1) Take this with a grain of salt . .
The case against Defense Contractor Northrup, seeing as how it is produced by one of the MOST manipulative #OperationMockingbird subscribers. @CBS
2) It reminded me of a situation that someone relayed to me once. About the propensity to defraud, it is pervasive in nearly EVERY industry.
3) This is the program recently aired on CBS:
4) Eye opening to say the least, but it is an occurrence that was over decades ago, (before Northrup became Northrup/Grumman) so - in my view it is still going on. It is the practices of huge corporations, this one is a defense contractor, and is
5) tied to global security . . . get that: GLOBAL SECURITY. If you ask me, it's a money laundering machine, & part of the swamp that needs draining. These contractors, are actually billing the govt for MORE of our tax dollars than is really necessary for a particular job/part.
6) THEN these corporations, support with THAT money (as in contributions and donations) the politicians and political agendas that best allows them to CONTINUE DOING IT.
7) That case ended up settling in favor of the whistle-blowers - BUT with no admittance of wrong-doing. So, IT IS STILL GOING ON.
8) Back to the situation that someone once relayed to me a long time ago: They had just started a job, with a VERY reputable company, and they were all "gung-ho" and eager to do well. After really rolling up their sleeves and digging in and doing great work . . .
9) . . . one of the other workers came up to them and took them aside and said "Hey, slow down and go with the program. Follow the example of the old timers here, and you will fit right in."
10) So, that's what they did . . plugging along for decades, following the example of the other workers, amounted to 'take your time', 'stretch out breaks', and 'a lot of stalling and shuffling'. That went on EVERY DAY for over thirty years. Then it's time for them to retire.
11) That, my friends, is what has happened to America. Those so ingrained in the cycle of abuse and manipulation, and 'going with the flow' not making waves is what has got us to where we are. The immensity of the size of the swamp will boggle the mind.
12) It's what's going on at @HouseFloor @SenateFloor @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats @SenateGOP @SenateDems @USSupremeCourt @DNC @GOP and many in alphabet org's, including at the State and local levels.
13) THAT is why we have to get involved, and stay involved, and call out corruption, regardless if it means we lose our jobs. It's sad but true: those who will not come to the light make every effort so you don't pull the curtain back.
14) It's sad, but one day all the sacrifices, all the research they have done, #Anons #Qanon @prayingmedic @drawandstrike @ThomasWictor @therealroseanne AND MANY MORE . . . will have been worth it. We are on the verge of FREEDOM! #WWG1WGA
15) Justice WILL prevail, and righteousness WILL lead the way, some of us have already paid dearly - #GenMikeFlynn #SethRich #VinceVoster #JulianAssange and yes: @realDonaldTrump question is, who will you stand for good VS evil?
16) As for me? I will trust the Lord, I will stand for the rights of the infants in the womb, I will oppose wickedness, corruption and those who refuse to condemn lawlessness - I will call them out. I will REQUIRE those who represent me, to ACTUALLY REPRESENT ME. How about you?
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Sep 19, 2018
1) From Lamp Lighter Ministries:
Below are 4 aspects of God’s verdict this Yom Kippur, as best I understand it. I believe this is for God’s work in our government, for Israel & the nations with Rome to Jerusalem, as well as for many of you personally.
2) Jezebel Down. The Court cites its previous precedent in Jezebel v Naboth. Jezebel sought to take down Naboth to possess his vineyard as her own. The word Naboth means “prophetic words.”
3) He was chosen by God to oversee “the vineyard of prophetic destiny” for his land. In the same manner, forces tied to the occult have sought to take over the United States of America and paralyze the people of God from fulfilling the prophetic destiny the Lord has ordained for
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Sep 19, 2018
1) Last night, the Senate passed a cromnibus spending bill (H.R. 6157) with a vote of 93-7, and the bill IS BASICALLY A GIFT TO DEMOCRATS!!. The House is expected to vote next week on this massive spending bill that contains no conservative policy victories.
2) The cromnibus:
Betrays regular order
Lacks pro-life policy riders and funds Planned Parenthood through Medicaid and Title X
Not fund the border wall
Spends $10.7 billion more than President Trump requested
Urge your Representative to vote NO on the cromnibus. @DebbieLesko
3) Republicans control the House, Senate, and the Presidency, so there is NO EXCUSE for Republican leaders to pass this bill that BETRAYS CONSERVATIVE principles and campaign promises.
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Sep 16, 2018
1) This is an encounter I had with the Lord today . . . as I was pondering the Lord's Prayer: "forgive us, as we forgive others - their trespasses"
2) I saw myself standing @HouseFloor ~ speaking to every congressional representative. This is what I said to them:
3) "Today, I asked the Lord to forgive me, I asked in faith - KNOWING I needed His forgiveness . . . . He spoke to my heart: ' I do forgive you, AS YOU FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE TRESPASSED AGAINST YOU. '
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Sep 16, 2018
1) More Rebellious than the Sea
Am I the sea, or a sea monster,
that you set a guard over me?
Job 7:12

This was a strange question for Job to ask the Lord. He felt himself to be too insignificant to be so strictly watched and chastened, and he hoped that he was not so unruly
2) as to need to be restrained. The inquiry was natural from one surrounded by such miseries, but after all, it is capable of a very humbling answer.

It is true that man is not the sea, but he is even more troublesome and unruly. The sea obediently respects its boundary,
3) and it does not overleap the limit, even though it is just a belt of sand. Mighty as it is, it hears the divine "thus far," and when raging with tempest it still respects the word. Self-willed man, however, defies heaven and oppresses earth,
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Aug 24, 2018
1) I dedicate this thread (from Alistair Begg and C H Spurgeon) to

@HouseFloor @SenateFloor @SpeakerRyan @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @DNC @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @CIA @FBI @StateDept @DOJgov @NSAGov

2) If fire breaks out and catches in thorns so that the stacked grain or the standing grain or the field is consumed, he who started the fire shall make full restitution.

Exodus 22:6
But what restitution can be made by one who throws the firebrands of error or stirs the coals
3) of lust and sets the souls of men ablaze with the fire of hell? The guilt is beyond estimate, and the result is irretrievable. Even if such an offender is forgiven, he will still experience grief in recognizing that he cannot undo the effects of his foolish behavior!
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Aug 20, 2018
1) Thoughts? I'm opining here: the #FakeNews #MSM @CNN @ABC @NBC @CBS @FoxNews @OANN - y'all are acting like Potiphar's wife - now, go look that up, and ponder you that!
2) Here, I'll help you out: CAUSE the trouble with lies, innuendo, and slander.
3) . . . then cry victim, or accuse the target MORE . . . here, maybe this will help: gotquestions.org/Potiphars-wife…
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