1. At @DemsWork4USA we are supportive of progressive candidates that win their districts. We are supportive of @Ocasio2018 - she is positioned to win a highly blue community and we're excited for the impact she can make in her district. That impact matters.
2. Using that win to advocate for candidates that are unsuited for their districts is not a strategically sound tactic. Pro-Bernie pacs may be pushing her in this direction, but it isn't advisable for the district or for her and her constituents.
3. Pre-election, she should be laser focused on her constituents and their particular issues. She's not a pawn nor symbol -- nor should she wish to be. Anyone who truly cares about flipping seats in conservative districts should not be making this a referendum on Bernie.
4. Bernie ran in 2016 with a 'populist' approach. The idea he pushed was that the Dem party had ruined itself by focusing on 'identity politics' and that if we focused primarily on economic issues then we would claim the WHITE working class...and, therefore, the revolution.
5. As a party, we are concerned with more than whites. That doesn't mean we're not concerned about white working class, but that we're concerned about 'working class' across the board. Particularly, we're concerned about equality and opportunity.
6. We believe that inequality steals opportunity from communities. We believe that the issues of systemic racism, mysoginy, homophobia and nationalism must be addressed to have a society that lifts up all people.
7. Sharice Davids @sharicedavids is an incredibly strong candidate. She is an indigenous LGBTQ woman who has the mentality and fight in her to make a true difference in #KS03. She CAN win. This is not the Bronx and not the place to subvert a candidate who represents progress.
8. This midterm election, we should be more concerned than ever with the focused goal of winning elections and having the strength and power to fight the GOP and push policy in a direction that supports ALL people.
9. Stay focused on winning. Push left where you can, but not at the sacrifice of winning or experience. We already dealt with this in California and managed to get through the potential risk of top-two GOP wins. These are decisions that should be determined by the people.
10. The premise we operate on is that the cue must be taken from the people. They can be brought along, but not overnight -- you must win seats and have viable policy and deliverables on that policy -- or you have nothing. You must have people who can work across the aisle.
11. DeLeon over Feinstein is not what the people voted for. The political tenor of the Bronx is not the same as Kansas. These are things people must come to terms with. This isn't about your personal agenda. This is about the country as a whole.

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
1. #Millennials we are reaching the final days for Voter Registration! The policy direction determined by the 2018 midterm elections WILL absolutely impact your life choices and options. The #Healthcare vote matters even if you're young and healthy.
2. Company/employee loyalty has become a nominal factor in career trajectory. Boomers lamented how often GenXers would change jobs, but #Millennials have figured out how to make lateral moves work in their favor.
3. Young workers move on from companies relatively quickly, enhancing their resume and generally increasing earning power with each lateral move. Companies are able to keep their employee costs down - for many industries it's a win-win.
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Oct 7, 2018
1. When the actions of our government spark mass protest it is a sign that the democratic process is unwell - that the government is operating well-outside the mainstream. Historically, the reasons differ.
2. Usually, it is because the government is resisting change that is wanted by the majority of the country - as with the Suffrage and Civil Rights movements. It can also be due to a disagreement of the majority with policy - as with the Vietnam War.
3. The mass protests witnessed since 2016 are a bit different. We have seen a majority party not just resisting progress, but wishing to dial it back - fully aware it is against the wishes of the majority of the population.
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Sep 29, 2018
1. Mitch McConnell's Legacy. This has been the consistent explanation that has created the backdrop of the past two chaotic years. His desire to leave office having effectively stacked and shaped the Courts to support Right Wing ideology for subsequent generations.
2. In his singular pursuit of this mission, he has shrugged off a barrage of damage to our Democracy. He has supported unfit leaders, ignored breaches of Constitutional and Institutional norms, looked the other way as justice, ethics, truth and faith in our systems are damaged.
3. The reality is that @senatemajldr has already confirmed his legacy with his Faustian approach. That's the problem with 'slippery slopes' - you end up at the bottom. McConnell's gravest error has been trying to force the American people to the bottom with him.
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Aug 17, 2018
1. As I'm sure many of you have, I often wonder about Post-Trump America. Obviously, there will be the arduous, and likely, long task of repairing policies, foreign relationships and treaties. But, what of our culture?
2. Will this careening journey through the gutter permanently lower the bar? Are our institutions permanently damaged? Our sense of truth permanently broken in a portion of our citizenry? Will class, honor, honesty and respect find their way back as pillars of our offices?
3. Yes, we were never perfect, but there were expectations of behavior. Norms that supported respectful checks and balances. Norms that have been shattered to the extent that we are no longer even shocked by extreme behavior from this administration - a cultural numbing.
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Aug 12, 2018
1. Scapegoating immigrants and 'valuating'people based on race/ethnicity is not new. I say this to draw attention to the shame that we haven't evolved past this and to remind that, as Americans, we must stand against the hatred that plagued the lives of many of our own families.
2. Are you aware of your genealogy? Are you familiar with the trials and tribulations experienced by your ancestors when they came to this country? If you turn a blind eye to this hatred because it's targeted at POC - are you aware that European immigrants faced hatred also?
3. My mother and father's families both immigrated from Ireland in the early 1850's - fleeing starvation and oppression to a promise of freedom and opportunity in America. My mother's family first went to CO to take their chance at the Gold Rush.
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Aug 11, 2018
1. We don't actually know if votes were altered or registrations affected by Russians in 2016. There has been no adequate investigation - partially because we don't have a comprehensive way to do so and partially because our gov is probably afraid to look in that dark corner.
2. We do know we were attacked in a sophisticated and multi-pronged military-level campaign. We know people were manipulated through social media and targeted ads, we know individuals and political campaigns were targeted. We also know they're doing it again.
3. The GRU has already inserted itself in Florida election systems - one of it's targets from 2016. Without adequate protection, they are positioned to attack the systems. The government must act...but, what can we do as voters in the face of all this?
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