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“Ways to Survive an Irritable Child.” #MiddleSchool 😩😩😩
There’s a whole section on bullying. Specifically, online bullying. “It’s a new thing that the kids are having to deal with. There was bullying when we were younger, but it turned off when we left school. It never turns off now.”
“Hormones, irritability, friends become more important, they start keeping more secrets...” OMG #MiddleSchool
These kids are going through so much. #MiddleSchool
Back Talk. Manipulation. 😩 #MiddleSchool
Meanwhile, I’m ALSO tryna put this Transformer together for the 7yr old. Help??? #MiddleSchool
Door’s def supposed to be the other way. Smh #6thGradeOrientation
🗣I AM EVERY WOMAN. IT’S ALL IN ME! #6ThGradeOrientation
It’s ok to acknowledge kids are going throughout things we didn’t have to deal with. You can totally say “take away the phone, disconnect” while ALSO acknowledging that internet bullying is bad. We know Middle schoolers can be assholes. Add 24hour access? Ofcourse it’s bad.
For instance, I was 19 when Columbine happened. 1 year out of highschool. Know what I never had to deal with that middle schoolers/highschoolers have to? A schoolmate shooting up your school. Those are just facts. Kids aren’t weak. Times are diff. We need to acknowledge that.

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Sep 20, 2018
This is so powerful. For so many the defensive rebuttal to #MeToo is “Men are victims too” as if the mvment isn’t about ALL survivors. Here Charles is, like Terry, understanding exactly what female survivors go through. They know THEY will be blamed/shamed no matter what.
We live in a patriarchal/misogynistic society. We teach girls to dress modestly, cross your legs, know where you are but do not, as a society, teach boys NOT to rape. We teach girls all of the reasons their assaults are their fault (fast little girls) but spend exactly no time...
...teaching kids about consent. Boys ARE survivors as well. We know tgis because sexual assault/rape is about the abuse of power. But the rules of patriarchy don’t allow men to be victims OR push against a patriarchal system. So they are also shamed & silence. Who’s left then?
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Sep 1, 2018
Nothing says how toxic patriarchy is than an pastor launching n2 an anti-black, anti-single mom rant during the eulogy of Aretha Franklin, a single mom who raised sons. That “old school” mentality is full of misogyny, homophobia, groping (and worse) & needs 2 go.
It’s complicated. The history of the black church in this country is so rich. It was a place of gathering. Of safety from white eyes. We could be together & worship. Dance. Sing. Your fav singers came from the black church. Your fav non-black singers, fav singers, came from...
...the black church. It’s honestly why, when white progressives go into anti-religious rhetoric, it turns folks off. Even black agnostic & atheist black folks understand the history & nuance of the black church. That’s why someone like Farrakhan can be up there in a ...
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Aug 19, 2018
In the 1920’s, the hey day of the KKK, White women had their own autonomous arm of the KKK called the WKKK.
“...when we say look @ the role of WW n ws & racism n this country is that, it’s a system wide issue. Not just cross burnings. It’s woven n2 society & wmn r apart of society & if we’re not acknwlgng the role wmn play then we’re not acknwlgng it’s woven n2 the fabric of society.”
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Aug 16, 2018
The Great Migration is so fascinating & I’m so happy Shonda is doing a show about it. Aretha was part of that migration. She left (Miss I think) for Detroit at 4. Same story for many musicians at that time who ended up in Detroit. The city (like many others) offered so many...
...opportunities. Motown changed everything. EVERYTHING. Detroit is so important to Black American culture.
I LOVE hearing my momma talk about growing up in Detroit in the 60’s & 70’s. It seemed like such a magical place. Ofcourse I’m romanticizing it but really...for Black American culture, it was more important than Hollywood. Sounds & music that originated in the south just...
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Jul 19, 2018
We’re really going into the midterms like 2016 never even happened. Like...we know it happened & R*ssia succeeded, but somehow the midterms will be diff? Smh
Like I don’t wanna be a downer but guys...R*ssia successfully hacked/interfered with our presidential election, got us 45 & the crucial midterms are right around the corner...
Gop Congress refuse to do shit cause they’re getting what they want & Dems are stressing civility. I just don’t know...
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Jul 3, 2018
Cardi’s whole point (and Remy’s) to Peter was, these two women (one being your wife) are giving you everything. Their body’s, time, labor AND their self respect. You could say, they’re choosing to give up so much. Cool. But that system that Peter is swimming in...
...patriarchy ALSO SAYS you’re supposed to take care of them. Not just a few dollars here & there but SUPPORT them. Some of our grandfathers were pieces of shit w/ 2/ families, but they also built the house, paid the bills & did whatever else he needed to do. Not all...
...but in a time where access for women was so limited (I realize this convo is complex as BW have ALWAYS had to work & both BW & BM faced systemic racism ) but there were certain things women could not access that men (even BM) could. And the rules say you provide. It reminds...
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