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A Thread for Encouragement
Many are forgetting that Q has stated “Remember, we are winning. Do not trust what you read. Mind Warfare”
You can’t enjoy the show, if you are letting yourself be convinced it is real. Moves, counter moves, disinformation. This is real. This is warfare.
Many are going into hysterics over the treatment of Flynn. Q asked if Flynn took a Bullet.
Rubber Bullet?
Flynn is a patriot and made this sacrifice willingly. He will be rewarded. (Moves, counter moves. Up is down, left is right)
Rubber bullets won’t kill you.
(4) Congress:
PrayingMedic made a point in his “resort” Q&A. Congress does not receive intel. They to do not have what they need. They are going through formalities. Formalities with coooerating witnesses none the less. Does cooperation guarantee civility?
One of my favorite moments happened on 2/11/18. Q seemingly responded in real time to Dr Corsi broadcast. A panelist was expressing doubt due to lack of action/arrests. Q responded. “Should not be participating in discussions”
Arrests continued:
Watch Jerome Corsi broadcast on 2/11/18. Watch the doubter act and then read Qs response. Priceless.
(7) Arrests continues:
QAnon takes doubt very seriously.
Can anyone emphasize why, using biblical context?
I’ll stop here and give everyone an opportunity to answer. More tomorrow...
#TrustThePlan #Q #EnjoyTheShow #Qteam #Fireworks #WWG1WGA
The answer:
Doubt causes divide.

1 Corinthians 15:33
Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”
Alphabet agencies:
After the Putin meeting, many bad actors are declaring treason and asking you to affirm your faith in the intelligence community or join in the treason. They point out that 45 stated his distrust of the IC indirectly.
Alphabet agencies cont:
Q told us this:
Those who you trust are the most guilty of sin.
This is found in a Drop from 1/22/18. A drop that hinted to assassination attempts on 45 from IC. Keep in mind 60% of the intel on this matter will never see public eye. It is that bad.
Alphabet Agencies cont:
Keep in mind they fail over and over. Don’t expect this trend to change. We have already won.
Faith is blind. Do you trust 45?Do you trust Q?
Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
Trust most in the things in which you can not see. Many of this will happen without our knowledge.
Conclusion cont:
The battle is already won. Many plays will go unnoticed. We have a great movie before us. Watch it. Enjoy it. Do not let yourself be fooled into thinking it is more than that. We have carried this trial our whole lives. W has invited us to reap the rewards.
Conclusion cont:
You’re reward is a front row seat to the demise of your enemy. Do not let doubt rob you of your reward. Savor it, laugh, cry, become overjoyed in it. The evil that has kept you down is being ripped apart. You have been given more than you know.
Conclusion cont:
This has been the largest amount of intel ever released. A reward for due diligence. You have been redeemed. Still we fight. Still we strive. We do this because we have the assurance that we have already defeated the evil that held us captive.
Conclusion cont:
Evil that has existed since the fall of angels. Fight, pray, strive but do not buy into the disinformation, do not buy into their insults or accusations. Do not grow weary in the absence of Q. From what I hear, drops are coming soon.
(17) (Oh how I love this number)
Conclusion cont:
Keep your new found brotherhood close. Hold it to your heart. Our brothers and sisters are everything. Together we are strong. Do not hate the blind. They do not see. Their time will come. Welcome them warmly. #WWG1WGA 🎥🍿 #Q

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Aug 3, 2018
They hate R strength❌ They hate R truth❌ They hate that we R awake❌ & growing❌ & building❌ & bonding❌ They can’t 🚫 us❌ They can’t 🚫Trump❌ They can’t 🚫#MAGA❌ They can’t 🚫 the❤️ we share as patriots❌
So Fuckem❌ Wait till they see what we have for them!!!!#WWG1WGA
They want a fight?
Bring the fight to THEM!!
They thought she would win😂They underestimated the Patriots! 🇺🇸
They will not sleep!
They will not have peace!
@HillaryClinton @johnpodesta @Comey @BillClinton @RepMaxineWaters @SenSchumer @jack @NancyPelosi
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Jul 27, 2018
If you thought Rosenstein was getting impeached, you are still listening to Mockingbird Media. @FoxNews is as bad as the rest of them. Can’t be trusted, disinformation, white propaganda. Impeaching him would cause a divide in the GOP. Trust 45! His timing. Trump has it all. 🍿🎥
(2) Why is Trump staying out of the matter all together? Does Trump act as a guilty person would? 45 has the power to release unredacted reports, fire investigators, and dismantle the investigation all together. Trump already has what he needs. 45 is letting them hang themselves.
Does 45 ever tweeted about corruption and was proven wrong? Seems like 45 is always 3 steps ahead of them. Why is that? Does he have the server? Does he have the emails? Does he have the intel? Trump is very comfortable letting it all play out. Why? Military Intelligence?
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Jul 26, 2018
Daily Thread: Civil War
I want to start off by saying that @kimdotcom is a hero and has shown unrivaled bravery in his defense of God given human rights. He has sacrificed comfort time, and his personal safety to rally for freedom.
With that being said, on Nov 20th 2016, Americans were restored their rightful voices and control of government that is driven and inspired by The People. Our effort first and foremost should be interacting with government, making our voices heard, and refusing to be silent.
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Jul 19, 2018
New Thread:
We know very well that Presidents are selected and placed into to power.
The Cabal ushers in their champion and influence their way to victory.
How do they rig our elections against us?
What happens if they fail?
Why has this not worked with Trump?
The MSM has great influence. Human nature tells us that if we are the outlier, we are at fault. If we are the minority, we are wrong. The Mockingbird media uses fake polls to motivate sheep and discourage patriots. Patriots aren’t motivated when the polls show a huge deficit.
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Jul 14, 2018
The method in which #Qanon communicates has awakened our minds. Not symbolically, LITERALLY. Solving #breadcrumbs, networking/fellowships w/#Patriots, digging, #LEARN (ing), has re-activated areas of our mind that has been suppressed by #DeepState indoctrination & programming.
#TheGreatAwakening was not only of symbolic meaning. Q #Woke the minds of millions of Patriots. #Q drops were baffling us all, but bonds were formed and leaders arose. We began to hold fast to the idea of Brotherhood and Patriotism once again. We were gifted leaders to guide.
@prayingmedic is in my opinion, the best. Dave Hayes has a deep and meaningful connection to God Thru Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Daves dreams, visions, spiritual interpretations are all due to his understanding and ability to wield the Holy Trinity as a weapon.
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