Here's a classic piece of deflection using whataboutery, strawman arguments, and false equivalence to divert attention from the established finding that Vote Leave BROKE ELECTORAL LAW. #VoteLeaveCheated #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw 1/
"Waaah Remain did it too!" Then report them. Report them and wait for the Electoral Commission's findings or STFU. 2/
Whitehall went into purdah as it always does ahead of an election. HMG was so scared of appearing to use the civil service that it didn't even allow them to plan for what to do if Leave won! With the results we see now. Sick of Quitters weaponising public servants. 3/
I'm also sick of europhobes smearing EU public comms as "propaganda" while at the same time vilifying the EU as opaque & distant & lacking in transparency. They can't have it both ways. They blame us for not hiding what we do, & they want to blame us for hiding what we do. 4/
EU civil servants were explicitly told by management to stay out of the referendum campaign, which by and large we did through gritted teeth. The Commission treated it as an internal UK matter and did not get involved, even to confront the deluge of lies coming from Leave. 5/
The EU guarantees the rights of its employees to freedom of expression. After the referendum, Brexit became fair game and - surprise surprise - British people working for the EU have some opinions on the matter. You'd better believe we want to share them. 6/
Oh and I wonder which examples of EU employees he has in mind? Speaking for myself (and typing this during my lunch break), I have NEVER pretended to be anything other than an EU official speaking in a personal capacity, as is my right (and frankly I see it as my duty). 7/
No, we don't like and cannot accept the result of a referendum narrowly won by a minority of the electorate on lies, fraud, illegality, and the deliberate disenfranchisement of key constituencies. So you'd better believe we're "up in arms". 8/
My final takeaway is that you will do anything to deflect the truth, even if it means smearing a neutral institution that exists to safeguard our democracy. Shame on you. Seriously. #VoteLeaveCheated #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw 9/9

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
It's happening. The UK will be permanently disabling a key section of its motorway network at vast cost because David Cameron wanted to settle an internal party fight. Black on white, it's happening, starting next week. ht @odtorson
This means that from next week all traffic heading to the Channel ports and Channel Tunnel will have to exit the M25 through a bottleneck involving traffic lights and a roundabout, whereas at the moment it's seamless motorway. Plus of course extra travel time involved. FML
Reading that closure will be overnight 10pm to 5.30am which would obviously not be as serious. Hope that’s true.…
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Sep 28, 2018
Wilton Park is, er was, the FCO’s prestigious international conference venue. It has, er had, a global reputation for attracting top tier participants to a neutral & discreet environment for sensitive conversations. So you’d think it would be led by someone with those qualities.
Wilton Park invitations used to be like Wonka Golden Tickets. A long weekend in a gorgeous stately home hobnobbing with the finest minds? Yes please! But how can EU players take it seriously now?
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Sep 25, 2018
I surprised myself by being literally moved to tears when I saw the video of the standing ovation for Starmer. Dare we hope???
God bless you Labour conference delegates - what an amazing message you sent to the leadership! Thank you so much for doing that. Restored my faith in the party members.
And as an aside: notice how the TV news cameras were too busy focusing on the reaction of fringe Labour Leavers to cotton on to what was happening at first? If that isn't media coverage of Brexit in a nutshell...
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Sep 19, 2018
Wow. I can think of at least 10 of the 28 who will look at her as if she's trolling them.
“Come on Manu, you at least must remember what it was like to lose Algeria?”

“Theresa, that was in 1962. I was born in 1977.”
"Andrej, Peter, remember when they split your country in two??"

"Actually, Theresa, 'they' didn't do it, WE did it, we negotiated an amicable separation and remain the best of friends, that's why we call it the Velvet Divorce."
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Sep 19, 2018
- Yeah, hi, Colin the plumber? Yeah, I've paid you to unblock my sink but you're sat there & there's water everywhere & the toilet's backed up and I'm £400 down & nothing's happening

- Yeah but I heard you & your wife arguing over who's emptying the dishwasher so THERE'S THAT
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Sep 11, 2018
Given the barking madness we've been hearing today from the ERG about a "world trade deal" here's another reminder of how world trade really works and why the world has moved on from multilateral to bilateral and regional deals. [thread]
The WTO is a safety net (which is currently under serious threat from Trump). It represents a baseline, a foundation upon which more ambitious trade agreements have been built. Ditching those more ambitious deals and falling back to the baseline is not progress, it's regression.
The WTO Uruguay Round (finalised in 1995) was the high water mark in multilateral trade deals. We tried to go further - the Seattle and Doha rounds, remember? - but we couldn't. It was too hard. So global free traders including notably the EU took things up a notch.
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