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9/ I was right. Returning Car production to Detroit Michigan is the goal for @realDonaldTrump

Trudeau is killing Canada

10/. Well well.

It seems I’m getting support to my conclusion that @JustinTrudeau is intentionally thwarting #NAFTA because his polling and approval is plummeting so he’s looking for Trump-Hate votes even if it destroys Canada’s economy
11/ Stephen Harper private (not public) brilliant and accurate advice to his clients on why CDN/USA trade not finalized.

Glad to see my conclusions in my 11 part pinned Tweet thread is supported by Stephen Harper

More patriots must stop Trudeau’s killing 🇨🇦 Economy
12/ “Lighthizer U.S. Trade Rep angry at Canada for failing to back him on pushing for higher wages in Mexico”

Proves #TrudeauGroper intentionally killing Trade

How can Trudeau ask for workers rights in US and take hard pass on “living wage” in Mexico?…
13/. More evidence Trudeau sabotaging Trade with USA to get Trump-Hate votes.

Mexico new President moving quickly with new trade deal.

Canada doing nothing!

No Prime Minister acting for Canadians w’d still demand 3-Way Deal - they’d act for Canada 1st

14/ Trudeau admitted under ETHICS investigation to adjudicator “his role as ceremonial”
He enjoys the ceremony.
He’s leading Trade negotiations with @realDonaldTrump

What do you think his goal is?

Protect Canada’s Economy?
Protect his ceremonial role?…
15/ Deductive reasoning:
We’ve heard much about Milk Marketing Cartel obstructing Free Trade with @realDonaldTrump

What about protected Telecoms?

Canadians pay TWICE as Yanks for cell service.

Quid pro quo:
-Media reports Trump-Hate
-Trudeau benefits from trump-Hate votes.

Will Canadians love for Canada exceeds its hate for @realDonaldTrump ?

If so we strengthen Canada 🇨🇦.
If not we forever weaken 🇨🇦.

(Read the previous 15 tweet thread and you’ll understand)
17/ Mexico close to bilateral deal with USA. Canada convinces Mexico back to 3-way.
This adds delay and uncertainty = loss $Bs in investments.

Canada exports:
.0025 GDP - Mexico
20% GDP - USA
Why risk 20%

To keep Trump-Hate votes for election 2019.…

Here’s my update on the Liberals path of economic destruction to secure “Trump-hate” votes in Canada

Each day the facts prove me right.

Part 3 (1 &2 on first pinned tweet)

more evidence to support my clear factual theory that #JustinTrudeau wants to sabotage Trade Talks to get the Trump-Hate votes in Canada for election 2019
(See the past 18 thread)…
20/ Clear evidence Trudeau sabotaging Trade for Trump-Hate votes

"A 3rd source briefed on negotiations said U.S, Lighthizer’s dislike of Freeland, decided to not even let Canada back into process until it makes some kind of substantive concession"…
More evidence #JustinTrudeau wants to sabotage Trade Talks to get Trump-Hate votes in Canada.

“USA compromised
Mexico compromised
Canada has not”

Mexico deal closer than Canada because Mexico negotiating in good faith unlike Canada who is not.

22/ more evidence #JustinTrudeau intentionally sabotaging Trade to get Trump-Hate votes.

Carbon tax isTrudeau biggest promise.

If Trudeau can back off carbon tax amid competitive threats from U.S.

Why not give minor concessions to finalize Trade Deal?…
22/ More evidence that #JustinTrudeau using Trade to get votes.

Glad to see Scheer getting on board.…
23/ (more evidence)

Republicans just win Ohio

@realDonaldTrump tweets congrats

Note the language

“Lots of cars ... coming back”

From where?


@POTUS still focused on Trade.

