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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 3949: Donald Trump Shoves Montenegro's PM Dusko Markovic at NATO Meeting • #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageAnalysis #NATOSummit #DonaldTrump #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence
1/ In the light of the upcoming NATO meeting (11 - 12 July 2018), it's very much worth revisiting last years' meeting - and one of Donald Trump's infamous displays. What follows is a reposting of an analysis from 25 May 2017.
2/ While at NATO Headquarters, Donald Trump shoved his way through a crowd of other heads-of-state. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of this incident.
3/ As Donald Trump grabs the upper arm of Montenegro's Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic. Trump's expression at that instant is that of Disgust.
4/ Then as Trump pulls and then pushes Markovic, the Montenegrin is startled - while American President's face continues expressing disgust.
5/ Not only is this is a dramatic violation of interpersonal (intimate) space, but it's an aggressive physical act, which in most professional contexts would be classified as a form of harassment or even assault.
6/ Dusko Markovic managed to respond to Donald Trump's personal space violation by quickly positioning his hand against Trump's lower back. In this moment he's "counter-pushing" Trump away from him. It's a watered-down/analog behavior of "punching back".
7/ Although it's only a limited, lateral view - we can see Dalia Grybauskaitė's expression (the President of Lithuania) on the far right side of this image. Her mouth is partially open (slack-jawed) and her forehead and eyebrows are elevated.
8/ She's in disbelief. This is an expression of emotional shock and moment of emotional processing.
9/ Note how Trump's jaw is jutted forward in this moment. This action is significant for the adrenaline surge he's experiencing from pushing his way through a crowd of people.
10/ Dalia Grybauskaitė is increasingly shocked.

Dusko Markovic is suppressing his smile - and beginning to laugh.
11/ While Dusko Markovic is continuing to suppress simultaneous laughter - along with disgust, Trump performs a false-adjustment of his suit jacket. It's an example of what is known as an "Alpha-Upregulator".
12/ Very much like a gorilla beating his chest, Trump's affirming to himself and everyone else he is THE alpha (from Trump's POV) - and that he has put them in their collective (beta) places.
13/ Although we don't know what she's saying, we see President Dalia Grybauskaitė gesture with her palm-up. This illustrator is, generally speaking, not alpha, but beta behavior.
14/ However, depending on the other simultaneous nonverbals and verbals signals - it can be an alpha-beta hybrid.
15/ While it may involve an "asking" or a suggestion to "consider" - it's friendly, disarming, and projects a symbolic "please" emotional tone. Thus it's rapport building and engenders diplomacy.
16/ President Trump often displays the double palms up - however, he over-uses it in terms of both frequency and in amplitude ('performed' a hyperbolic nature).
17/ Trump retorts with a palm-down index finger pointing/jabbing. This illustrator is hyper-alpha, hyper-aggressive, and universally offensive in every culture in the World.
18/ Trump then rotates his torso away from President Grybauskaitė (Dissing/Disrespecting behavior) - but then fluxes downward to a beta emotional state as he configures his hands in a fig-leaf (aka genital guarding) position.
19/ A part of his psyche knows he has over-stepped, thus he is (subconsciously and only momentarily) down-regulating his aggressiveness.
20/ SUMMARY: Donald Trump's shoving and pushing his way through a group of other World leaders at the 2017 NATO HQ is a classic example of dramatic "out-of-context" behavior (e.g., This was not a contest, nor was it a platform for physical prowess).

continued ...
21/ Trump displayed quintessential hyper-alpha body language and violations of interpersonal (intimate) space.


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1/ THREAD: Trump's Press Conference • Pupil Alert • Why are Trump's Pupils So Large?

During President Trump's Press Conference today, his pupils were quite dilated - to as much as 7.0 mm.

Here are his pupils imaged at the 31:49 mark in this video:
2/ On other days in similar light conditions, they are within normal limits (e.g., 3.0 mm).

The intermittent and yet extreme nature of Trump's pupillary dilation is profound. From a medical standpoint, this is NOT normal.
3/ This intermittent pattern is NOT due to trauma, complications from surgery, or disease.
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