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1/ Saturday Thread: #ArtLaundering - In which I try to expand on this tweet. of an anon post from #8Chan

@AndreVanDelft and @WWG_1WGA_

#Qanon #PizzagateIsReal
2/ Before we begin... Should I ever get deleted from twitter, you can trust @Autisticated will be able to verify my new identity on a new account.

I am coming at this subject matter as one who:

A) Got an A + in Art History Class
B) Studied Economics

3/ If I were teaching a class on #ArtLaundering, the article entitled "Gaming Belief: The Modern Art Scam and Money Laundering Tax Racket by Jesse Waugh would be on the course syllabus. Stop and read it now.

4/ Let's build a conceptual foundation, or mental framework regarding money.

It is:

1. A medium of Exchange
2. A store of Value
3. A unit of account

Art, to a degree, functions as money. Item #2 seems to be the main purpose of art.
5/ Art is not money where art is not fungible.

I can't give you a Jackson Pollock if you have your heart set on a Picasso. Further, one Jackson Pollock is not a direct substitute for another.

But that isn't to say that you might still accept a Picasso rather than a Pollock.
6/ Now we can begin analyzing #ArtLaundering .

I tend to view it from the following angles:

1. Art is a store of value
2. Provenance, or title history can be fudged
3. Valuation can be subjective.
4. "Proxy Buying" matters.
7/ From the macroeconomic perspective, the great art bubble is a symptom of a lot of $$ sloshing around, looking for a rate of return. This was likely caused by loose Fed monetary policy to prop up failing banks. Money was supposed to trickle down, but not all of it has.
8/ The global financial system has functioned as a great siphon, to vaccuum wealth to the richest 1% globally. The world's richest 1% hold 82% of global wealth.


When you have all the $$ you could ever need, what more can you derive pleasure from?
9/ You've bought your 5th Lamborghini, just spent $400 million on a Yacht, picked up your fifth vacation home with more than 30,000 sqft, a tennis court and pool, and just had sex with supermodel #100.

What else is there?

10/ Let's say you want to buy vacation home # 6.

The seller of that home owns an art piece that is a tin of the artist's poop.

You, my friend, have found a way to do "proxy buying".

Instead of paying $5mil. for the home, you pay $1mil., and $4mil. for the tin of turds.
11/ Of course this is an extreme example. In real life, nobody would pay that much for a tin of turds. Also, doing so would draw headlines, and we don't ned that. We just need to "over pay" for the tin of dog turds so that the seller is compensated "off the books" so to speak.
12/ It's all about the "delta", where the delta is the difference between what an economic agent pays for an art piece, and the price they sell it for. Normally, this would be seen as a form of capital gains. However...
13/ There is something called the 1031 Art Tax Loophole: If you turn around and sell that same tin of dog turds for $4million + Delta, and invest that sum in property of "like kind", you can dodge the capital gains tax.

14/ Now, let's assume instead of a 6th vacation home, you are on the market for a snuff film or something worse.

The director/producer of said snuff film has a painting he would like you to overpay for at the nest auction.
15/ Correction to previous tweet - "next", not nest.

The key concept is that art valuation can be subjective in that the value of the art is driven by an underlying or hidden transaction: You are overpaying the producer for his painting and in return he gives you a "film".
16/ "Proxy Buying" is a key concept for understanding #ArtLaundering - what looks like legitimate transactions on the surface is simply a mask for an exchange of value occurring in parallel to the "legit" transaction.
17/ This is Lucifer's Economy at work: As above, so below. A game is being played all around you, and you think you know the rules, however, an alternate game is being played behind the scenes by a different set of rules known only to the initiated.
18/ As an example of a "game behind the scenes", here's a great video on how modern art has become one giant economic scam.

19/ The reason the video is so good, is because it's accessible to anyone. But most of all, it serves as an introduction to Alison Schrager, an Economist who writes about art. qz.com/103091/high-en…
20/ Here's Brian Holdsworth with his thoughts on why modern or post modern art seems so devoid of meaning. The shortest version is that in a post modern era, art is about self-expression rather than inspiration.
21/ Degenerate Art is a symptom and a cause of degenerate culture. Art and culture exist in symbiosis, and it appears a negative feedback loop has taken hold: More degenerate art begets more degenerate culture, which in turn leads to more degenerate art.
22/ Degeneration Theory was a popular concept in the 19th century. It held that cultures degenerate over time, and this cause was biological. These concepts fed into eugenicist ideas, and naturally fell out of favor. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Degenerat…
23/ Degeneration theory was fine in concept: cultures degenerate or devolve over time. However, it likely attributed the incorrect causal factor: biological forces related to breeding. So, if you married someone from the wrong culture or race, you would be seen as degenerate.
24/ You can see how degeneration theory would not be in favor in modern times: we are supposed to treat all cultures as equal to our own. Someone who is marrying outside their culture or race is seen as an enlightened being transcending small mindedness.
25/ Our modern times would look at Degeneration theory as being "racist, bigoted and small minded". However, in practice, many cultures still take measures to ensure racial purity of their offspring: Royal bloodlines, arranged marriages, etc.
26/ So I'm not totally ready to throw the Degeneration Baby out with the bathwater, because people still behave as though they are trying to maintain the integrity of their family tree. Also known as Endogamy. quora.com/Why-are-Indian…
27/ There's another possible causal factor contributing to cultural degeneracy, and that's the Behavioral Sink Theory.

The short version is that overcrowding in rat populations (akin to urbanization) mirrors what we see in large cities.

28/ There seems to be something to the Behavioral Sink Theory: Imagine you are a person in a rural area who does not self-identify along traditional norms. Odds are that you will migrate to a larger city offering more anonymity, which allows you to come out of your shell.
29/ In this way, cities become magnets for all kinds of outlier behaviors and preferences. (Widens the bell curve).