@JustinTrudeau focused on holidays and diplomatic war with #SaudiArabia
24/ More evidence -recall Mexico has huge trade surplus and is USA big #NAFTA problem

“Chief U.S. negotiator, contrasted Canadian stance with what he suggested was smooth sailing in talks with Mexico”

“going as well as we can possibly expect right now,”…
25/ (more evidence)
Mexico was the hardest of 2 Trade Deals for USA:
1. Greater trade deficit
2. Different markets
3. Different laws
4. Different employment standards
5. Different labour skills.

Canada Trade sh’d have been agreed well before Mexico

26/ (more evidence)

Uber capitalist @realDonaldTrump will reach trade deal with Mexico’s uber socialist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador before @JustinTrudeau

Tells you that @POTUS has great flexibility in his negotiations and Trudeau intentionally sabotaging Trade.
27/ USA working hard to complete Mexico Deal.

Canada left out in the cold.

Recall @cafreeland recently tried to tell New Mexican President not to go it alone -stick to 3-way Deal.

It seems Mexico (as with rest world) told @JustinTrudeau to get lost

28/ if you read my last post 27 in this series and read 16th post (below)

America soon realized that in 3 way negotiations Canada (under @JustinTrudeau direction) was been obstructive and so @POTUS booted Canada out -easier to make Trade Deal with Mexico

29/ more evidence- @JustinTrudeau not negotiating in good faith

Sunday Aug 12 - Rep Schweikert R-AZ (Freedom Caucus, House Ways & Means):
"Mexico been honest negotiator"
"Canada engaged in a charm offensive but not necessarily quality negotiations"…
30/ Doubling Down on sabotage

Milk Cartels violates principles of Free Trade.

Protecting Quebec’s $5B milk industry at expense of Auto industry in Ontario (@POTUS honestly put Auto on table)- proves my pinned tweet thread.

All to get Trump Hate votes.…
31/ more damning EVIDENCE:

@JustinTrudeau lied by saying Canada will not negotiate #NAFTA w/o Mexico.
Then begged New Mexican President not to negotiate.
Liberals sought to sabotage #NAFTA by ‘coercing’ New President.
Mexico nearly completed.

32/. Wow —I’m pleased that Ontario is seeing what I’ve tweet in my 31 tweet thread.

@JustinTrudeau is intentionally sabotaging #NAFTA trade negotiations to get Trump- Hate votes in Canada.

It’s so clear and obvious.…
33/. More evidence of @JustinTrudeau sabotaging #NAFTA

Why not do what every country did (Mexico, Germany, Japan, SKorea etc)— negotiatite in good faith Trade Deal to avoid Auto Tariffs ....but Liberals would rather use our tax $ “prepare” for Tariffs.…
34/ ..more evidence

as reported widely -USA trade negotiations going well with Europe, Mexico and China. Many trade deals completed

But Canada who’s 20%GDP reliant on USA has done nothing.
@JustinTrudeau not pushing Trade Deal - sabotaging.

35/ Trudeau could’ve done Trade Deal year ago.
@realDonaldTrump offered in bilateral deal

@JustinTrudeau sabotaged offer.
See my past 34 tweets wants Trump Hate votes.

But as Trudeau delays - @POTUS adds more on list.

Now- —softwood
36/ EVEN-More evidence

While Canadian Media only focuses on Trump Hate reports to help @JustinTrudeau sagging polls -while Trudeau sabotages Trade talks to get Trump Hate votes.

@POTUS knows he’s creating 20xs more jobs with his Tariffs/Trade strategy…
37/. I was dead right in my 36 past tweet.

Mexico cut Canada off because they wanted a trade deal not get caught up into @JustinTrudeau pandering for Trump-Hate votes in Canada.

