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And it opens with a 💥BOOM💥 about the Federal Reserve!!!!


#Qanon #Qarmy #WorldWarQ #MAGA #TheStorm #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening…📁…📁
2+2 confirmations.
We will never again be under their control.
Here is the first article Q posts:…
The Federal Reserve (a private bank that controls and issues our money) is about to undergo a huge restructuring and major changes! I for one am happy to hear that! As an initial supporter of the Ron Paul REVOLution, I have for years advocated for auditing and ending the FED.
I believe that the power to print and control our money should be reverted back to our Treasury Dept. directly, as stated in our Constitution.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was an act of treason against US and Pres. Woodrow Wilson admitted regret for it on his death bed.
One of the largest reasons we fought the Revolutionary War Against Great Britain was to get ourselves away from their Central Bank and the massive control it held over us.
70% of the private bank that is our Federal Reserve is owned by FOREIGN people... but we’re not allowed to know who they are! It’s a big SECRET! We know the Rothschilds are there though... and what they think about controlling our central bank. Money = Absolute Power.
Though I am happy to hear that the M2 has remained at zero this year with no inflation of the money supply, likely due to Trump’s appointments in the Fed, there is much more to change.

They stopped printing the M3 years ago and that needs to be reinstated!!!
Inflation is a silent taxation on all of us. When the Fed prints more money, all of our currency is devalued.

We have all experienced this. How much did a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, or a gallon of gas cost when you were a kid?!
Did you know that the Federal Reserve prints and then issues all of our money to our government in usury (debt)...

Their only cost is the production of the bills or coins... but we are forced to pay them back the face value plus interest!

This is a de facto form of SLAVERY!
Most Americans have no clue how our banking system works, and they make it sound overly complex on purpose... for if we all knew how awful our banking practices were... there would be Revolution!
From the very beginning of #Qanon, I have hoped and prayed that the complete reformation or abolition of the Federal Reserve would be one of Q’s END GOALS!

Here is one of my old blogs from 2006 with LOTS of quotes about it:…
“We will never again be under their control!”

Here is the second article Q posted:…
Our Federal Reserve Bank MUST be run by America and Americans and MUST act in the best interest of the United States!
This is happening FAST.

Q also used
In this 4/15/18 post...
I wrote a popular and widely read blog on MySpace a long time ago (2005-2006) (copy:…) that noted that at that time only 8 countries remained without a Rothschild controlled central bank.

Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and North Korea.
Do you remember Q’s many posts listing ALL of the Rothschild controlled central banks on 11/11/17?

Here’s the first one...
You can find the rest starting at post #135 at
Guess which banks are included in Q’s list?

1. Bank of Cuba.
2. Bank of Sudan.
3. Bank of Afghanistan.
4. Bank of Iraq.
5. The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
6. Central Bank of Libya (their most recent conquest).

North Korea and Syria are NOT listed...
Now keep that list in mind and think about the United States’ military actions over the last couple of decades...

Also, who funds ISIS? Who REALLY funds ISIS? why didn’t BO stamp out ISIS like POTUS did? Why was No Name really in Syria?

Get the picture?
Ok, on to the rest... here is Q’s second post today:

Happy days ahead, Patriot!
Did you know there is a band called Happy Days Ahead in Manila, Philippines?

When I hear “Happy Days” I mostly think of the Fonz and the old TV show by that name. 😁

Q says that “News unlocks the map.”

Check out this article from the Seattle Times yesterday that also references the Federal Reserve, inflation, and our need for more skilled labor (it’s in Trump’s plan):…
There has been another Anon on the Chan’s posting as “R” with some interesting stuff. Q was asked about R. He didn’t say R was fake but he did say:

There is only Q.
Q reposts the JFK prayer they say daily in the Oval Office, along with the FBI Oath of Office they all take, then:

You owe it to your country.
To yourself.
To your children.
We stand with you.
The time is now.
This is clearly a message to current FBI officers and brass to do the right thing.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations was founded on 7/26/1908 during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.
The FBI says they were founded to combat increased crime and to defeat the Anarchist movement (remember the Anarchist that shot President McKinley)... but they were really established to help create and then protect the Federal Reserve Bank!…
The FBI works for and with the Federal Reserve Police... which has ever increasing powers of authority... Remember, the Federal Reserve Bank is a PRIVATE BANK they won’t even tell us who the shareholders are! They operate on private property outside of US jurisdiction!
Did you know that currently our US National Debt is over $21 TRILLION DOLLARS?

Did you know that if we PAID OFF that debt entirely, there would be NO US money in circulation on the planet?
Did you know the US spends approximately 25% of it’s entire Federal budget simply paying the INTEREST on that debt to the Federal Reserve, a private bank, who then distributes the profits to it’s SECRET private shareholders?
Did you know that at the rate we are going, that INTEREST payments on our national debt will surpass our defense spending by 2021, and all nondefense spending by 2022?

We are at a CROSSROADS here folks... and the time to act is NOW!
“We will never again be under their control!”

IMAGINE what we could do for our great country if we were not bound in slavery to this debt!!!!!
IMAGINE what the WORLD could become if we ALL threw off the reigns of debt that these Rothschild controlled Central Banks inflict upon us?!?!

THIS is #WorldWarQ! And we are not alone!

Where We Go One, We Go ALL!

#WorldWarQ #Qarmy
In stark contrast, this is what the EVIL #DeepState #NWO wants you to IMAGINE!

