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1. Q has told us, in not so many words, that the FEDERAL RESERVE of the UNITED STATES is a tool of immense power which the Cabal uses to consolidate their global influence, enrich their own, fund devastating global wars, and CONTROL THE PEOPLE. #qanon #EndtheFed
2. The Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 to provide a stable currency/economy. What most people don’t realize is that the FedRes is not a gov’t institution per se. It is PRIVATELY administered and controlled, although the President can make appointments to the Board. #qanon
3. Over the years, many people have criticized the Federal Reserves actions, questioning whether the FedRes effectively acts for “the people” or only the interests of the banks and elites. Critics like Ron Paul have lobbied for years to #EndtheFed #qanon
4. On 19 April 2018, an Anon asked Q, “Is the Federal Reserve ending?” Q’s response: “Structure.” Which probably means Trump will end the current STRUCTURE of the FedRes. That is, its structure as a PRIVATE and SECRETIVE central bank will END. #qanon
5. Further underlining the importance of the Federal Reserve Q writes on April 4, 2018: “MONEY. POWER. CONTROL. People are simply in the way. SLAVES. SHEEP. PAWNS … THE FED. ROTHSCHILD. 'CONSPIRACY' ... REVELATIONS.” #qanon
6. Conspiracy? Of course, for years we’ve been hearing conspiracy analysts insist that the Federal Reserve is a tool of control for the so-called Illuminati. But Conspiracies aren’t only for the paranoid and delusional. Indeed, conspiracies can be FACT. #qanon
7. The law has always recognized Conspiracy not as “delusional fantasy” but as punishable crime--an agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is legal in itself but becomes unlawful when done by a consortium of actors.
8. I think we now have real reason to believe the “crazy” conspiracy analysts were right all along. As we have learned from Q, the Cabal’s “symbolism will be their downfall”. #qanon
9. Just take another look at the occult symbolism on the Federal Reserve’s US dollar bills. #qanon
10. Q has revealed how occult symbols are very important to the global Cabal, most of it derived from Sumerian/Egyptian/Luciferian roots—ultimately all the same thing really, at least in terms of the history of their dark religion. And the FedRes is no exception.
11. The Pyramid on the Federal Reserve dollar note. The All-Seeing Eye (aka the Eye of Horus). The illuminating rays are a classic symbol within the Cabal’s “sun-god” cult. The symbolism alone is a disturbingly fascinating and frightening trip down the rabbit hole.
12. Q’s reference to REVELATIONS suggests this criminal conspiracy of financial control by the Federal Reserve will soon be exposed. Still…I’m also compelled to refer to the Book of Revelation and what it says about money at the “end of times”? #qanon
13. After all, Q does love double-meanings. Perhaps the reference to Revelation has more than one implication too...
14. Some say Revelation 13:11-17 predicts a financial system that controls whether people have the personal power to buy and sell. In the past, cash-in-hand (or barter-assets like gold) preserved individuals’ rights to transact without approval of the authority. #qanon #gold
16. That is to say, in the past the state couldn’t easily dictate whether an individual used money as long as that individual had access to physical money. Today, with a “virtual currency system”, individuals worldwide can be strictly controlled financially by the state. #qanon
17. What else does Q say about the Federal Reserve system? Well he tells us “everyone is connected”. In particular he refers to Dr. Emmett Rice, a governor of the Federal Reserve in the 1980s. No coincidence that he is father to Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice.
18. Perhaps Q's clearest condemnation of the Federal Reserve is an A-Z list of ALL Central banks under control of the Roths. This control creates a spider-web that traps all humanity like flies. Our labor and wealth is siphoned off to feed the very people who detest us. #qanon
19. A more mysterious Q post MAY reference the Federal Reserve’s importance in a web of global crimes. Refer again to the All-Seeing Eye on the Federal Reserve dollar bill. Triangle has three sides. Slush funds. Feeder. War. Keystone? #qanon
19. Q also asks: What year did the Titanic sink?...Why did select ‘individuals’ not make it into the lifeboats?...What is the FED? What does the FED control? Who controls the FED? #qanon
20. Clearly Trump signaled his intentions to tackle the Federal Reserve through symbolic imagery in his 2016 campaign video (“The Video That Will Get Trump Elected”). Note burning dollars, the reference to “money printing”, Janet Yellen, market manipulation. Some excerpts:
21. And we know Trump has a particular fondness for President Kennedy who was assassinated not long after Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 for the issuance of silver-backed United States Notes through the U.S. treasury rather than the Federal Reserve System. #qanon #gold
22. “When Kennedy called for a return of America’s currency to the gold standard, and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve System…Kennedy prepared his own death warrant. It was time for him to go.“ — Colonel James Gritz #qanon #gold #Bitcoin
23. Trump in a 2015 interview with WMUR-TV Pittsburgh: “I like the gold standard and there are some very nice things about it but you have to go back at the right time…We used to have a very solid country because it was based on a gold standard.” #qanon #gold #bitcoin
24. In 1988, a Roths-controlled financial publication predicted a new One World Currency by 2018, represented by the symbol of the “Rising Phoenix”. This would have been the currency of total global control for the New World Order. They never thought she would lose. #qanon /End
25. I should have mentioned Interest Rates! Q asks "What does the Fed control?" Interest Rates. Notice what Trump is talking about now. The Fed is raising rates and he doesn't like it. Though they're playing right into his hands. Checkmate is near. #qanon /END...honestly