Mexico proved Canada is sabotaging free trade NOT @realDonaldTrump

37/ Humiliation for Canada thanks to @JustinTrudeau sabotaging #NAFTA

@POTUS offered bilateral deal. For year @cafreeland said no deal w/o Mexico

When New Mexican President elected @JustinTrudeau begged not to do deal

Mexico tells Canada to buzz off…
38/. More evidence @JustinTrudeau intentionally sabotaged #NAFTA

@CAFreeland headed to Europe next week - which suggests Canada won’t be rejoining NAFTA talks in the immediate future

But Trudeau tells Media talks continuing and Media laps it up as gospel.
39/ US media knows what’s happening—because unlike Canada media don’t protect @JustinTrudeau

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to tamp down any fears his country was being sidelined”

Canada watches nervously as US, Mexico work out NAFTA deal
40/ I was right.
Justin refused easy bilateral deal with @realDonaldTrump to message in Canada @POTUS mean & unreasonable to get Trump Hate votes in Canada.

Justin used LIE excuse Mexico must be 3-way Deal. “Trump is unreasonable”
Trump proved he’s FAIR!…
41/ Now Mexican Media laughing at Canada because they did bilateral Trade deal with @realDonaldTrump and Canada didn’t.

Now @POTUS has leverage and legitimate authority to put CAR tariffs on obstinate @JustinTrudeau

I was so right on Trumps goal.

43/ More Evidence

1. @cafreeland during Nafta delivered #FuckTrump speech in Washington on June 13
2. speech earlier today in Germany more cheap shots @USTradeRep

@realDonaldTrump very upset

Media ignores.

$400B in Trade not important to JT…
@POTUS does deal, proves flexible with Mexico.

Trump will instruct— no changes or compromise with Canada - must take same Mexico deal.

@realDonaldTrump wants Ontario Auto sector to Michigan

@JustinTrudeau will stand tough(like everything he screws up)

Tariffs on Auto
45/ Mexico beat Canada!
Media will not report Justin failure!!

“Adding pressure on Canada, Videgaray said Mexico’s US Deal "comprehensive" agreement, and warned if Canada doesn’ this week, it will be much harder for Ottawa to negotiate..changes”…
46/ U.S.-Mexico set “take-it-or-leave-it” terms for Canada

Or face 25% duty on U.S. auto imports – effectively destroying Ontario auto sector moving it to Michigan

Trump hate is so important you’ll destroy Canada by allowing @JustinTrudeau to exploit your Trump-Hate votes.
47/ my latest analysis of #NAFTA negotiations-on Mexico signing a Tade Deal.

This is getting scary.

/48 sadly now my past tweets are proven right.

49/. Sadly today has proven past 48 tweets correct

50/ conclusive @JustinTrudeau sabotaged #NAFTA

@realDonaldTrump offered bilateral deal, even shook hands G-7
But Trudeau REFUSED as he needed to vilianize @POTUS to get Trump Hate vote.

Trudeau failed on every file.
So getting Trump Hate votes only HOPE

51/ @JustinTrudeau election success depends (having failed on every file) rallying Canada to hate Trump for being a bully.

That will be hard as Mexico agreeing to a deal proved @realDonaldTrump to be fair and reasonable

Trudeau must destroy #NAFTA to save any hope re-election

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
If the fraudsters at IPCC mandated that all future conferences and meeting to 2030 will only be done by Videoconference—then maybe I’d listen.

But not having conferences in expensive exotic resort cities w’d kill the main purpose of IPCC faster than global Warming 😂
2/ this is not a joke. Canada sent over 300 people to Paris COP21

Wonderful beautiful Paris.…

That money could have saved so many real lives in peril today.
3/ also Billions of carbonated drinks are consumed daily.
We actually create CO2 to make these carbonated drinks - because we like bubbly drinks.

When we stop producing CO2 so elites can have thier Perrier — I’ll start to care.

Oil saves lives. Bubbly drinks tickle.
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Oct 2, 2018
How did the business community score the #USMCA?

Stock exchange on day of announcement.

Canada 🇨🇦 up 30 points.
USA 🇺🇸 up 200 points.
(See above)

How did the business community score the #USMCA?

Stock exchange on midday after the day of announcement.

