#19 Ewha Womans University / Universiti Wanita Ewha

This university is well-known for its beautiful building and scenery during Spring and Autumn. It is one of the must-go places in Seoul during that season.

#OnlineSupporters #KoreaOnlineSupporter #KoreanCulture #Korean #Korea
Ewha Womans University 이화여자대학교 founded in 1886 is a is a private women's university in Seoul. Local people use a short form usually pronounce the university’s name as E-dae (이대).

#history #대한민국 #이화 #화여자대학교 #이대 #여자대학교
Ewha 이화 means “Pear Blossoms”. Check out their logo and you will find the shape of the flower. The nearby area is a heaven shopping place for women. Ladies, you may not want to miss this area!

#KoreanCulture #Korea #history #대한민국 #이화 #화여자대학교 #이대 #여자대학교
#20 South Korea’s National Flower / Bunga Kebangsaan Korea Selatan

It shares the same species with Malaysia’s national flower which is, Hibiscus. Isn’t that amazing? The scientific name for it is Hibiscus syriacus or widely known as the Rose of Sharon.
Malaysia’s flower is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis which we called as ‘Bunga Raya’. Korean called their national flower as mugunghwa hibiscus (무궁화). It has been loved by the ancient Koreans since back to Silla times (57 B.C. – A.D. 935).
The flower symbolizing the strong bond between them as to how the 5 petals stay together. The five petals of the flower represent five traditional kinds of duty, five kinds of happiness, five kinds of unity and other qualities that all add up to the meaning of peace and happiness
#21 Gonggi / Batu Seremban

Have you played 'Batu Seremban' / 'Selambut' during your childhood? It is one of the traditional games that most of us played. Well, the Korean might as well share the same childhood game as us. Why? Because they also played the same game as well and..
it is called, Gonggi 공기 (gong-gee). The rules are 100% the same as on how we usually play. I tried to find the history of this game and there is no valid record to use as a reference. But I could share with you that the Westerners also played this and it is called as...
Knucklebones, while in Nepal it is called 'gatti'. This possibly influenced and introduced by the ancient traders. Thus, the game became so widely known. What do you think? 😗

#Korea #history #대한민국 #공기 #Knucklebones #BatuSeremban #Selambut #gonggi #game #traditionalgames
#22 Muslims-Friendly Food @ Busan / Makanan Mesra Muslim di Busan

Are you looking for Muslims-Friendly Food in Busan? Well, you may want to try it here at Dajeon. They served 100% vegetarian food (no meat, no pork, no lard) and you may get surprised on how it tastes!
We ordered 2 pax for Vegan Food Set meal, consist of:

Kimchi Jeon (savory pancakes), Lotus Leaf Rice (which contains 15 types of grains), Wheat Bulgogi (made of vegan meat), Seasoned Tofu, Radish Kimchi, Seasoned Perilla Leaves, Boiled Peanuts, and assorted veggie-based banchan
side dishes. [credit to @SweetandtastyTV @MissMina]

This cost for ₩11,000 (~RM41) per pax. But you will have to order at least for 2 pax. If you are going alone, you will have to order for 2 pax. No worries, you can ask for a takeaway. :)
Here is the detail about Dajeon:

Address (Korean): 부산 부산진구 신천대로62번길 61

Address (English): 61 Sincheon-daero 62beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan

It is located on the rooftop. Find the green signboard! Make sure to put this on your itinerary!

#bpKorea #한식 #다전
#25 Gwanghwamun Gate / Pintu Gerbang Gwanghwamun

This place was once destroyed by fire and left in ruins for over 250 years. It happened during the Japanese invasion in 1592. Gwanghwamun 광화문 is the main and the largest main gate to Gyeongbokgung Palace.
This was founded in 1395 by King Taejo, the first King of Joseon dynasty. This gate is the symbol of the Joseon dynasty and Seoul’s long history as the capital city. It was reconstructed in 1867 by Emperor Gojong (고종 광무제). Again, in 1926 the Japanese government had it
deconstructed when Korea is under Japanese Rule. During the Korean War (1950 - 1953), Gwanghwamun’s wooden structure was completely destroyed. In 1968, Park Chung-hee, (President of South Korea from 1963 until 1979) rebuilt the wooden structure in concrete remained until 2006.
Hence, a big reconstruction project was held since December 2006 until it opened to the public on August 15, 2010.

Did you see the lion statue on the left side of the picture? The head is heading south from either side of the gate. It is called as Haetae 해태,
a mythical unicorn-lion. It is believed to act as guardian, to protect palaces from fire and disasters.

Every time you visit this place, I hope you can remember and learn something from this long history of Gwanghwamun Gate until it revives and standing tall again.

#26 Gyeongbokgung Palace / Istana Gyeongbokgung

Did you know that you can enter this palace for FREE? People who are wearing Hanbok can enter the palace for FREE or you can come here on the last Wednesday of every month (Culture Day). As you enter the Gwanghwamun Gate,
you will see a path to entering the Gyeongbokgung Palace 경복궁. It shared the same history as the gate since they are located in the same area. It is located at the northern side of Seoul and also known as the Northern palace. #경복궁 #bpkorea #bpseoul #Korea
Jeong Dojeon 정도전 (The first Prime Minister during Joseon Dynasty) conceived the name of the palace as Gyeongbokgung to King Taejo when it was built in 1395.

#KoreanCulture #대한민국 #SouthKorea #한국 #backpacker #traveltips #Instatravel #travelgram #GyeongbokgungPalace
#27 Bibimbap: Muslim-Friendly Food @ Vegetarian-Friendly

Whenever you watch K-Dramas, there are always scenes of eating bibimbap. Have you ever craving to eat it while watching them eat? Me too! Let’s go through with me the history of this famous dish in Korea.
The name is Bibimbap 비빔밥, literally meaning ‘mixed rice’. Bibim 비빔 is referring to the act of mixing different ingredients together, while bap 밥 is steamed rice. Does it ring your bell? There are many theories on how this dish was created. The 1st theory suggested that
it is a traditional dish for farmers during the harvest. It was the simplest way to prepare in the large group and less preparation time. The 2nd theory is, it served as their meal after the ancestor ceremony. While the 3rd theory was when there were wars and went for battle,
they mixed the rice with whatever leftover they have due to time constraints. Bibimbap word was first found in the cookbook called, Siuijeonseo from the late 19th century. In the bowl of bibimbap, there are vegetables such as spinach, soybean sprouts, radishes, mushrooms and
gosari (bracken fern stems). In some type, the beef meat will be added into the dishes and also chili paste is known as Gochujang 고추장. The best Bibimbap you can find is in Jeonju! Make sure to try one when you are there. Feel free to ask the waiter to remove any meat from your
meal. Try these sentences:
고기는넣지 마세요 - Kogi-nun nuh-ji maseyo. No meat, please.
고기는 빼주세요. kogi-nun bbae-juseyo. Please remove the meat.
고기 안 든것 있어요? Kogi an dun-got isseoyo? Do you have anything without meat?
Say Kamsahamida 감사함니다 with a smile!
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Jun 27, 2018
Korea History

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#NCT127 #NCT
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