Sound familiar? No borders, no religion... living only for today.
To all Americans, please pray.
Q+ is a member of the Q team and posts when operations are LIVE and ACTIVE! So put on the Armor of God and PRAY for our operatives that may be in harms way right now while they fight to take back our country!

Q has, since the beginning, posted stringers like this one. Q says stringers are important. At first they were in the text, then after they are in the file picture names... These are encrypted CIPHERS to be decoded. I am just learning to decode...
Did you know their are secrets encoded in our Bible too? Isaac Newton (one of my ancestors) was big on studying BIBLE CODE.
Did you know that Lewis Carroll also developed and included CIPHERS in the book ALICE AND WONDERLAND? Yes, there are secret messages in Wonderland... its a real rabbit hole!

Did you know that spies, hackers, and secret societies all pass messages using CIPHERS and ENCRYPTION?

Welcome to THE MATRIX...
Remember this?
Q posts a portion of the Declaration of Independence and again states:

You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

This is a near silent civil war... and we are witnessing history in the making!

The Kansas City Star broke the news Q references in that Breitbart article... however when Q refers to KANSAS he is actually referring to Secretary of State Pompeo, who is from Kansas. Pompeo has been working hard lately and making lots of progress!
Pompeo appeared today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and totally defended Trump and the upcoming Summit with Putin.…
This was President Trump watching Pompeo’s Testimony today...

Trump MAGA Dance

Questions after the Press Conference:

Did Michael Cohen betray you?
Why did you cancel the Putin meeting?
Were you aware about the payment?
Trump DELAYED the meeting for having Putin come to the WH due to optics.

"The president believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over, so we’ve agreed that it will be after the first of the year," -John Bolton
Those questions by the Press were made directly following the BOMBSHELL announcement that the European Union has DROPPED ALL TARIFFS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES!!!!!

This is why Trump and Q say that the #FakeNews Mainstream Media are our CURRENT biggest enemy!
POTUS just scored a humongous VICTORY for the United States and all the Press wants to ask about is the Stormy Daniels charade? 🤣🤣🤣


Kill your television please... you will never hear the truth from the MSM!
Q is still going!

This thread is long so I’m breaking off into a new one...


• • •

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Oct 8, 2018



#Qanon #Q #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheGreatAwakening #Qanon8chan #TheStorm #Breadcrumbs #Qarmy #WorldWarQ #WeAreQ #TRUTH
Today’s song is brought to you by the amazing @DeplorableChoir!

The Depolorable Choir- No SMOKIN’ gun

Today I say a prayer of Ephesians 6:14:

“Stand firm then, with the belt of #TRUTH buckled around your waist...”
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Oct 8, 2018
NEW #Qanon #Oct7 #Oct8
Posts #360 #361 #362

But, of course, Anons already knew...

New #Qanon…
[Why not?] [if true] D's do not want DECLAS [TO PROVE] POTUS was colluding w/ RUSSIA?
Why are D's opposed to DECLAS if what they say is true?
DECLAS would [PROVE] evidence v. POTUS to obtain FISA WARRANT - why the block?
Define 'Projection'.
See article above - redactions made to 'protect' exposing the REAL TRUTH?
Logical thinking.
McCabe Memos [source] >>> NYT [RR] 'wear a wire'
Sessions Subpoena >>> McCabe Memos delivery to House
Baker Testimony >>> House [what was learned?][D]
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Oct 8, 2018
In honor of this historic moment, today we’re going to DIG on


Feel free to drop any intel you have on him in this THREAD>>>
Oleg Deripaska > Paul Manafort

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Oct 7, 2018
You know what scares me about this... it wasn’t long ago that truth telling patriots were legitimately scared of being declared ENEMY COMBATANTS in the same fashion.

I’m not saying it is, but WHAT IF Q was a final push to identify the conspiracy minded?

Just food 4 thought.
We had good reason to be scared too... Department of Homeland Security literally put out guidebooks that identified us as a threat.

If we organized on any size scale, @FBI would identify, track, and infiltrate the group to mislead it... even if it was a peaceful truth group.
Every protest attended, our pictures and video were taken, tagged, and saved.

While I attended war protests in Los Angeles, I witnessed this first hand.

While I was against the war because I knew it was started on lies, I was also dating a Marine at the time that was in Iraq.
Read 12 tweets
Oct 4, 2018
Let’s talk about PUNK ROCK.
Punk Rock is a Mind Set, not a clothing style!
It is those that recognize the CORRUPTION in our system and REBEL!
Truest Punk Rockers believe we are Punk Rockers for GOD!

Turbonegro - The Age Of Pamparius
We believe the WORLD is Ugly and Tainted with Sin!
We believe in Something Greater!
We are NOT Anarchists!
(Though would be convenient and I considered it... it sucks. My original initials are AQO for a reason...)

Here is my favorite Female Punk Rocker:
We got MAD LOYALTY in our ranks! Like you wouldn’t even understand!
Like a Military System!
We Honor Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Time!
Mad mofo knowledge too!
We’ve been kicked down and learned to research for ourselves FOR YEARS!
Read 5 tweets
Oct 3, 2018
Let’s vet it!!!

Is Christine Blasely (FORD) actually CIA?
This appears to be the original (unsure) source on this little tidbit...

If true, it doesn’t get much more #DeepState #NWO than this!!!

It means they are trotting out the offspring of ex-Nazi OSS officers, turned CIA big wigs (#ProjectPaperclip)!!!

Take a gander at GRAMPS!…
Read 18 tweets

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