Rural areas are drained of these outliers, leaving a smaller standard deviation about the mean (narrower bell curve).
30/ Going beyond the Behavioral Sink Theory takes us to the Rat Park Experiments, where researchers were investigating the impact of living arrangements on opiate addiction. The group of rats who lived in cages were more addicted to opiates than the rats who grew up in Rat Park.
31/ I know you think I am going way off on a tangent here. But let's recap:

- Modern art is basically garbage, if not degenerate
- If the above is true, it fails to explain art valuations
- Degenerate culture and art are intertwined
- Degeneration and Urbanization are linked
32/ And another recap:

- Art valuations are way out of control because art markets are rigged
- Art is merely another medium of exchange for elites
- When art is bought and sold, there may be another parallel exchange of value
- In this sense, art is a form of laundering
33/ Going back to tweet 30 and the Rat Park Experiments. The main take away is that when rats lived in cages, they were more prone to consuming morphine. When they lived in an "enriched" environment, they were less prone.

34/ The Rat Park Experiments showed that addiction is not caused by the drugs themselves, but partly by one's environment. Change the environment, and you can impact behavior. Addiction recovery now focuses on mental, spiritual and emotional well-being in addition to detox.
35/ Living in cities, we yearn for liberation, in whatever form that may take: sexual, social, financial, emotional.

Liberation from norms, beliefs, standards, morals, religion and whatever may constrain us.

Degenerate culture is the opiate of the masses.
36/ Usually I wait until about 30 tweets in before I start dropping red pills, and so now, let's *really* begin.

Given all the degeneracy we see in Hollywood, in art, in culture and elsewhere, what could be the cause of this? Are there ancient forces at work? Indeed there are.
37/ This is where you'll think I've gone off the deep end. This is where I risk losing some of you.

However, some of you will choose to swallow the #redpill and see the uncomfortable reality.

Others will accuse me of hatred, intolerance, racism and every other SJW insult.
38/ Follow this logic:

"I don't hate all XXXX, in fact, the majority are great, moral people. In fact, many of my friends are XXXX. It's YYY, a Subset of XXXX, I don't like. Many folks within XXXX agree with me that the YYY are bad people with an agenda".
39/ I've been doing my research to understand who THEY are. The ones who sit at the top of the global pyramid of control, who have weaponized culture to bring about increasing levels of degeneracy. It's been a long, slow, process that has been occurring for hundreds of years.
40/ I'll come out and say it - I have a bone to pick with the Sabatean Jews of the Frankist variety, particularly two people named Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. I feel like their cultural influence is still alive and well, even today.

41/ If you ever wonder who influenced the Rothschilds, Adam Weishaupt's religious understanding, it was a man named Jacob Frank.

In short, Jacob Frank belonged to a subsect of (now banished) Jews who believed in "salvation through transgression".
42/ The Sabbataen variety of Judaism is simply an infestation of Luciferian "Do what thou wilt" doctrine infesting within the broader body of Jews.

If you want to read up on it, have a look at this article by @HenryMakow

43/ This doctrine concludes that all rules fail, and the End of Days will arrive either when man is totally righteous, or totally corrupt. The Sabbataen-Frankists opted for the latter option over the former.
44/ It's no coincidence that K A B B A L I S M became en vogue in Hollyweird recently. It's just THEM letting you have a peek behind the scenes as to who might be running the show: a modern version of Sabbataen-Frankist ideology within a broader occult context.
45/ To the cult that rules the world, the culture is a tool to debase souls through degeneracy, which is the new opiate of the masses.

I'm not saying that Sabbataen Jews run Hollywood. Nor am I saying that every practitioner of K A B B A L A H is part of the "in crowd".
46/ I am saying the following:

- Sabbataen-Frankists influenced Rothschild, Weishaupt and thereby put their mark on history
- Even though direct descendants may not be alive, the influence of this ideology is still around.
- It shows up in hollyweird as "boundary pushing".
47/ I am also saying that we are not wrestling against a flesh and blood enemy, but against powers, principalities, wickedness and rulers in high places - a spiritual hierarchy made manifest on this plane of existence.
48/ How do you hide something in plain sight?

Put it on twitter and make a mockery of everyone who questions it.

Use the following defense mechanisms:

- Just joking
- It's just art
- You're a narrow-minded, bigoted (insert SJW key word here)
49/ Remember: Comics and Artists, whether they do so consciously or not, are the propaganda arm of the New World Order.

In pushing boundaries, they detect what types of degeneracy are ready to slide through the Overton Window.

Our silence is our consent.
50/ Now back to #ArtLaundering - remember how I said that every "legit" transaction has a concurrent exchange of value running parallel to it, and this second exchange of value is the "real"transaction?

That same concept can be applied to any business.
51/ We'll start with something easy:

Massage Parlour.... or front for Human Trafficking and Prostitution?
52/ Functioning Real Estate Market....... or an investment vehicle for elite criminals to launder money?

53/ Art... or a memento to commemorate past conquests?
54/ Are Pizza Shops really just about pizza?
55/ What does Jeffrey Epstein really do to earn his money? Who the hell is Lex Wexner?

56/ Victoria's Secret - what's it REALLY about?

57/ Are casting agencies really just another form of escort agencies?

Some of you might recall the writings of Felicia G from 2010. If not, here's the link to get you started down that rabbit hole:

58/ As I said in previous posts...

There is a whole other game behind the game you think is being played.

Art is not always about art.

Actors don’t make it because they are great at acting.

Pizza is not just pizza.

It’s all right there, you just need eyes to see it.


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