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1) #Qanon
July 27, 2018 Q posts

Qanon: Sliding Down & Singing Like A Caged Bird
2) #Qanon
Twitter near 20% slide? = Collapsing under own weight.
FB near 20% slide? = Collapsing under own weight.
All because of missed earnings? = They knowingly removed Conservative sites and posts.
What does the Street know? = It all.
2a) #Qanon
Insiders dumping? = MZ was caught doing it.
[DC moves slow] = Like a snail.
@Jack = Bad boy.
MZ = Bad boy.
Your hands are dirty. = Their hands are filthy and they have gotten caught.
2b) #Qanon

Down they go
3) #Qanon

When does a bird sing? = When it's caged.
3a) #Qanon

When it's caged, sir.

She's a 'bird', what the Brits call a chic. She's singing because she got a deal.
4) #Qanon
5) #Qanon

Keep your promise.
This is not a game.
5a) #Qanon

LP better stay far away from scarfs & doorknobs!
5b) #Qanon

Warning to UK we know, LP PS working with Mi6

PS round 2.
[Lead investigator HRC/Russia].
5c) #QAnon

See real husband pic and her height is 5'9". Shoulder height to Come would be about right
5d) #Qanon
6) #Qanon

Public awareness forces hand. = When the public knows, you can no longer hide from the truth.
6a) #Qanon

When they are safe. = Public awareness allows people to sing, but knowing they are safe from door knobs and scarves too.
6b) #Qanon

When they are let out of a cage?
Strings cut.
The bitch has a story to tell?
Was she a slave herself?

Get post by an #Anon
7) #Qanon

Nobody, escapes this. Nobody.
8) #Qanon

Concerning PS text...
8a) #Qanon

8b) #Qanon

Expel the evil from our government and then from our world.
9) #Qanon

compilation of today's Q posts
and POTUS tweets
note: tweets are 1 hour behind EST from twitterarchive
Q posts are all off this board in EST
calculating deltas and
would like another set of eyes to see any
correlation as per [deltas]
10) #Qanon

No Name confirmed
11) #Qanon

Gina Haspel
The CIA London Station is the main centre of the US Central Intelligence Agency in the UK.
Station chief (COS) Un-named woman c-2009
Those ordered to testify include the former CIA chief, Porter J Gross. Another is a woman who is not publicly named who
11a) #Qanon

heads the agency's London station.
She previously worked as the chief of staff for the head of the CIA's clandestine branch, Jose Rodriguez, who is the focus of the investigation.…
11b) #Qanon

Gina Haspel
11c) #Qanon

Jason Bourne
That movie focuses on CIA and a chunk of it happens in London.
Did CIA lose control of a black ops person?
Is that person helping to take down the whole thing with the CIA lady?
In the movie she was a "Good guy".
11d) #Qanon

Strzok is a CIA implant, Gina might be well informed about him. It explains why they didn't want her to be the head of the CIA : because she has the goods thanks to her past assignations.
11e) #Qanon

Gina found the program!!
12) #Qanon

Company called LogMeIn in down 23%. Ties to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram…..Touts cloud storage and online collaboration…. Downgraded b/c of issues with online collaboration.…
13) #Qanon
14) #Qanon

I bet Q is not through dropping yet....
15) #Qanon

PS round 2.
[Lead investigator HRC/Russia].
16) #Qanon
Warning to UK?
Decipher re: last.
[Redacted FISA].
17) #Qanon

killing their own pawns once useless = cabal past time.
18) #Qanon
CIA == As follows--family trees who joined this organization.
18a) #Qanon
18b) #Qanon
18c) #Qanon
18d) #Qanon
18e) #Qanon
CIA History
19) #Qanon
Morning sun brings heat.
Full moon coming.
Undiscovered stars learned.
Missions forward.
Blood Moon tonight in Europe.…
Possible connection?!?
20) #Qanon
21) #Qanon

>Roger Stone had role in taking NXIVM down; was never in cult…
22) #Qanon
We Are Awake!
You Cannot Hide Any Longer!
23) #Qanon

Unauthorized missile fired.
Unauthorized emergency incoming missile threat activated Hawaii.
POTUS re-routes.
NO MSM investigations?
Biggest threat to the American people!
23b) #Qanon

Given CoC process to launch what does this tell you?
CLAS removal WASH minutes after.
23c) #Qanon

Specific reason for the reminder.
Everything stated has a purpose.
24) #Qanon

F-16s intercept.
25) #Qanon

Specialized weapons package.
26) #Qanon

HUBER on this??
27) #Qanon

Given CoC process to launch what does this tell you?
CLAS removal WASH minutes after.
28) #Qanon

>Specialized weapons package.
Enough is enough, Q!
Time to make these sick, evil bastards feel the pain!!
29) #Qanon
30) #Qanon

Who recently pulled out of FB?
Artificial support.
What events recently occurred in China re: FB?…📁

Why did China suddenly reverse course?
The more you know.
31) #Qanon

A message that nobody but who understands?
32) #Qanon
There is nothing more precious than our children.
Evil has no boundaries.…📁

The choice to know will ultimately be yours.
These people are SICK!…📁
32a) #Qanon

To those who are courageous enough to speak out - we stand with you!
You are not alone in this fight.
God bless.
33) #Qanon

What are the odds? = No Coincidences.
34) #Qanon

Got Popcorn?
The show is starting....
35) #Qanon
Q testing 4 different devices -- 2 having the same ID.
36) #Qanon
Qanon: Sliding Down & Singing Like A Caged Bird

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August 11, 2018

QAnon: The Illusion of Choice
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Do we really have choices?
Propaganda is strong and the competition works together.
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FAKE NEWS consolidation [propaganda arm of the D party].
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Dark to LIGHT.
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1) #Qanon
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QAnon: Enjoy The Show 🍿
2) #Qanon

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Jul 25, 2018
1) #Qanon
Royal Elites / Rothschild Formula > Global Banking Cartel

1913 -- What happened and how did it happen? And what is being done about it?
2) #Qanon
What is the purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank?…
3) #Qanon
Federal Reserve Act – The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the Federal Reserve System as the central bank of the US to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.
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