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#ActuallyAutistic symptoms media tend to ignore:

- Fluctuating emotional age
- Hypersensitivity to sounds, smells, tastes, bright lights
- Insomnia
- Compulsive talking about special interests (infodumping)
- Involuntary strict adherence to spreadsheets and lists
- All-consuming obsessions with crushes
- Inability to see a barrier between "me" and "rest of the world"
- Emotional response to other people's mistakes
- Feeling of sadness, helplessness, anger at spelling errors
- Inability to tell time; to distinguish past, present and future
- Taking things literally
- Hyperverbalism: intuitive understanding of etymology, grammar, spelling; inability to use "easy" words when "big" ones convey things better
- Sing-song voice OR flat affect
- Spinning, skipping, clapping, flapping, childlike or wooden body language
- Gastro-intestinal issues
- Susceptibility to sunburn, frostburn, razor burn; low pain threshold; thin skin; emotional pain response to hot and cold weather
- Able to enjoy parties when we know everyone, when we get to organise meticulously; parties full of strangers are hard
- Repeating other people's words (echolalia)
- Talking in other people's quotes
- Not responding when a response is required
- Expecting others to read our minds
- Talking in metonymy & expecting to be understood
- Expecting others to remember things 10+ years back in detail
- Compulsively correcting others
- Strong black/white sense of justice
- Animism: thinking of buildings, songs, plushies, characters, plants, instruments, paintings as sentient beings
- Extreme perfectionism
- Collection mania
- Extreme panic when misinformation is spread
- Stimming (compulsively moving fingers, scratching face, pulling hairs, tapping feet, muttering words, humming, singing)
- Extreme difficulty implementing "compliment sandwich" model of criticism
- Notion that friendships, relationships "are meant to be" & "will last forever"
- Feeling that liquids, hair, dirt will "stick to our skin forever"
- Difficulty wearing tight clothes, certain fabrics, visual patterns
- Strong aversion to specific colours, instrument sounds, food textures
- Office supplies, notebooks etc. "must" be arranged in straight lines
- Feelings of anger, helplessness when someone arrives 2 minutes late
- Compulsively turning any negative emotion into angers/sadness/nausea
- Emotional response to physical discomfort, e.g. bellyaches, elastic in clothes, the pressure of a band-aid
- Terrible gross motor skills
- Showing people a thing & FORCING them to watch every second of it in dead silence
- Showing 1 scene, expecting others to understand whole the series' emotional impact
- Assuming people are "good" because they share our interests
- "But I have to be the first / best / only one"
- Wiki addiction
- Incessant daydreaming about sharing obsessions with others
- Connotations last forever and ever
- Other people crying can feel like our own sadness
- "Wanna come with?" sounds like a question with 50/50 arbitrary yes/no choice
- Talking out loud when alone
- Inability to judge traffic situations
- Everything Is A Task
- Inability to distinguish between main issue and tiny details
- [tease close friends] [new person joins group] [TEASE NEW PERSON EVEN BEFORE INTRODUCTION]
- Considering music covers / biopics "disrespectful"
- Not experiencing binary gender, especially in childhood
- Experiencing a haze between body & self
- Mutism when things get socially scary
- Assuming an entire group likes a thing because 1 person likes a thing
- Conlanging
- Designing homework for others
- Obsession with 1 parent, long-lasting rejection of other parent(s)
- Imaginary friends
- Genealogy obsession
- Difficulty distinguishing characters & actors
- Touch All The Things
- Hug All The People OR Never Ever Hug
- Eating inedible things
- Things have specific orders: if step 1 looks a bit hard, step 2 "can't ever be reached"
- Terrible at understanding complex instructions, sequences (e.g. "One train leaves New York at 100 mph, the other...")
- Terrified of phone calls
- Difficulty washing, combing, styling hair
- "I was gonna eat 2 sandwiches but there was only one, so I couldn't eat any"
- Needle phobia
- Obsession with Latin / Classical Greek / Ancient Egyptian
- Music in minor key, with heavy bass, irregular beat, mean words = panic

(End thread)
Whoops I misspelled anger XD

> the whole series', that is!

• • •

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