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As more time passes I become increasingly convicinced that Papa was the insurance plan(t). They needed more "evidence" than what Steele/Orbis found so they ran Papa through their #OCONUSLURES in order to "brush" the Trump camp w/Russian dirt. The FBI believed the Steele Intel...
The FBI, DNC & Never Trumpers used Halper & the Clinton Foundation donors Alexander Downer & Mifsud to get Pop to talk about Leviathan Pipeline. Once they greased his wheels they asked about HRC emails and Russian connections as further justification for FISA warrents.
My struggle has been trying to figure out if Papa knew what he was doing. Was he working for or against Trump? Was he compromised by Russia and used to infiltrate the GOP for Putin? Was he a CIA or FBI asset?

Sam Clovis recruited him from Carson but how did he end up w/ Carson?
He has connections to the Clinton's through his work at the Hudson Institute where he researched the Leviathan Pipeline for Noble Energy.

Noble has the rights to this Israeli pipeline and is deeply connected to Clinton(s), Kerry, Soros...

Who else is connected to Noble Energy?

Ed Cox Jr. is a longtime director at Noble and was a staunch Never Trumper during the GOP primary.

Ed sent another possible plant/asset to the Trump camp, Carter Page.

Btw, the Pence reference in this is just a theory. Who knows?
When you need to use unverified Intel from a third party who hired a foreign private Intelligence agency to compile multiple reports which even he thought only 70% was possibly true, you need to have "other sources" corroborate.

So send in Halper the old Nixon linked spook. 👻
Halper being connected to Nixon is interesting considering Ed Cox Jr. was Nixon's son in law. Of course Cox has always worked closely with the Intel community since his days at Princeton when he roomed with a CIA directors son.
In fact he's worked with CIA directors his entire career.

Take a look...

So the FBI contracted Halper, who's father-in-law was also former OSS/CIA director Ray Cline, worked closely with Nixon and therefore surely is an associate if not friend of Ed Cox & needed to lure Trump staffers into London to talk about energy & e-mails. 🤔
Halper who is a close associate & buisness partner with Sir Richard Dearlove who convinces Christopher Steele to re-circulate the "Dirty Dossier 2.0" through Sir Andrew Wood.
Aussie amb. to the UK Alexander Downer has a history of abusing ASIS (Aus MI6) & FVEY Intel to further energy deals in foreign countries and works with private intelligence groups like Hakluyt/Holdingham.

Please review:
Something odd happened and several tweets were deleted from this thread.

Anyway I also wanted to point out Ed Cox has a brother named Howard who sits on over 30 boards including the CIA tech investment arm In-Q-Tel established by George Tenet.

Interesting thing about Tenet is not only is he John Brennan's idol but he started his spooky political career as a researcher for the American Hellenic Institute like Mr. Papadopoulos.
Recall all these links to the CIA, deepstate, and Nixon.

The next level of this operation and perhaps the person most dirty player in politics...

Roger Stone

Stone is no doubt a Nixon worshipping CIA spook.

For fun try googling "Roger Stone & Broward County Sheriff." 👌

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
Chuck Schumer is an evil SOB. Heartless thug using his political position to get rich on the backs of the American people. Someone should dig into his family. You might be surprised what you find.
His cousin is classless Amy Schumer who has worked with him on several projects. That's not really what I had in mind but worth noting as she was just fake "arrested" protesting against Kavanaugh.

Perhaps looking into Chuck's brother Robert & his wife.

Billions of dollars pass through their hands every year.

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Oct 6, 2018
Let's go Justice Kav! 🍻👌

Good Lord who let all those demons into the gallery??
Justice Kavanaugh, cheers! 🍻
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Oct 6, 2018
FYI this is the biggest publicly disclosed case of espionage in US history.

All you "Muh Russia" clowns need to BTFO now and admit that CHINA has been running circles around us while the left pushes the "Red Scare 2.0"

Death by a thousand cuts.
Meanwhile President Trump has been defending himself against a failed coup attempt by the FBI/DOJ/DNC/UK/AU and the worst smears in history perpetuated by a complicit MSM & liberal activist groups funded by billionaires like Soros & Steyer.
Make no mistake the Trump administration has been made fully aware of the dangers of the communist regime in China & the level of infiltration into our govt & private sectors.

Read or watch VP Pence lay it out for everyone.
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Oct 5, 2018
What just played out w/ the Dem's smear campaign & subsequent demand for an FBI investigation followed by an attack on the FBI is a microcosm of what they've done to @realDonaldTrump.
Both cases will end w/ more evidence showing the Dems colluded against our guys.

Both cases involved billionaires like Soros & Steyer funding opposition research & fabricating narratives with former Intelligence agents, activist attorneys, and Dem operatives selling their souls to stop our guys by any means necessary.

You failed.
History will remember them deranged repugnant creatures hell bent on preventing good men from leading our country towards morale righteousness.

Without a rational thought in their heads they threw down the gauntlet of liberal activism force multiplied w/ fake news.
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Oct 2, 2018

So now the creator of Pop-Up Video and Pants-Off Dance-Off is making allegations against Kavanaugh?

What is going on with this country?

He better get a defamation suit out of this.

Reference for Tad Low the new smear puppet.
Another Elitist trying to put his nose where it doesn't belong.

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Oct 2, 2018
Take a look at this information about Ford's in-home marriage counselor.
Big if true...
EMDR would explain the times Ford rapidly moves her eyes side to side. It's what you are coached to do when trying to recall painful memories. Her counselor specialized in this...

The person who sold Ford her house is also a couples counselor who specialized in EMDR.
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