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Today's #Supernatural #ComicCon press room included #JensenAckles, #JaredPadalecki, #MishaCollins and #AlexanderCalvert along with executive producers Andrew Dabb, Bob Singer, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming. #SPNSDCC #SDCC2018 #SPNFamily #SPN
Dabb: The theme last year was putting the family back together. Now the family is together, but Dean is missing and Dean is the rock that holds them together. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC #sdcc2018 #SPNFamily #DeanWinchester
Dabb: Dean as Micheal is the major arc for the upcoming season. He won't be Micheal the whole season, but he will be for a lot of it. It's not something that gets resolved in the second episode. #Supernatural #ComicCon #DeanWinchester #SPNSDCC #SDCC2018
Dabb: The show has had a really weird life. It could run for another 5 years probably if the guys want to do it that long. It really comes down to these guys and their close relationship with their fans. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC #SDCC2018
Dabb: Decision to shorten next season has to do w/ #JensenAckles & #JaredPadalecki wanting to spend more time w/ their families. While he said it'll change things in the writers room b/c of need to cut back on mythology, he doesn't think it's a bad thing. #Supernatural #ComicCon
Dabb: This world is different for Michael b/c he's only really had to deal w/ humans as a foe. He can't just create an army of angels because there's only like 5 left. He's looking for a power base & he's not sure where that power is going to come from. #Supernatural #ComicCon
Dabb said he's sure the 14th season isn't the last. He said he'd be very surprised if that happened & he hopes they'd have a little more warning. He's got an idea of where he wants to take #Supernatural and how it should end, but he doesn't think that'll happen soon. #ComicCon
When asked if #Supernatural could cross over any other #CW series, Buckner said it'd be too difficult to cross into the #Arrowverse. If it happened, he thinks that a #Riverdale crossover would be the best because he feels like it has the same fanbase. #ComicCon #SPNSDCC #CWSDCC
Buckner said he's the most excited about Jack's character in the upcoming season because it's different than anything we've seen before. He's only been on the planet for year and he's gone from being this powerful being to just a guy. #Supernatural #ComicCon #AlexanderCalvert
Buckener said that Micheal's ultimate goal is to build an army, something we'll see him trying to do in the 14 season. The question is what's that going to look like. Micheal is attempting to purify this world. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC
Fans will see much more of alternative Bobby in the coming #Supernatural season according to Buckener. There's gonna be some interesting relationships developing with Bobby. He's a new Bobby but there's still parallels between the old Bobby. He becomes part of the team. #ComicCon
Buckener: What happens to a supernatural entity when they die? A door could be open still, but maybe not. We'd certainly miss Lucifer if he's gone for good. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC
Ross-Leming: The first episode of the season is a little different tone than our usual and I kind of like that. There's a bit of change with Sam leading the band and Dean off being not Dean. It's a subtler approach than we've done in the past. #Supernatural #ComicCon
Ross-Leming said that she enjoys writing the most for Lucifer and actor Mark Ross Pellegrino. She said that she sees a goodness in Lucifer and a chance for redemption that she thinks few others do. #Supernatural #ComicCon
Singer: Season will have less scope, more emotion & will be more contained. Themes are Jack loosing his powers, Micheal taking over Dean & Sam's new responsibilities. There's a lot of inner person stuff we have to deal with which will obviously be mixed in with our monsters.
Singer said that they're still working out what to do w/ 300th episode. He said it would be a bit of a #Supernatural breather for them. It sounds like it'll be more about the every day life of the guys. What's it like when they go to the store to get beer, he asked. #Supernatural
Singer hinted at a bigger relationship between Bobby and Mary. He said they have their own set of problems though. #Supernatural #ComicCon
After 13 years of doing this, #JensenAckles said he thinks they've earned #ComicCon being known a #SupernaturalSunday today. #Supernatural #SPNSDCC #SPN #SPNFamiIy
#JensenAckles said that he doesn't foresee a future for Sam and Dean where they ride of into the sunset unless that sunset is filled with doom and gloom basically. #DeanWinchester #SamWinchester #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPN
#JensenAckles : Every year I try to think about what if it was the last season and how would we wrap it up and then it never happens. I've given up on trying to figure it out. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC #SPNFamily
According to #JensenAckles, part of him wants to go out guns blazing but the other part wants it left open for a possible future because REBOOT. He also said "Hell Yeah" to being in said reboot. #Supernatural #ComicCon #SPNSDCC #SPN #SPNFamily
#JensenAckles : 14th season picks up with Micheal traveling around and assessing this world and the people and things within in and then cuts to Sam and the group and them pulling their hair out trying to find and destroy Micheal without killing Dean. #Supernatural #ComicCon
#AlexanderCalvert: There's a lot of new things to look forward to for the fans in the upcoming season. Seeing everyone in their new roles. Sam is trying to manage everyone. Super Dean. And Jack has to manage with being human. #Supernatural #ComicCon
#AlexanderCalvert: Jack really had a role previously. Something he knew that he could do and now he has to readjust to it, and he has to relearn how to be useful. He's still half celestial being though. #Supernatural #ComicCon
#JaredPadalecki Sam is in a position that's different for him being the defacto leader. It's all on him and he's really just worried about his bother. Sam wants to save Dean, but everyone wants to kill Micheal and that's going to cause an issue. #Supernatural #ComicCon
Padalecki: I legitimately enjoy Sam Winchester. I learn more about Jared as I play Sam. I work w/my best friend. I met the mother of my children on this show. I can't think of another TV show I'd rather be on. I get to do everything. I get be in #ScoobyDoo! #Supernatural #SDCC
According to #JaredPadalecki, he hasn't actually worked with #JensenAckles yet this season on the filming of #Supernatural. Seeing the tease during the #ComicCon panel was the first he's seen of Micheal. He's interested to see what it's like.
#JaredPadalecki said he thinks when #Supernatural ends the #Winchester boys have to die. Or at least one of them does, but he thinks it should be both because as long as they're alive they'll be hunting. But he said it's weird to talk about the end of the series. #ComicCon
When told about #JensenAckles talking about a #Supernatural reboot said if the #WinchesterBrothers don't die when the series ends, then he'd love to come back, too. #ComicCon
#MishaCollins: Everyone is in crisis mode when we start the new season, hellbent on recusing Dean. Cas is relatively full of power, he runs into the some trouble pretty much outta the gate though. #Supernatural #ComicCon #Castiel
#MishaCollins: Cas has to deal with the fall of heaven, though that's in the back of his mind and not something they've dealt with yet. #Castiel #Supernatural #ComicCon
#MishaCollins said that he's been spoiled on the concept of the 300th episode of #Supernatural and he's pretty sure he knows what Andrew Dabb has in the works. All he would say is that it seems like it'll be "very meta and very cool. #ComicCon
Here’s my final #ComicCon story on everything I learned from the #Supernatural press room Sunday w/videos:… #SPNSDCC #SONFamily #SPN #SDCC2018

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