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Waiting on white smoke to arise to let us know the name of the next white man who will be chosen to interpret the our founding text in a way that confirms all of his political preferences
The fact that the Warren court, which existed for less than two decades, is the lone exception to this, speaks volumes about how reactionary & undemocratic the Supreme Court has been. With extremist Republicans about to take charge, it's poised to become outright anti-democratic
Trump's next Supreme Court appointee will help the Republican Party tear our democracy to shreds @SeanMcElwee
Ah yes, who can forget how Merrick Garland would have authored opinions to mandate government-funded healthcare for everyone, raise taxes on the rich, & provide a path to citizenship for the undocumented. What #BothSides nonsense
Harry Reid did not start a slippery slope. The GOP did when they ruled 5-4 to hand the 2000 presidential election to Bush even though a recount likely would've put Gore ahead…
Imagine if Scalia died in 2014 & Ginsburg/Breyer retired, giving SCOTUS 5 liberals aged ≤60. Do we really think a unified GOP govt wouldn't be talking court packing after Bush v. Gore, unprecedented filibustering, a refusal to consider Garland, & talk of packing district courts?
And it's absurd to think the GOP wouldn't have nuked the filibuster on court nominees in 2017 if Harry Reid hadn't done it in 2013. The only difference would be Democrats would have fewer appointees on the federal bench today
A reminder that Trump’s assault on democracy via the Supreme Court would have almost certainly happened regardless of which Republican had been nominated in 2016. The anti-democratic rot runs far deeper than Trump, & Bush v. Gore put us on a slippery slope
Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanaugh will be a disaster for American democracy. Here's how:
Bush v. Gore
Citizens United
Shelby County v. Holder (gutting a key part of the Voting Rights Act)

These anti-democratic decisions are just the tip of the iceberg for what the Roberts Court is about to do when Brett Cavanaugh is confirmed as the fifth hardcore GOP partisan
This. There is no stopping this nomination. The only recourse Democrats have is to fight like hell to retake the Senate by winning every competitive state up for election this year.
Establishment Republicans would’ve been just fine with anti-democratic partisan hacks on the Supreme Court. Some of them only objected to Trump because they thought he was politically vulnerable, not because they disagreed with his goal of plutocracy
I'm still pissed at progressive Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin for retiring in 2014 & letting extreme-right GOP Sen. Joni Ernst take his place in #IAsen. Add one more seat, & Dems would have the votes to block Kavanaugh

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Oct 8, 2018
Spectacular backfire: NC GOP made this key NC Supreme Court race partisan & eliminated the primary in hope that multiple Dems would split the vote against GOP Justice Barbara Jackson. She's in 3rd in this poll, way behind Dem Anita Earls & Dem-to-GOP party switcher Chris Anglin.
If Earls & Dems win this race, they'll have a 5-2 majority that will be immune from the GOP's plan to gain a majority by packing the NC Supreme Court with 2 more members in December, as is allowed via existing law. I explained it in depth here:…
Why has the North Carolina GOP gone so crazy to win back control of the state Supreme Court? Because if Dems hold a solid majority, they could strike down the GOP's gerrymanders under the state constitution in a way that's insulated from federal review, just like Pennsylvania did
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Sep 5, 2018
This is a big deal. Capuano just conceded to Pressley, who will be the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress. Identity politics isn't just some slur white progressive men can make, it's how we move the party to the left by becoming more inclusive
Repeat after me: All politics is identity politics at some level. It’s only those of the dominant identity who get to pretend otherwise
Call it a "Time for Change" if you will. Young progressive Democrats are the future of the party, & Dems should pay more attention to their demands
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Aug 9, 2018
BREAKING: Massachusetts just passed automatic voter registration! GOP Gov. Charlie Baker signed a law that had passed the Dem-run legislature nearly unanimously. Here are all the states where automatic registration is law or could pass it via initiative:
Yup. That's why party-endorsed candidate Josh Zakim is challenging longtime Secretary of State William Galvin in the September Democratic primary. Automatic voter registration is a great first step, but Massachusetts can still do more to make voting easier
Meanwhile, there are still some blue states that are badly lagging behind on expanding voting rights & making voting easy. Hawaii, Delaware, & New York are particularly bad about voting laws
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Jul 30, 2018
Thread: From me & @SeanMcElwee: Dem Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the single biggest obstacle to moving New York in a more progressive direction. By signing the GOP's gerrymander to keep them in charge of the NY Senate, he has blocked a slew of progressive policies…
The New York state Senate map that Cuomo signed is one of the most extreme GOP gerrymanders of any chamber in the country. Thanks to Cuomo coddling a corrupt cabal of renegade Dems who support GOP control, the GOP has been in power for years despite nominal Dem majorities
If Cuomo hadn't signed the GOP's NY Senate gerrymander, a court could have drawn a nonpartisan map like this one proposed by the nationally recognized good-government group @CommonCause @commoncauseny. We analyzed this map to assess the strength of the GOP's gerrymander
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Jul 25, 2018
New story: Emails show Michigan Republicans bragged about cramming 'Dem garbage' into gerrymandered districts…
Swingy Michigan is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. Republicans won a 9-5 congressional majority even when Dems won the 2012 & 2014 popular vote, & the GOP won legislative majorities in 4 of last 8 elections despite winning fewer votes
Without Republican gerrymandering, Michigan would likely have an evenly divided 7D-7R congressional delegation today instead of a 9-5 Republican majority…
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Jun 26, 2018
This is a major win against Republican gerrymandering in Virginia! The GOP won a 51-49 majority in 2017 despite losing the statewide popular vote. A new map would make a Dem majority even likelier in 2019…
Because Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam would almost certainly veto whatever replacement gerrymander the GOP tried to send him, the court itself will likely have to draw its own, fairer Virginia state House districts
The Supreme Court has already told the district court in 2017 to reconsider its prior decision to uphold Virginia's state House map. They now have, & it's a big win against GOP racial gerrymandering that should stand a strong chance of surviving appeal…
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