"I would certainly meet with Iran if they want to meet, I don't know that they are ready yet, they are having a hard time right now." @realDonaldTrump
2) "I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet. And I am ready to meet anytime they want to. And I don't do that from strength or from weakness. I think it is an appropriate thing to do. If we could work something out that is meaningful......
3).... not the waste of paper that the other deal was, I would certainly be willing to meet." Reporter: Do you have preconditions for that meeting? @POTUS: No preconditions, NO. They want to meet, I'll meet. Anytime they want, anytime they want. It's good for the country....
4)... good for them, good for us and good for the world. No preconditions. If they want to meet, I'll meet." WOW! @realDonaldTrump just sent Iran a VERY CLEAR message. That is a VERY open invitation to the table. Now the msm starts bashing @POTUS for legitimizing Iran in 3,2,1...
5) If you understand neurolinguistics- you know why @realDonaldTrump used the word "meet" 8 times in a very short statement.
6) So newly liberal msm @FoxNews is framing this up as Republicans heads should be exploding for @POTUS taking the same position as Obumma on talking with dictators without preconditions. So they are equating meeting vs meeting- NOT agenda vs agenda. This is #HowFakeNewsWorks
7) BHO was meeting with Iran to set up shop and sell out America. @realDonaldTrump wants to meet with Iran in order to break up the cabal stronghold. VERY different agendas. #FakeNews always tries to make grapefruit look like oranges, just because they are both orange and fruit.
8) Huge difference between empowering the dictators vs empowering the people against the dictators. Huge difference between meeting to set up shop vs meeting to tear down rogue strongholds.

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
If the US were divided in two- Liberals on one side and conservatives on the other, with a BIG WALL in the middle. How many years would it take for the liberal states to be a 'third world' country in the same position as Venezuela?
2) They could tax people at whatever rate they wanted, elect whatever leaders they wanted, impose whatever laws they wanted- literally just turn it into the liberal utopia that they have tried to impose on the rest of us for YEARS. I bet people would be dying to move to LIBTOPIA.
3) They would have the perfect culture of diversity and tolerance they dream of- they would all gather in the streets at night and sing kumbaya together. They would have no need for police, because everything would be perfect and everyone would be just a big happy family.
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Oct 8, 2018
[Meeting between Comey and Coleman on October 4]
The Reason Democrats Are All Behind Mueller Witch Hunt Is Likely Hidden in the IG’s Clinton Email Report and It Will Make You Sick

It is absolutely inconceivable that anyone, let alone leaders in the FBI and DOJ could forget a discussion related to ‘crimes against children’. The odds of this are none to zero. As the report states, EAD Coleman and FBI Director Comey seldom if ever met one on one.
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Oct 5, 2018
LOGIC- Those who argue against #QAnon (usually) fall into two categories.
1. The 'journalists', don't like getting 'scooped' by citizen journalists or having their spin/fake stories independently investigated. They do NOT want you to question, they want you to trust.
2. People who did not 'buy-into' the #QAnon movement early. They did not believe it possible that Q was real then and therefore they are entrenched in their stances now. Kudos to those who use logic and have actually changed their position on Q later in the game.
What I also find interesting is that there are a LOT of people like me, that have studied EVERYTHING #QAnon related for the past <Year and when we are asked about it, there is NO DOUBT that what Q is sharing with us is legit intel and leads us down valid research holes.
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Oct 4, 2018
I am normally a VERY even keeled person. I avoid highs and lows like the plague because I KNOW that reality is not contingent upon emotion. I also have a well educated understanding of how to read people & see through them. Watching Graham the last few weeks......
.... It is REALLY hard not to get caught up in liking him immensely. I have despised him as a RINO for a VERY long time, so I am highly skeptical. But- I truly believe that McStain had something REALLY REALLY bad on him or something, b/c he has been a PITT BULL since no McStain.
The way he conducts himself in what should be stressful situations tells me that he is EXTREMELY comfortable with who he is (as presented) and you can tell that it is NOT an act. What he is saying just flows out of him as if intrinsic to his being.
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Oct 4, 2018
Russia collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on dossier before surveillance warrant💥🔥💥⚖️
Former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the 2016 season with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, the DNC’s private law firm. 🤭😮🤯thehill.com/hilltv/rising/…
“This is a bombshell that unequivocally shows the real collusion was between the FBI and Donald Trump’s opposition — the DNC, Hillary and a Trump-hating British intel officer — to hijack the election, rather than some conspiracy between Putin and Trump,” 🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯🤯
Baker was interviewed by lawmakers behind closed doors on Wednesday. Sources declined to divulge his testimony, other than to say it confirmed other evidence about the contact between the Perkins Coie law firm and the FBI.
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Oct 4, 2018
Here is an example of #HowFakeNewsWorks
Slate Misquotes Kavanaugh, Then Attacks Him over Its Lie.

The Sunday piece by Molly Olmstead is titled “Kavanaugh, Who Said He Had ‘No Connections’ to Yale, Was a Legacy Student.”

2) So, Molly Olmstead from Slate quoted Kavanaugh as saying, under oath, that he had no connections to Yale and that he got in because he busted his butt.

She attacked/accused Kavanaugh for lying under oath, and blasted it out on their website as 'news'.
3) The point of 'fake news' propaganda outlets is to steer the mind. If they can tell a lie enough, your mind will absorb it and even if you later find out it's a lie, it still affects your thought.
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