Breaking: President Trump and Putin are now addressing the media at #Helsinki2018
President Putin is speaking first. Putin states that there are multiple geopolitical risks in the world. Russia would like to return to the table to ensure that as nuclear superpowers, global stability and security is a primary goal.

Russia affirms it wants to work with US.
Russia favors cooperation with terrorism, cyber security and nuclear de-escalation.

Syria: Russia & the US are both postured to assist in the ending of the Syrian civil war / security in the Middle East.

Treaty of 1974, should be enforced for security of Golan Heights / Israel.
Russia expressed concern with withdrawal of Troops in Syria. Also noted that the Iran Nuclear Deal only helped to strengthen Iran as a destabilizing force in the region.
Putin states that business relations between Russia and US could be and should be strengthened.

Putin states that @POTUS Trump has brought up the issue of Russia meddling which Russia denies again.

Russia would like to work with the US & others to help in cyber security
Common ground reached: Humanitarian aid, cultural arts, health care studies and the sciences.

There is plenty that Russia and the US have in common, and this is an important first step towards a new age of cooperation and peace.
@POTUS Trump speaking to media now. Congratulates Russia on a well hosted World Cup / Soccer ⚽️

States we can accomplish much together when DIPLOMACY is put to the forefront.

States that our relationship has never been worse than it is now.
Trump states that nothing is more difficult than working against those who would rather not talk to Russia, which is counterproductive to PEACE.

Trump states he brought up Russian meddling and addressed the issue strongly.
Trump states that nuclear proliferation was a key topic that both nations agreed upon.

Terrorism is another joint area of cooperation; both nations remain committed to assisting each other regarding terror, around the globe.
Trump affirms his goal to not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons regardless of the “Iran Nuclear Deal” shortfalls.

Today starts the beginning of an new age of DIALOGUE, cooperation and Peace.
Both President Trump & Putin affirm that the meeting in #Helinski was a positive first step towards re-establishing open dialogue, diplomacy and peace globally.

Reporters now asking questions to both Presidents.
On the topic of Russian energy to Germany: POTUS Trump states that the US will be a competitor to Russia for the delivery of energy vs hard adversary. This will benefit all parties.
Reporter asks President Trump about the “stupid witch hunt” comments about Mueller probe:

Trump states probe is a disaster and dividing America, has caused wider adversary relationship with Russia, and should have been handled by Pres Obama if he knew about it.
Reporter asks Pres Putin why the US should trust him when he says Russia didn’t meddle despite Mueller indictments:

Putin states no one should trust anyone. This is the start of new dialogue. We should be guided by facts.
Putin affirmed that President Trump has brought up the topic of Russia meddling, Russia takes those allegations seriously, and will investigate the allegations in cooperation with the US.
Putin states that Russia will interrogate (interview) those accused of Russian meddling and (I think he said) Putin agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation

(I believe that’s what he stated)
President Trump and Putin have both affirmed to maintain a strong protection posture with regards to Israel.. both are committed to ensuring Israel remains a free & stable nation free from Iran aggression and Syria must be restored on humanitarian grounds alone.
President Trump states that US - Russia military-to-military relations are strong; states the military cooperation in many regards are stronger than political relations at the moment
President Trump was asked to state who he believes regarding Russian meddling:



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When you look deeper, what you see are hundreds of seemingly “abuse survivors” replying on her thread.

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