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Women make a difference, then and now.
“As it turns out, nearly two-thirds of all known rescuers have been found to be women.”

Make your plans about how you can save our families, our country.
I’ve been repeatedly warned that I’ll destroy my career if I dare speak out, so most of my political tweets and blogs are under a different name.
BUT when a govt starts harming children and their families, I realized that speaking out for them IS my career.
I need some help
I delayed my divorce until my kids were beyond custody battles, thinking I could obtain my share of our assets to move on.
I didn’t realize that divorce cts in the US (some worse than others) are set up 2 asset-strip and discard the more dependent spouse, like venture capitalists
They started using threats of police action and other extortion right away when I tried to push back to protect my rights. They starved me out and kept me from obtaining funds to hire an INDEPENDENT atty at the same time they were stripping all the marital assets they didn’t hide
He kept intercepting my mail, kept hacking my cell phone and emails, and called my business contacts to destroy my reputation. He intercepted family party invitations such that I missed the last party my late sister attended.
He lied in court filings and obtained court orders with findings that had been directly refuted by documents and recorded testimony. He used the court to withdraw essentially all the 401k to pay his lawyers and other expenses, and then forced me to pay the income tax on it.
The transcripts reflect a judge who advocated his misrepresentations for my husband at the same time he was threatening me with incarceration for defending myself and my property.
I’m giving you this detail because I need help. He has used the court and his multiple attys to seize my $1.3M Winnetka house with my home office and give HIM title. I’m trying to appeal that without ANY resources to do so
He used the court to kick me out into the street and
then had the local police and others stage a phony disorderly conduct (closing a door of a space I had just rented) to drag me into another court to prevent me from filing a timely appeal on his *removal* from my house
I’ve been living in my car since 11/11/13, when the judge modified the alleged divorce decree in an exparte removal hearing, giving me less than 24 hours on a holiday to get out or face sheriff attachment.
We’ve been living in crazy times struggling against #trumprussia. Some of the actions, such as #extortion and #MoneyLaundering, are similar to what many of us are facing in #divorce and #foreclosure courts. We find falsified documents and they say *so what.* We find conflicts of
Interest and they say so what. They took everything of mine: retirement, my house, my health care, and still they sneak in and keep taking money out of my bank account without court order
They try to get me to take monies that don’t belong to me so I become beholden to their future blackmail. They try to force me to declare Bk to make the pain stop, but I know they will keep on. They’re hoping I’ll just give up and maybe kill myself
But they don’t know me. You’d think after 27 or more years of marriage, my husband would have learned that I refuse 2B painted in2 corners. When he got the village to shut off my electricity and water 4 a month to get me to run away from my house, I hunkered down and got candles
I’m saying I believe I can make a difference in the fight for #reunification #exoneration of #asylum seekers, but I need help.
I need to rent a space to live that’s big enough for a home office. I can pay rent but the fraudulent credit record keeps me held prisoner in my car.
They took everything!
I need an independent civil rights team who can help me determine whether/how to change the venue away from Cook County to get my denied ADA accommodations and stop the other civil rights violations in their actions denying me due process and
equal protection.
This country still treats women like children, keeping us out of conversations and law-making that directly impacts us.
At age 65, I’m not seeking an abortion but I sure as hell believe that ONLY my chosen health care professional and I should make that decision
I believe that #SCOTUS decision Kirchberg v Feenstra (Head and Master) struck down those archaic laws, and husband-govt abortion laws (women and children as a man’s property) should have been struck also.
My judge has treated my attempts to end my marriage as his opportunity to enforce a Head and Master marriage I never contemplated. I never took my husband’s name, my father didn’t give me away, and I kept credit cards in my own name. So why does my judge do this?
So why do trump and congress do what they do? They want our money. They will strip us of every penny, every house, all retirement, because they feel entitled. And then they’ll still kick us to the curb, saying it’s our fault. #MoneyLaundering
So I said I need help. I need a place to live.
I need to go back to court (in an unbiased venue with ADA accommodations) to take back my house/home office and the $600k my husband pocketed instead of paying the mortgage. I need 1/2 of the retirement he took. I need to force
him to take the debt he falsely put on my credit report and expunge the fake judgment/ court history he put on me. I need him to pay the taxes he owes. I need the mail he intercepted and postal inspector investigation re mail box tampering (am locked out). I need my
my professional license restored.

Can my case be used 2 help other abused women who have had their kids taken and/or r falsely accused?
I have a decent paper trail
It would give my life some purpose in this 10 year fight if I could restore dignity, change how women are treated
If u can’t help me, think about how you can help other families in your own or nearby communities. We need to put the welcome mat back out, to speak out for equal justice for all

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