There's a reason Trumpeters are so angry & hate-filled:
Some greedy clever & unscrupulous people have been training them to be that way for over 40 years. In the 1970s a guy named Limbaugh started bragging to powerful people, including political trickster Roger Stone,
2/ yeah, the same Roger Stone who's in the news a lot again lately. Rush claimed he could get people to vote against their own best interests by appealing to their fears & prejudices using his show. He had a system down. The trick was to get them angry & foster hate & fear.
3/ He'd rant about made up threats like welfare queens riding around in cadillacs, radical hippie liberals, foreigners & feminazies, specifically programming them to hate because that's how they could be persuaded to keep voting for economic policies that are terrible for them.
4/ This worked so well that they put him on national syndication & immediately started training a bunch of clones. So right wing talk radio became a thing & kept everybody constantly upset about how bad things were & encouraged them to hate the people they were told to blame.
5/ They did this specifically so they could keep selling them cr@p like trickle down economics, & that deregulation is good for jobs, climate change is a hoax, & tax cuts are good for everyone, rather than just massive transfers to the wealthy. It worked amazingly well.
6/ This worked so well they had to go to television, & in a few years & #FOX News was born to continue & improve upon their ability to control votes among the ignorant by focusing on fear of threats, real or imagined, & hatred & anger & the whole "us against them" thing.
7/ So darned if it isn't still working for them, huh?

They also tell these poor folks it's US who's being uncivil, that ALL THE OTHER media organizations are lying or biased, that EVERYONE is or should be upset about whoever's at the top of the hate list this week, etc.
8/ They do all this essentially so they can keep scr*wing poor & middle class people over financially, keeping outrageous amounts of wealth among the .01% & squeezing every dime out of the rest of us instead of being smart & investing in education & things that bring us all up.
9/ This is why Trumpsters hate us. They're being programmed to hate us by essentially the same people who keep trying to buy the government & appoint the judiciary. They've been being taught to hate us for years, & not to believe us when we try to warn them.
10/ And now they're being sold a con-man grifter with faux billionaire branding who's supposed to fix everything wrong in their live & we're the vicious stupid libtards who are trying to take their happy ending away.

Sucks, huh?
11/ So I guess we're all victims of an incidious & evil plot & I really want us to find a way to foil it.


How do we get the other side to see that we are not the enemy & we never have been?

How do we say to them "YOU ARE BEING FOOLED!"?

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