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I'm still stuck on this—because it's amazing—and I have a few more thoughts on it.
First of all, think of the reaction you would've gotten if - before everything was neatly tied up by the FBI - you'd said "You know, I think the McDonald's Monopoly game is rigged. I think the mob's in on it, and probably even the security firm McDonald's hired! No really!!!"
You're not crazy. We're not crazy. We're being mind f*cked on an unprecedented level.
Second: just want to point out that the amount of time that passed from getting the call with "you might want to see what's up with the McDonald's Monopoly game" to bringing the whole thing down was: 17 MONTHS.
17 months. In 2000-2001. When our cell phones looked like this:
Third: as I've said, the GOP is backed into a corner. They know that THE FBI KNOWS. They know they have shit on them (as do our allies). They just don't know exactly WHAT or WHEN or HOW it's going to come home to roost. And they're freaking out. #gymjordan
They can't dispute the CONTENT of what the FBI has, because it's pretty hard to put a positive spin on child sexual abuse, accepting $ gotten from drugs, murder and misery; and other horrible, despicable, disgusting things.
So all they're left with is smearing the people who collected it. The smearing is asymmetric and they know it. They know intelligence can't defend themselves by saying "yeah, well we got it all on tape! Here! We'll prove it! Listen!" Because that would be muy stupido.
But what the FBI *CAN* do is release info on older cases that demonstrate (GLORIOUSLY) their abilities.  Their patience.  Their attention to detail. Their hustle.  Their zero tolerance for corrupt f*ckbags.
"The camera crew listened patiently to his rambling story, silently recognizing the inconsequential details found in stories told by liars...The two men behind the camera were not from McDonald’s. They were undercover agents from the FBI."
Who ELSE compulsively adds unnecessary details and just can't seem to shut his f*cking mouth?
"he realized that his tip had led to a super-sized conspiracy. Jacobson was the head of a sprawling network of mobsters, psychics, strip club owners, convicts, drug traffickers, and even a family of Mormons"
Mob, drugs, strip clubs, conspiracy...supposedly squeaky-clean religious people?

"If they apprehended a “winner” too soon, he or she might alert other members of the conspiracy who would destroy evidence, or flee. With the scheme still in full-swing, the FBI needed to team up with McDonald’s to catch Uncle Jerry and his crew red-handed."

“This intentional delay...proved very fruitful,”

“the Bakers accosted her and found she had $20,ooo in cash and a cashier’s check for $480,000. Their tense confrontation was filmed by an undercover team of local FBI agents.”

This is a move you make AT THE END.…
Look at the OTHER MOVES that have been made.

Our rights and the technology we live with are a double-edged sword.  Use YOUR part of the sword while we still have it.


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Oct 10, 2018
Look at absof*ckinglutely everything through this lens. This is a literal map of how to how to screw with our minds. With stolen metadata, compromised journalists, DC traitors, and Silicon Valley in their pocket. And they're doing it to help Trump stay in power.
Burn this f*cker into your brain. Anytime they start blowing hot air on TV, acting as though Dems are playing on an even field, remember that map. Remember how much metadata they stole. Remember this OTHER map:
Anytime you read something or hear something that creates a visceral reaction, or social media bar fights...remember that muthaf*ckin' map and maybe wait a beat (or two or twenty) before you dive in. Because getting us to fight with each other is their #1 goal.
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Oct 9, 2018
FOCUS. Consider that many, many, many distractions will be thrown our way. Look at the provenance of stories as much as the stories themselves. ie - the story that just broke seems to have come from Axios, Maggie Haberman, and clickbaity sites. Do with that what you will.
Also wanted to point out that the site that appears to have first run the ethics probe story on Haley shares ad tech with .tk redirect URLs (the .tk domain is a cesspool of malware) and a republican state senator site. This means: same person behind curtain on all those sites.
So what I'm seeing is the following TL:
-questionable site starts whispers about ethics probe
-Axios "scoops" story
-clickbait sites push out story
-Haberman pushes out story
-orange julius now pushing out story, rather gleefully

Please consider this moving forward.
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Oct 8, 2018
Apropos of this news, I'd like to point out that the following three things happened in March 2016:
-Manafort joins the Trump campaign
-Yandex code added to Breitbart site
-server activity starts

I don't see how it could be more obvious.…
Here is Yandex on Breitbart. If you don't know what that is, it's a Russian search engine, and widely thought to be controlled by the Russian government. What this means is that any American visiting a site with Yandex on was possibly digitally tracked by Russia.
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Oct 8, 2018
Guys. They say follow the dead bodies. With Peter Smith back in the news, I've been taking another look at the spring of 2017.

April 10: Cook County judge shot multiple times and killed in front of his house.…
April 11: NY judge found dead in the Hudson.…
May 1: Scott Christianson publishes this piece in McClatchy -…
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Oct 7, 2018
“He sometimes asked associates to communicate with him by writing a note and saving it the draft folder of the account”. This is a technique used by terrorists (literally).
“This $100k total with the $50k received from you will allow us to fund the Washington Scholarship Fund for the Russian students for the promised $150K.” Hmmmm. “Students,” huh?…
Worth noting—Smith was found dead: 10 days after talking w/WSJ; 5 days after Trump fires Comey; 4 days after closed-door meeting in the Oval with Russians; 1 month after Cook County + NY judges died mysteriously; 2 months before Hastert released.
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Oct 6, 2018
I believe: his many other problems, like gambling, debt, temperament, stealing, lying and spying were getting too much attention. I believe: they knew of his history of sexual violence, sat on it, then deployed it as a diversionary weapon.
When you’re an extremist, the ends justify the means.
There are plenty of other PROVABLE problems with Kavanaugh. Focus + follow the money.
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