's nose. Boop! But don't fuck with him again or I'll shove a donut down your throat until you die. I will do it, motherfucker. Don't test me." #Cin #Days
To be continued tomorrow...
Meanwhile, rape talk week continued. #Cin #Days
"Ciara, I was raped by my husband at the time. And fans forgave the asshole. They are even about to bring his ass back from the dead. Not that I'm bitter or anything..." #Cin #Days
"I was raped by Lawrence Alamain, another character fans forgave, but I guess I can't complain too much since I married Kayla's rapist." #Cin #Days
"I was just recently raped while mentally ill, but we've decided to call it cheating now so we can pretend that Stefan is a viable character. Oh, and I'm pregnant. Yay?" #Cin #Days
"Yeah, I was raped, but I'd rather talk about my Power Point presentation: Gabi Hernandez Is A Murderous Bitch and Every Hernandez Should Be Deported. I keep calling ICE on her ass and they won't do anything." #Cin #Days
"I was raped continuously for almost two years in Mexico by a drug lord who kept me prisoner, but the show is going to treat that like an afterthought. Seriously, even my sister and baby daddy pretty much shrugged at that. There isn't a joke here. This is just sad." #Cin #Days
"I was almost raped by Nick, but I hit him with a rock and Sami and Kate helped me drag his ass to river. Then he came back and I shot him three times in the chest. He's super dead. Dr. Rolf isn't going to be helping him because I finished that. Don't fuck with me." #Cin #Days
"I shot my rapist's dick off. And I also am a rapist because I drugged and raped Austin. It was the 90's, okay? #Days fans were forgiving rapists left and right. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more serial killers to accidently cure!" #Cin
"I was raped by Stefano during the whole Princess Gina thing, but the show doesn't like to talk about that. Another reason why my murdering of a wheelchair bound old man was justified. It's not like I went into an old home and beat some woman named Agatha to death." #Cin #Days
"Old school #Days fans will remember I was raped by Kellam Chandler. Jesus, this is a lot of rapes. It would be easier to name characters who weren't raped." #Cin
And that's the end of the characters who were raped roll call. I'll be back in the afternoon to recap Ciara walking in on Tripp and Claire and Ben getting out of the looney bin. #Cin #Days
"Wait! I was raped too! Kristen put on a shitty wig and shot me with a tranq dart full of rape juice! And then the whole town saw the rape tape at Brady and Kristen's wedding thanks to my Mother! I stopped being a priest because of this!" #Cin #Days
"I hear you, buddy. Male victims of rape are often overlooked." #Cin #Days
"I was raped in prison, but this Alan Sarapa bitch only mentioned me trying to rape Gabi. How is Gabi? Is she still single? I know I'm super dead, but I think I still have a shot." #Cin #Days
"That bitch Ava kidnapped my sweetness and I had to dick Ava down to get her back. I think that counts as rape, but the show didn't treat it that way." #Cin #Days
Ben gets out of Shady Hill and he books it over to Will's. #Cin #Days
"Hey, Will. Sorry about the whole almost killing you thing. I'd really like to make it up to you. I ain't no queer, but I could play with your balls or maybe a casual finger up the butt. I just want to make things right." #Cin #Days
"Oh, God. He's here. I'm so scared and horny. Can he see my fear boner? Am I saying all this out loud? Shit. Should I ask him to give me his underwear?" #Cin #Days
"Ben, get away from my BFF. I'm the only straight man allowed to give Will a boner since my brother bit the dust. Also, you're horrible, stay away from Abby, yadda, yadda, yadda." #Cin #Days
"Goddamn it, Chad. I could have talked him into a blowie or smelling his armpits, but you had to show up. Now I'm going to have to settle for a handshake, which I will still think about when Paul is rawdogging me later." #Cin #Days
So Chad gives Ben a wad of cash and a drive out of town and poor Will didn't even get the opportunity to rub his face on Ben's pecks. Tragic. #Cin #Days
Meanwhile, Ciara is all "I'm broken and can't be fixed!" so she dumps Tripp. Claire returns from South Africa freshly dumped. #Cin #Days
