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@NewsHour @TwitterMoments I spent the summers of '62 and '63 in Guatemala, aged 15 and 16. I met the Ugly Americans there--the ambassador who couldn't speak a word of Spanish, the United Fruit Americans who were CIA (even at 15 I knew the compound in Tiquisate wasn't about fruit). I went to school with
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments girls from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the Dominican Republic. I knew back then what interference the Americans were up to. In '58 it was the Americans who assassinated the president of Guatemala when he wanted to restore the land stolen by United Fruit to the
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments rightful owners. During the two summers I was there the American Military was training in the Peten jungle to invade Cuba. The present violence in Central America has deep roots connected to the US government. Remember El Salvador? Ollie North? The mass graves? #Reagan 4/
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments So now, when the people most affected by the violence in those countries come to the United States seeking asylum, EVEN WHEN THEY ENTER AT LEGAL POINTS OF ENTRY are separated from the children, who are sent god knows where and treated like stray dogs in a high kill shelter. 5/
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments Apart from the My Lai massacre and certain aspects of the Vietnam War, the United States has never taken responsibility for the chaos, violence and death it caused around the world. It is a nation in as much denial as was Germany during WWII. When the bill for damages 6/
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments comes due the United States never wants to pay. "Not out bill," they say. "We're the land of the free and the brave, we're the ones who save everyone."
So now we have the perfect president*, the one who's never paid his bills, the blatant liar, the sexual predator, the most
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments vile, repugnant, corrupt piece of walking filth ever to inhabit the WH along with rats, some four footed, many two footed, and an equally depraved GOP Congress and together they seek to perpetuate the long, exploitative, violent, abusive with Central America by kidnapping
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments children, keeping them in deplorable situations while dosing them with enough toxic stress to create changes in their brains that WILL NEVER RECOVER. They have "lost" and destroyed identification documents making reuniting them with distraught and equally traumatized parents 8/
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments at best extremely difficult, at worst impossible. There was never a plan to reunite these children. The plan was to put them up for "adoption" to "good Christian families", i.e. selling them to the highest bidder. The bottom line here is money, lots and lots of it, 9/
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments a great percentage of which will go to trmp donors and straight into his own pockets and those of his grifter spawn. trmp is using Hitler's playbook with a twist: He may lose a few kids here and there who die from disease or suicide or outright madness, but what he's aiming 10/
@NewsHour @TwitterMoments for is an eventual army of Evangelical Christian soldiers, brainwashed and radicalized to make sure that United States, once it becomes an armed Theocracy stays that way. It's the sickest, most violent thing ever done by the United States and that includes McCarthy & Vietnam. End

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