Canada 🇨🇦 ⬇️ 90 points.
USA 🇺🇸 ⬆️ 100 points ( in addition to 200 points yesterday)

@cbc will not report what the broad business community thinks.
3/ so on the close of 2nd trading day Canada/USA stock exchanges (vote of approval by broad range of businesses on #USMCA )

Here’s 2 day results
1. Canada Stocks ⬇️ 55 points
2. USA Stocks ⬆️ 325 points.

The more they read #USMCA the more they understand
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Sep 16, 2018
If #MaximeBernier didn’t sabotage Canada by helping Trudeau win 2019 —this w’d be hilarious!!!

“I’m leaving ⁦@CPC_HQ⁩ because they are not conservative enough (supporters yah!!) but NDP will be welcomed”

Does anyone think this out?
#MaximeBernier supporters @CPC_HQ not conservative enough.

We need to move to the right!!!

But Max says room for the NDP but not conservatives.

I don’t understand why thoughtful Conservatives aren’t calling out this hypocrisy.

I keep getting this meme

It’s a fraud.
3/ so since I posted the above 2 tweets— #MaximeBernier followers are happy that NDP joining — I don’t get it.

I’ve been bombarded by tweets saying
@CPC_HQ not conservative enough”
“Its a matter of principle”
“We can’t have liberal lite”

Now it’s ok. 😂🤷‍♂️
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Sep 13, 2018
1/5 “Virtue Signalling”

Has substituted
1. Accountability
2. Performance

We once judged politicians for what they do — now we ignore performance and accountability if they virtue signal.

It works.

@JustinTrudeau failed on every file but ok because he lectures on virtue.
2/5 “Virtue Signalling”

Now contrast with @realDonaldTrump successfully delivered and delivering on every campaign promise:
1. NKorea
2. Lowest unemployment
3. Tax reform
4. 4.5% GDP
5. New trade agreements

But @POTUS doesn’t lecture “virtue signalling” so successes ignored
3/5 “Virtue Signalling”

In conclusion- disturbing trend happening where problem solving, success, accountability is no longer the standard- but virtue signalling is

One example is “Global Warming” the greatest abusers (@algore @LeoDiCaprio ) are respected advocates.
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Sep 7, 2018
While America is booming, Lowest unemployment in 50 years.

Canada employment fell by 52,000 in August. Part-time employment declined by 92,000
Unemployment rate increased 0.2% to 6.0%.

Sorry for interruption - now go back to your Trump Hate…
2/I’ve been tweeting facts and reports -Canada Economy doing poorly.

Media only reports trump Hate news.

Year-over-year basis, employment grew by 172,000.

That’s pathetic

Canada added:
-births 550K
-immigration 270K
-refugees 50K
-open borders 30K

Not sustainable
3/ JOBS even worse that you think!!

Of the anemic 171 K jobs created in ONE YEAR.
101,000 were Government jobs
44,000 were Private jobs.

Canada’s business ONLY CREATED 44K jobs and Canada added 900,000 citizens.

We are in a crises- but Media only reports Trump Hate news.
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Sep 2, 2018
What makes America great?

-Rule of law
-Presumption of innocence
-state cannot abuse power
-right to speedy trial

How can one person ask for impeachment when?
-no charges
-no evidence of wrong doing
-investigation now 16 months

Democrats = anti-Constitutional Rights of person
2/ imagine ANY OTHER America subjected to:

-rush to judgement
-state using power unlimited resources to conduct witch hunt
-30% demanding guilty judgement before charges or breaches found

Everyone would be up in arms— but it’s@realDonaldTrump so Hate ok?

So unAmerican
3/ be honest do you not expect that kind of witch hunt for 16 months in 3rd world countries? NOT AMERICA.
This is how Putin gets rid of his opponents.

Ironically Media and Democrats are acting like unConstitutional Russia by falsely alleging #RussiaCollusion
Read 5 tweets

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