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अवश्य| [LONG THREAD]
I'm happy to answer. But before I do, pls note that it took u several days to only give this reply (whatever may be ur reason), & u do so WITHOUT giving ANY references urself. What ur followers gave were already proved wrong earlier. U dint even read.
Before I enter into the subject, pls note this WELL:
1- #Sec377 is ambiguous in what it says. But I am not.
Im very clear that I support the rights of adult LGBT to have consensual sex. I do NOT support any crime & abuse so pls stop distorting my words.
2-The logic that "they will anyway do what they want" is very flawed bcz u basically say that they will anyway do something the Constitution considers illegal & criminal offence with life imprisonment punishment. Which doesn't make sense.
3-ANY sex that is not consensual IS a crime and needs to be dealt with as it should be. This includes LGBT, pedophilia, straight ppl, sex with animals etc. Anything against the will of an individual is a crime.
4-Pls be informed that I am sharing all this at great personal risk. So if anyone makes any obscene comments, or abuses my Guru, u will be blocked without delay.
5-My ONLY purpose is to share true, authentic knowledge of Hindu scriptures bcz this has been lost. I have spent a decade learning this from my Guru. I have no other agenda here.
6-I dont care who you are and who you are not. If you are misrepresenting Hinduism, I will point it out. That doesnt automatically mean I have something against u. I am against the statements, not the person.

I am answering this for those who want to KNOW, not those who abuse
7-I already answered some things before. Please read this thread which debunks WRONG translations of Manusmriti:
8-This page gives more than FORTY references from numerous Scriptures @RituRathaur
Please read well.…
9- This entire book gives an in depth understanding of LGBT & their causes & types, everything referenced from sciprutres. Please read well @RituRathaur…
10- Now I will proceed to EXPAND on some of these references.
Before that, pls understand what are our scriptures & Pramaanas (P)

SHAASTRA P - Vedas, Agamas, Upanishads (ONLY)
Aapta P - Accounts of Rishis
Aatma P - Account of Guru
Saakshi P - Your own account
Pls NOTE WELL that this is not a magic trick I can churn out in a few minutes. A lot of deep study, research & translation is put into this work before I can share it.

Those who are demanding references from me, pls do the same urself too. Put in the WORK.
11/1-Ref from SHAASTRAS

Kaushtika Brahmana Upanishad from Rig Veda

अथातो दैवस्मरो यस्य प्रियो बुभूषेयस्यै वा एषां
जुहोम्यसौ स्वाहा चक्षुस्ते मयि जुहोम्यसौ स्वाहा प्रज्ञानं ते
मयि जुहोम्यसौ स्वाहेत्यथ धूमगन्धं
प्रजिघायाज्यलेपेनाङ्गान्यनुविमृज्य वाचंयमोऽभिप्रवृज्य
संस्पर्शं जिगमिषेदपि वाताद्वा
सम्भाषमाणस्तिष्ठेत्प्रियो हैव भवति स्मरन्ति हैवास्य ॥ २ .४
Now follows the Daiva Smara, the desire to be accomplished by the gods. If
a man desires to become dear to any man or woman, or to any men or
women, then at one of the (fore-mentioned) proper times he offers, in
exactly the same manner (as before), oblations of ghee, saying..
"I offer thy speech in myself, I (this one here),Svaha.' 'I offer thy ear in myself, I (this one here), Svaha.' 'I offer thy mind in myself, I (this one here), Sv'ha.' 'I offer thypragna (knowledge) in myself, I (this one here), Svaha.'
Then having inhaled the smell of the smoke,
& having rubbed his limbs with the ointment of ghee, walking on in silence, let him try to come in contact or let him stand speaking in the wind, (so that the wind may carry his words to the person by whom he desires to be loved). Surely he becomes dear, and they think of him."
>>This explains the entire vidhi for a man to become the beloved of any other woman or man. IF this was considered wrong, the Up wont be giving a process for it! It is stated as a process to be remembered by Devatas!
11/2 Shveteshvara Upanishad from Yajur Veda
"It can be in the 100th part of a hair, & also assume forms infinite, which u can imagine.
Neither is this female, nor in-between, nor sexless. This assumes form as per the desires.
By means of desires, contact, attachment and delusion, this assumes diverse forms in various places, according to its deeds, just as the body grows when food and drink are poured into it."
>>This expands on how the soul assumes the body, and is not confined to only 2 genders. This then, cant obviously, be "against the natural order of things." The Upanishad clearly states it as the natural phenomenon of nature.
13-The other detailed references with sanskrit verse & translation will take time before I can share, as Im not exactly jobless. I am a full time entrepreneur & do this purely out of my passion & integrity to DHARMA.
14-Whoever wants to comment on this, pls read the thread in FULL, along with links before making personal remarks, and asking irrelevant questions. I will not be responding to any illogical arguments.

Thank u.

• • •

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