"Theo dumped me! All because of that stupid contest. Who hasn't rigged a poll or contest before? Soap Opera Digest does it!" #Cin #Days
"Ciara dumped me too. One minute, everything is fine. The next minute, she's fleeing like I just said I voted for Jill Stein." #Cin #Days
"We have to fuck now. Soap opera rules dictate that once a relationship ends, you have to rush into bed or on a couch with the first dick or vag that comes along. I don't make the rules." #Cin #Days
Tripp and Claire start making out per soap opera rules and get naked under the covers, but Tripp stops. #Cin #Days
"We can't do this. I can't hurt Ciara like this. Also, my dick isn't huge, but I'm pretty sure one hard-ish thrust would put you in the hospital." #Cin #Days
Unfortunately for them, that's when Ciara walks in having decided to give her relationship with Tripp another shot. Oops. #Cin #Days
"What the fuck? I break up with you five minutes ago and you decide it's a great time to get your dick wet with my niece! And you, Claire? Cheating on Theo!" #Cin #Days
"Theo dumped me! And we didn't fuck. We stopped before his dong went in! Which is more than I can say for when this happened with Rafe and Sami." #Cin #Days
"She's right! My cock barely even nudged Claire's pussy lips! No penetration! Just making out and some pants less dry humping. No biggie, right?" #Cin #Days
After more yelling, Claire figures Ciara dumped because of the rape. Ciara tells Tripp about it and is then like "Fuck y'all both! I'm out of here!" She flees on her motorcycle. #Cin #Days
Ciara crashes the motorcycle and spends some time imagining some shit while laying on the side of the road with a broken leg. #Cin #Days
"I'm Marlena in Ciara's imagination. She's so broken and nothing will help her. Just a broken dumb bitch with gorgeous hair and bomb ass titties. Like this is what you imagine when hurt? Whenever I get hurt, I think about John feeding me strawberries and his dick." #Cin #Days
Ciara's phone dies, so she can't call for help. She passes out, but luckily for her, Ben finds her and sweeps her up like the perfect romance novel hero. #Cin #Days
A lot of #Days fans were sold on the pairing from that moment alone. If you were on Soap Twitter that day, it was pretty much like this: #Cin
To be continued tomorrow when Ben gives Ciara a knife to cut him like a true gentleman... #Cin #Days
I've created a playlist inspired by #Cin:… #Days
Ben carries Ciara to the shack that he murdered poor Wendy at and almost barbecued Chabby. He spends an episode having reshot flashbacks to those iconic scenes. #Cin #Days
"I usually dress like I'm going to a Fleetwood Mac concert every day of the week, but for these flashbacks I'll wear something Cock Loving Abby wore. The way I suffer for my art." #Cin #Days
The reshot scenes are well done and Marci, Rob and Billy all do a good job, but the original scenes were epic. If you were watching in 2015, you remember that shit was must see TV. #Cin #Days
"Let me play with this lighter in a way that is both sexy and creepy. Gotta keep the audience guessing about my mental stability." #Cin #Days
"Ahhhhh. Ben Weston! With a lighter! He's going to sexily murder me! I am scared, but I am also a little turned on! AHHHHH!" #Cin #Days
"Relax. This is just for the lantern. I know you are scared, but I'm pretty sure your leg is broken. I'm trying to help you. Also, you've been unconscious for a while and I had plenty of opportunities to kill you and took none of them!" #Cin #Days
"Did you break out again? There's no way they let you out. You killed 4 people! I mean two of them were characters the audience wanted dead and one was a dayplayer, but still." #Cin #Days
"3 people! Will didn't die. He just had to spend a few years listening to Elvis and not getting any dick. And they did let me out. I'm not crazy anymore. Dr. Evans even met with me and didn't dispute it." #Cin #Days
"I did the worst thing a person can do and I have to live with that. Though if you were active on Soap Twitter in 2015, you know people were cheering me on. Regardless, I wasn't in my right mind. I am now. You don't have a thing to fear from me." #Cin #Days
