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If @MarkDuplass is the man I think he is, a good guy who wants to unite people, I feel for him tonight. Last week, he tried to open minds by suggesting people follow Ben Shapiro, the Mob came for his head to frighten Mark into silence.. cont 1
The called @benshapiro all kinds of awful names - like racist & homophobe. They took old tweets, some out of context, some from 10+ years ago that Ben had already addressed and apologized for. But, it was enough for @MarkDuplass to retreat,,, cont 3
3. Some came to speak for both Mark and Ben - such as @BretWeinstein only 2B smeared as the mob on both sides had decided that a lynching must happen. Bloodlust - a thirst for total victory. One of the very vocal anti Ben voices was @JamesGunn - who is very good at smearing foes
4. He took tweets out of context and used old tweets long since addressed to paint Ben as a monster.I knew this hurt my friend, and I hoped it made @MarkDuplass question his ‘friends’.Well, now that social media allows everyone to be heard, the right lit their torches.-5cont
5. This time @DailyCaller took old tweets and twisted words out of context, along with some pretty despicable tweets about pedophilia that had long ago been addressed and apologized for. As of the time of this tweet, there are many who are .... 6cont
Calling for @JamesGunn ‘s head. He was fired from Disney. @benshapiro did the honorable thing as expected and set the record straight saying this was wrong. He stood up for the man who had done what others were doing to him. But being fired wasn’t enough now... cont7
7.People have now convicted him in Twitter court of actually being a child molester. Calling for prison, and death in some cases. This isn’t about Ben, or even ‘false witness’ anymore, this is not even about politics or @MarkDuplass trying to be nice, this now ... 8 cont
8. About a lynch mob. I tweeted support for @JamesGunn just as I had for @MarkDuplass , @BenShapiro and @BretWeinstein - and as of 12am Sunday, I am now being accused of ‘insensitive’ at best, aiding a child molester or an actual child molester at worst. 9 cont
9. Have we lost our minds? Americans used to pride themselves in truth, Justice, integrity and fair mindedness. This is no longer about any of these men, it is now all about us. Who are we and what have we allowed ourselves to become? ... truth no longer matters...10 cont
We will soon lose our privilege of self governance because we will no longer deserve nor be even able to handle true freedom. The polical parties encourage the mob mentality, the press itself has become a lynch mob that has made many rush 2 defend a ruthless bully cont 11
11. Reason has fled, the enlightenment is on its last legs as science is rejected, 2+2 IS five if you can make a case. Simple kindness and decency is looked upon as weakness, defense or friendship with those not in lock step is treason, and I fear the administration less ..12cont
12 ... than the people. We the people, has become a threat. Judge jury and executioner. I warned for years of this time, of the mobs that would come and pull people like me out of our broadcast chair and kill us in the streets.... 13.cont
13. .. I warned the Democrats of the violent revolutionaries in their midsts. I warned the Republicans thatnazis would pose as conservatives and wait for the right moment, I warned that Russia would use the 2016 election to split us apart long b4 trump only to b mocked. 14 cont
15. Mock or laugh all you want. But the word treason means something and it is the only crime that the constitution requires the death penalty. Real racism and homophobia exists, violence against women and women forced by law into 2nd class citizenship ... 16 cont
16. ... exists. Slavery exists in mind numbing numbers as does actual oppression, injustice and crimes against children. None of it is part of or can be solved on twitter or in a hashtag. Anger, outrage and fear make us into literal morons.... 17 cont
17. We must stop looking at what makes us different and begin to find the things that we all have in common. What is our Unum as in ‘E Pluribus Unum’? Kindness? Decency? Restraint? How about Reason? Basic fairness or real justice? 18 cont
18. I don’t know @JamesGunn.I am a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, but I am not a fan of his current writing on twitter, but unless he is actually accused & charged with a crime,I will not play a role in his destruction just as I refused with Ben and @MarkDuplass before him. Cont
19. I wonder how @MarkDuplass feels tonight. What started out as a simple kindness is being so perverted that people, like me, who are bystanders are standing in Judgement ready to condemn anyone who dares object or block our path. Don’t stop trying Mark and Ben 20 cont
20.there are millions who are tired of the hate and no longer want to feel this way about friends, families and neighbors. But they need to see others stand up and risk it all simply because it is the right thing to do... to try to rise above... 21 cont
21. We cannot trust others@to inform us. We must return to reason and logic. Return to decency and courage. Political parties are not my God, nor is my wealth, fame or what is left of my good name. Our children deserve to have a chance to be free ... cont 22
22. But they will not get it, if we do not stand for the voices, ideas and people that we might even despise, or we shall lose our right to speak. Remember, at first they cam for @MarkDuplass but I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t my fight ... 23cont
I wrote this tonight because my wife said to me, I should keep quiet or they will target, I thought, I have to as ‘not to speak is to speak, not to stand is to stand. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us blameless.’ #nowisthetime2STAND #PEACE

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Sep 5, 2018
1. Fred, truly I am sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child. The pain must be crippling and never ending. There is no daylight between us on this. Please know that I believe you, that you would never choose this life or path. Cont.
2. Before we get to Kavanaugh - I am honestly trying to understand, why you haven’t banned together for a new Sheriff, school board etc. While I disagree with gun control, it is your right to disagree, so yes, pursue that, but when will those locally be held Accountable?
3. Fred, completely apart from my disagreement on gun control, or tragic loss for your child. You tweeted that you were going to do something to insure he wouldn’t be confirmed, 2 days b4 the ‘handshake’. Were you an ‘honest broker?’ Cont
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May 18, 2018
Nothing to process. This monologue is about the mainstream media and their psychotic hatred of DJT. There are two main things we must consider. 1. His actual accomplishments. 2. His personal flaws. The latter w/o question is inexcusable. How about 1?
2. His accomplishments on ISRAEL alone is remarkable. Iran may be destabilized by his actions as uprisings have now begun. NK is at the table. Movement is not a lasting good but let’s recognize they have moved. ISIS has been destroyed (for now).and ppl have real $ in pocket.
3. Does that make him the greatest?nope. But I am so tired of the press siding with Iran /hamas and ‘divine spark’ talk w/MS13 because of him. We must be able to recognize both good and bad. Everything the press is doing is driving ppl into his arms.
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