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The 2 British men who are leading the rescue operation are John Volanthen and Rick Stanton. They are universally regarded as the best cave divers in the world.

They were the ones who found the boys & are now leading the rescue mission.

HEROES. #ThaiCaveRescue
They worked tirelessly for days on no sleep to secure guidelines across the 3 miles of treacherous flooded cave. They then found the boys and reassured them they would rescue them.

This world can be a dark & scary place outside caves. People like John & Rick are the light.
If you would like to know more about these incredibly brave men here is a short article on their backgrounds:


They are the first port of call for governments around the world to lead rescue missions & do not seek fame, money or praise.

Selfless heroes.
Rick Stanton is a retired firefighter awarded honors for bravery in rescuing people from a burning building. John Volanthen has been recognized with honors by France, Mexico, UK and others for his bravery in cave rescue missions.
As a sports fan, I am delighted that team England is doing so well at the World Cup. Sports can unite people.

But when the Queen is sitting down to award honors to footballers, it would be a tragedy if these two men were not given the highest civilian awards.
It is no small thing to be willing to give your life to save the lives of innocent children.

The risk these men took to save these boys is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The support they received from international divers & Thai Navy Seals was beautiful.

The best of humanity.

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Oct 3, 2018
... what makes this even more infuriating is we all know Christine told the truth and pathological liar Brett Kavanaugh is likely to face the same consequences for his behavior as Trump will face for his massive fraud:

No consequences... /4
... I hate to keep shitting on the NYT but where the fuck was this fraud reporting before the election? Nobody is ever going to convince me they couldn't have dug this up if they weren't so busy enabling Trump with sycophantic-wolves-in sheeps-clothing like Haberman... /5
... these people supporting Trump are supporting him mostly for racism. Never get that twisted. The tax cuts and Supreme Court Judges are things any GOP President could have deliver.ed They're with him ride-or-die because they want their Utopian White America back... /6
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Sep 27, 2018
In 2016, UK gov. conducted a poll to name their new Royal Navy research vessel.

Public, in their wisdom, nominated 'Boaty McBoatface' as name.

UK Gov realized this = bad & instead named it the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Trump might as well have nominated Rapey McRapeface /1
I can't keep up with the amount of accusers but I believe all of them.

At this point, any sane leader would recognize this = bad & change their decision.

Trump's narcissism won't allow him to do it.
I suspect Kavanaugh's narcissism won't allow him to withdraw either. /2
Going bankrupt in business can happen to anyone but I see clearly now how Trump bankrupted so many of them.

His insane lack of judgement in hiring the "best people" seems to be the only consistent thing about him. /3
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Sep 24, 2018
We're now seeing real consequences of the loop which goes from Trump ---> NYT toadies ---> Trump.

Trump gets to cite the NYT as a reason for firing Rosenstein when the source for that story was likely Trump himself.
Don't worry though, at least Maggie Haberman and Michael Schmidt will get good book deals out of it while the world burns.

It's all these parasitic, duplicitous, vultures care about.
Trump is an idiot.

The people around him, not so much.

They knew they had to feed that story to a legitimate news organization to provide the cover to fire Rosenstein.

Looks like Christopher Ruddy's lunch with Schmidt at Mar-A-Lago last Christmas is paying off handsomely.
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Sep 21, 2018
Last Christmas, Michael Schmidt got an exclusive interview with Trump.

Today he shared the byline on that monstrosity.

Just a reminder this was b/c he was invited to lunch by Trump's biggest supporter.

Below, Trump feels Haberman, Schmidt, Baker "treat him fairly".

What does Trump actually mean by "treated him fairly"?

Anyone paying attention knows Trump views the world in binary terms.

Winners or losers.
Friend or enemy.

"Treated me fairly" = "Made me look good" in Trump language. /2
I keep asking myself why on earth would Christopher Ruddy of all people want a 1-v-1 private lunch with a NYT reporter?

And then give him almost unprecedented access to the "President"?

A reasonable conclusion is they view him as very useful. /3
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Sep 21, 2018
It occurred to me that Republicans are making life hell for Christine Blasey Ford for the exact same reason they ripped innocent children from their mothers at the border.

They want to weaponize cruelty as a deterrent.
It takes courage for a woman to pack up a few belongings and flee with their child, to make a journey to apply for asylum,

A similar level of courage to stand up and say "I am a victim".

They want to make it so hard to do it that people will choose to suffer in silence instead.
As good as the #metoo movement has been, who in their right mind wouldn't be MORE petrified of coming forward after the events of the last week?

To be labeled a kook, a weirdo, a liar, a Deep State operative.

Worse, to be told they're confused....
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Aug 26, 2018
I've a couple of thoughts on yet another mass shooting.

The common denominator in (almost) all of these tragedies is that the perpetrators are males who can't get what they want and lash out with devastating consequences... /1
... a lot of people will focus on toxic masculinity and what is going on with (mostly young) men in America for this pattern to keep repeating, week after week, state after state.

However, I feel that's completely misguided in so many ways... /2
... because toxic masculinity isn't a uniquely American phenomenon. Some young men where I live (Ireland) have the same sense of entitlement, expectation and, ultimately, deal with the same rejections as young men in America... /3
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