Ciara is like "Bitch, why didn't you call an ambulance?" Ben explains that he didn't have a cellphone and hers was dead. #Cin #Days
"Then why not drive me in your car?" #Cin #Days
"I just got of the looney bin. I don't have a car. I had to carry you! You were a little heavy. I got lost, but I remembered this cabin." #Cin #Days
"I just got called heavy by a serial killer! He's lucky he's cute and I can't walk. Anyway, does anyone know you are out here?" #Cin #Days
"Chad gave me a wad of cash and dumped me out here like I was a hooker. The people of Salem weren't really happy to see me. Except Will who I was pretty sure was going to ask me to let him smell my armpits while Carly Rae Jepsen plays." #Cin #Days
"What were you expecting? A musical number where everyone put on top hats and sang about how glad they were to see you? A chocolate fountain? A bouncy castle? Chad in a G-string twerking?" #Cin #Days
"A bouncy castle would have been nice, but I would have taken a trip to Taco Bell. I mean, I did tell them Will was alive. I think that warrants some Chalupas." #Cin #Days
"So how did you get sane? Because it wasn't that long ago that were you a serial killer. I remember, even though in 2015 I had a perpetual herp derp face and couldn't act. A lot has changed." #Cin #Days
"Sami Brady. She broke me out and made me reenact murdering Will and watched from the closet like she was the cuckold in a BBC porn. That's when I realized what I had done. Killed people. Taken three innocent women's lives." #Cin #Days
"My book Curing Serial Killers By Having Them Strangle Twinks is out this fall. You can preorder it now. You can also stream my single 'I'm So Bad Serial Killers Are Scared Of Me' on Spotify or buy it on iTunes." #Cin #Days
"Sami, I appreciate you unintentionally curing me, but can you leave? This isn't your thread. This is supposed to be about me and Ciara." #Cin #Days
"Shut up, Abercrombie. I'd like to thank my kids for giving me the strength to ignore them while I search for EJ. Mommy mostly loves you! And Satan! Couldn't do it without you. And my Mother for cheating on my Dad with John, which made me the bitch I am today." #Cin #Days
"That's what you get for saying Sami's name, Ben. When you say her name, it conjures her to appear and make everything about herself." #Cin #Days
"How do we get rid of Sami? She's relentless." #Cin #Days
"Easy. Sami, EJ is alive and about to have a threesome with Austin and Carrie. He says she's clearly the prettier and more reasonable sister and that it's no wonder you were always so insecure about her." #Cin #Days
"What?! That motherfucker! I'll shoot him in the head again if he touches my sister. Beautiful, big cocked bastard... I'm out of here." #Cin #Days
More later tonight. #Cin #Days
Ciara was wondering why Ben was helping her and he explained that Clyde used to beat the shit out of Jordan and his mother, so he's used to setting bones and treating wounds. #Cin #Days
"I need a hospital. Can't you hitch hike to Salem?" #Cin #Days
"We're in the middle of no where and people around here know this face. And once I got to Salem, cuffs would be on me and your mom would be demanding what I did to her precious angel. I'll handle this myself. Let me take off this belt in a sexy and creepy way." #Cin #Days
"Ahhhh. You're going to strangle me with that belt, aren't you? AHHHHHHH. Get away from me, StrangleBae (TM SourceRyan)!" #Cin #Days
"Calm down and stop spilling all that water. I'm not going to hurt you. I need the belt to set your leg. Do you want to keep your leg, Ciara?" #Cin #Days
"Well, if I did lose a leg, the show would just pretend it never happened like they did with Phillip, but I don't want to be wearing pants all the time, so let's do it. But how do I know you won't snap and be like 'Must strangle bitches again!' on me?" #Cin #Days
"Let me fetch this knife and walk over to you without explaining what I'm doing. I'm sure you'll react just fine to this." #Cin #Days
"AHHHHHHH. Don't cut my titties off! Noooo! If you want to murder people, I can give you a list of characters fans would be fine with you murdering. Start with Stefan. Chad would literally kiss your ass if you killed him. Don't hurt me!" #Cin #Days