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Sep 22, 2018
President Trump: "We are dealing with foreign countries that do have a problem. I got called today from two very good allies who said please can we talk... It's not as simple as that." 03:00

No it's not. What Australia did could be considered an act of war. #auspol #aupol
Australians will soon realize
@POTUS is talking about Australia. The Australian gov't betrayed America. The Australian gov't betrayed its own Australian people. (03:00 min. mark)

Wake up Australia.

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Sep 5, 2018
1. Q refers to this portion of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. "You don't have a constitutional right to turn on your own gov't and collaborate with the enemy of the nation." The ultimate punishment does include EXECUTION. #qanon @POTUS
2. Here is the relevant Q post. The implications seem to be that the Supreme Court can confirm the constitutionality of Military Tribunals for traitors. This underlines the importance of a Supreme Court freed of corruption. HRC and the rest of the Cabal are terrified.
3. Justice Kavanaugh also references Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, 542 U.S. 507 (2004), a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court recognized the power of the U.S. government to detain enemy combatants, including U.S. citizens.
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Sep 3, 2018
Q BOOK REVIEW: Some Anons noticed Q tripcodes call up specific titles at Google Books. So I ordered one such book and just finished it. Written in the late 80s and 90s, it's striking how much of the content of this book reflects Q's revelations and more. Great read! #qanon
I didn't really appreciate the reverence for Al Gore and his global warming sales-pitch. But that's really only a single page in 170 pages. I will give the author the benefit of the doubt--that she is only an interpreter of the (spiritual/extra-terrestrial) messages she received.
Otherwise, the book thoroughly explains the origins of a corrupt banking system utilized by the 13 Bloodlines to control us. And it explains the power of the Great Awakening. Knowledge is power in more ways than one. There is a spiritual journey of mankind in operation here.
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Aug 17, 2018
1. Follow the Owl.
Follow the Phoenix.
Follow the Sun.
Follow the Fish. #qanon @POTUS
2. On the ground, leading to the entrance outside of Epstein’s temple, there are other sculptures that appear to be “centaur-like” creatures. A satanic symbol of transhumanism (worshiping human-like beings that are actually hybrids). #qanon @POTUS
3. In fact, as @kathym4321 points out, these sculptures are probably, Icthyocentaurs: part man, part animal, part fish. #qanon @POTUS
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Aug 14, 2018
1. We all thought the bird sculpture on Epstein's temple was the Owl symbol of the Illuminati. But Q posted a better photo of the temple, and it's clear to me now it's not an owl but a Phoenix, which is just as diabolical in its symbolism. Here's Q’s temple pic. #qanon @POTUS
2. Zooming in on the bird sculptures indicates this is a perched Phoenix. See the plume on the head and overall shape of the animal. Not really an owl. #qanon #pedogate @POTUS
3. We usually see the symbol of the Phoenix with outstretched wings, rising from fire and ash. But here is an artist’s renditions of a perched Phoenix. Notice the striking similarities to the sculptures on Epstein’s temple. #qanon @POTUS
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Aug 2, 2018
1. Been reading a bit about mind control and brainwashing. The techniques are much more advanced than most of us realized, involving chemicals, frequencies, symbols, repeated messages, rewards and punishments.
2. There is reason to believe we have all been illicitly subjected to a lifetime of such tactics, through chemicals in our food, high frequency sounds, repeated messages in music, print media, movies, schools, universities, and environmental pollutants including radiation waves.
3. A guy I know just visited his middle-aged aunt who lives alone, somewhat isolated despite some wealth. He was shocked by the deterioration in her mental health. She constantly ruminates on how "evil" Trump is. She talks about it constantly, in nearly every conversation.
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