"Why the fuck would I cut your titties off? That was never my MO. It was three strangulations and one dayplayer Old Yeller'd. I don't cut titties. Take this knife. If I make a wrong move, you can cut up my titties." #Cin #Days
#Cin Fans: "OMG. He gave her a knife to shank him! This is a ship! Uncle Ron, can they fuck now? We ate all our vegetables and we've been good. Pretty please?" #Days
"Not yet. Ciara still has to deal with her feelings about the rape and her feelings for Tripp. And won't it be sweeter to wait? Besides, this isn't B&B where two people can shake hands and the next thing you know they are getting married." #Cin #Days
Soap Opera Digest: "This is unseemly! The daughter of Bo and Hope with a serial killer! He murdered three women! Shame on you all for shipping this!" #Cin #Days
#Cin Fans: "Ben can murder all our pussies! Do you even watch soaps? 90% have done heinous things. Go rig another poll and watch Sesame Street, you old hags. We'll be having fun without you. Bye!" #Days
Soap Opera Digest: "We don't rig polls. Tiara fever is sweeping Soap Twitter! All anyone can talk about is those chemistry filled scenes where he um.... I'm drawing a blank. Yes, I've got it. Took her picture! A supercouple in the making!" #Cin #Days
#Cin Fans: "Everyone saw the screenshots of the real poll results. Ben got like 90%. You can stay in denial. That's fine. We'll just wait for your reaction when the daughter of Bo and Hope is taking back shots from a serial killer. That will be a day to rejoice." #Days
"Uhhh, can we get back to me fixing Ciara's leg?" #Cin #Days
#Cin Fans: "Sorry, Daddy. You're so big and strong! Fix our girl. She'll be needing those legs to wrap around you when you are pumping that- sorry. We keep jumping the gun. Continue!" #Days
Ben sets Ciara's leg and Victoria does a great job acting like her leg is actually being set. You felt that pain. #Cin #Days
"So what happened to make you crash? Why were you speeding like that?" #Cin #Days
"Nothing. I absolutely wasn't speeding because I caught the guy I just dumped nudging my niece's pussy lips on our couch. Nope." #Cin #Days
"Okay. We don't have to talk about it. I respect your boundaries. I better get walking to get some supplies." #Cin #Days
"Hurry back." #Cin #Days
#Cin Fans: "He's clearly already smitten and she told him to hurry back! She's like 40% there to wanting lick his balls. This is so good y'all. I'm going to need gifs, pics, fan fic and fan vids. This ship is lit!" #Days
Oops. I forgot that Ciara tells Ben don't go and then tells him about Claire/Tripp. Then they talk about forgiveness and how it was a good thing Ben was ran out of Salem to save Ciara. Then he leaves for the supplies. My bad. #Cin #Days
Meanwhile in Salem, Ciara hasn't been gone that long, but everyone is freaking out. #Cin #Days
"My baby is missing! I want SWAT, FBI, ninjas, a quirky mildly autistic detective, puppies in Halloween costumes, Jessica Fletcher and a tank! Forget all the murders and rapes! Finding my daughter is the only case now!" #Cin #Days
"Ummm, Jessica Fletcher is a TV character. And probably a serial killer considering everywhere she went, there was a murder. Also, my baby mama is in labor right now." #Cin #Days
"Did I stutter, bitch? If Jessica Fletcher isn't available, I want those guys from Psych! They'd be able to find Ciara." #Cin #Days
"I'm sure Ciara is fine, dear. She's probably snorting laundry detergent or whatever it is young people are doing these days. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm on the phone with a voodoo priestess who says she can stop Gabi Hernandez from procreating again." #Cin #Days
"I feel so bad. I probably should have waited two more hours before nudging Claire's pussy lips with my cock. That would have been a respectable waiting period." #Cin #Days
"Should I write a song about being sorry my pussy was nudged by Tripp, Grandma Hope?" #Cin #Days
"No, sweetie. I don't think that would help. And don't call me fucking grandma, okay? Call me that again and I will strangle you with my tacky jewelry. Got it?" #Cin #Days
More tomorrow. Probably afternoon or night.
"Okay, we pinged Ciara's phone and found her last location. And we didn't need the guys from the TV show Psych to do it!" #Cin #Days
"Shawn and Gus would have found it quicker. Or Olivia Benson. God, we are such a shitty police department even by soap standards." #Cin #Days
They find Ciara's bike crashed and Ben's boot prints at the crash site. Hope immediately became frantic. #Cin #Days
"Don't worry, Hope. Me find Ciara. Me do this to make up for putting boom boom stick in Sami's volcano. Me love you!" #Cin #Days
Ben returns with the supplies and wakes Ciara and she instantly goes into "Don't touch me! I will cut a bitch!" mode. Ben is like "Girl, I walked ten miles for you! I've got drugs, food and a cellphone charger." #Cin #Days
"And I didn't call anyone in Salem just like you asked, even though they must be worried about you. Now I'm going to make you some pancakes!" #Cin #Days
#Cin Fans: "He's making her pancakes! Squee! They look kind of burnt, but that's okay! Extra seasoning! He's such a gentleman! Feed our queen!" #Days
"Mmmmm. These burnt pancakes are so good! Where did you learn how to cook?" #Cin #Days
"Taught myself at six years old to help my mother. My sister used to say they were the best." #Cin #Days
"Donuts were the thing in my family. My grandmother Alice had the most amazing recipe. Shit, Marlena even choked her to death with donuts. Of course, Marlena was brainwashed and no one was dead. They were all on an island called Melaswen. Fun fact: JJ was born there!" #Cin #Days
Ben tells Ciara that her family must be worried about her. Ciara is all "If my Mom had it her way, you'd be in a cell next to the guy who throws jizz in Silence of the Lambs. Aren't you glad she's suffering? Are you using me to get revenge on my Mom?" #Cin #Days
"Back in the day, that's what I would have done. And I would have enjoyed it. I had a lot of anger, hence the strangling bitches with neckties. But that's not me anymore." #Cin #Days
"Why should I believe you?" #Cin #Days
"Girl! I brought you here, I fixed your leg, I gave you knife so you can cut up my titties or any part if I can get out of line and you liked my pancakes even though they were clearly burnt!" *big smile* #Cin #Days
"That smile! That face! Those arms! Dat ass! That's why I can't trust you! Are you trying to trick me into forgetting you are a serial killer so you can murder me?" #Cin #Days
"I get it. Wanting to trust someone and then taking the leap and... Tragic story time! My sister and I found a kitten and raised it. Then my Dad killed it for shits and giggles. He laughed while we cried. Maybe that's why I'm the way I am." #Cin #Days
"My father had a power over me. He could make me feel however he wanted me to feel. All the time. Eventually I decided I didn't want to be a victim anymore. I wanted that power for myself. I didn't know any other way. I'm so sorry." #Cin #Days
Rob kills these scenes. Unlike other #Days actors, he doesn't think about pizza or make faces like he's holding in a fart. He puts in the work. His performances speak for themselves. #Cin
Ciara expresses sympathy and Ben is all "I didn't tell you this to make you feel sorry for me. I just wish people would understand what made me the way I am." #Cin #Days
"I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone. I am not that monster anymore!" #Cin #Days

• • •

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