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The Kenyan Vets were sidelined to pave way for AFRICA PARKS who will manage our Game Parks. Balala @tunajibu has been paid, it's not about 'race'. It is about a new regime in the North run by the British. Africa Park's President is Prince Harry
@alaminkimathi @Citizen_Alert1
mathenge joe @mathengejn >>"Ian Craig is the new Cecil Rhodes,the new #coloniser who confirms the adage that colonisers never went anywhere; they have just changed tactics and that's why we need to be entirely vigilant.
We agree: Let us look at the timelines
Our President @UKenyatta did a "deal" back when he was confirmed as President. He did this with the Royal Family. Recently, he signed a secret letter with Space For Giants. And @BrandKenya was unveiled....
Maasai were the most important natives on the branding - as servants
to a white populace. Watchmen, cooks and nannies, the Maasai are so cowed, homeless and difficult for them to find good jobs because education in the Northlands was erratic. But the cows....? - these were killed. No compensation has ever been given to any Maasai warrior, to date
Brand Kenya's mandate is to develop #Kenya - for the white visitors, tourists, money spenders and CONservationists, and It's on track. This is why #Cuban doctors were brought in - in time, they shall all work in the #Northlands, for the Whites.…
#SGR was never about #wanjiku, and the #NNP does not matter - who ever wants to see animals can go stay in the Private Game Reserves. In order to keep to the Mandate, African Parks picked a couple of #KWS
reservations to 'manage'.
African Parks is a #NGO focused on conservation, established in 2000 and headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Founder: Paul Fentener van Vlissingen
Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa
Key person: Prince Harry…
With Ian Craig on the Board of @kwskenya , errant natives and Kenyans can be assured of 2 things: It shall be run worse than when Leakey was there - racism. Already @tunajibu in one fell swoop has lied and grown men have lost jobs. Just to insert IAN CRAIG - a known racist
Furthermore, he is the bully boy for the Queen - in less than 20 years, he has stolen much of #NRT without dropping a single shilling into the communities. The lie is 'they shall help the communities' ??? Many are jobless and reliant on handouts as their land has been stolen.
Many are in trauma, as the evictions are brutal.
Yet @tunajibu , knowing this, and touring the area, has given Ian Craig 3 years to run Kenya's Parks. To #errants, it's a lifetime, for they shall not let go - Africa Parks shall be given a contract to run our parks for 999 years
Meanwhile, our advice to the Maa is simple - join catering schools, learn how to stand and smile, and women, learn how to be nannies for white kids. @MagicalKenya
"Far away up in the North, Kenya is expansive, unexplored but rich in color. Every day, the sun seems to be smiling down on this part of Kenya. It brings forth light and heat that revitalizes the sights and sounds of Northern Kenya...."
@MagicalKenya @BrandKenya
"....With a fun all-terrain vehicle, tour these rugged terrains and experience the thrills, well cut out landscapes that flourish into the horizon and even "desert" wildlife...." this is how our Northlands are described.
NOTE: White South Africans are been kicked out by #Malema
Last week @ErrantNatives learned and made some noise about #NRT going before Kenyan Parliament - requesting that Isiolo & Marsabit to be merged into one big 'County' as NRT complained they were finding it difficult to 'manage' their 'conservancies' all the way south, until #Lamu
Problem WAS, how does a Private Conservancy dictate CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS? Well, now Ian Craig, is a member. #NRT also asked for arms, helicopters, uniforms, and money to build runways - sounding more like a military request than a 'save the rhino' relocation
A billion shillings from @SweMFA , to kill people, to create "SpaceForGiants" for a "tourism industry". If 10 Maasai were shot dead, they would have been @BrandKenya 'd as 'bandits' in a country where the white man has dictated that a single animal is worth more than a Kenyan.
As we conclude, look for the threads here that outline the facts:-
@WWF is the intelligence arm of #SAS, which has numerous splinter groups. One of their groups operated under WWF in SA, as "Operation Lock". Read more on it to understand why Kenya's Northlands is at Risk.

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Sep 6, 2018
One of the reasons we do not want the #BRITISH in #Africa is because of the rubbish about we, the Natives. We do not want you here, even if you 'spoke to our 'leaders''... peddling your #bigwhitelies to a population for pity. You know NOTHING ABOUT us..
Nor do you make an 'effort' to ASK - instead, with a mule-headed white stubborness, you say we know nothing. Well, let us educate you 101 @BBCBreaking and @theresa_may. The picture you used - those elephants were NAPPING - SLEEPING 😂
Because the Brits are so QUICK to judge the 'AFRICAN' as 'backward' and use this propaganda that we're a 'wild and wicked bunch of helpless idiots' who cannot take care of their own wild life when the truth is - the poaching trade is controlled by CAUCASIANS and called #hunting
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Aug 26, 2018
Calculations are based on $2,497 / 412 lbs. = $6.06, this average will run from $6.50 to $6.75 per pound for #organic pasture grazed, grass-fed beef. This is about the price of one pound of ground grass-fed beef at a #farmersmarket or at #WholeFoodsMarket. 1 pound is 0.453592kg
...apologies for the heart attacks based on earlier tweets with the extra zero. [I gave myself one too] This is the dressed weight price - or carcass of the cow alone.
"Dressed weight refers to the weight of an animal after being partially butchered, removing all the internal organs and oftentimes the head as well as inedible portions of the tail and legs." The Beef Site. November 22, 2006.
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Aug 20, 2018
You've raised a valid Point @lesoi_ndoka - #CONservationists force #LOCALS pay to see Kenyan #wildlife.. #Business as usual?? Yet, @DSWT raises vasts amount of money through FUNDING and have branches of @DSWT throughout the world.
@MwangP01 @JamesOhayo @gathara @alaminkimathi
Take a look at this page for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund: - "You can foster an elephant for a Minimum annual donation of US$50 (GBP£35)" or 4515.35. They have millions of donations across the world..…
Charging our children 500/- or any Kenyan to touch and see Wild Life in Funded sanctuaries is plain wrong - #CONservation is about care - but unfortunately the truth is that it's big MONEY and locals are locked out..
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Aug 20, 2018
The Money is BIG @bonifacemwangi BIG. Land issues of #Samburu #Maa, #Rendille #Pokot is Politicians + #NIRT with #GoK behind them - and behind the land sales - they also use @NPSOfficial_KE, @AP's to evict pastoralists.
@ckfoot @gathara @alaminkimathi
Because it seems that this line of #CONservation has gotten international attention and more people are decrying the evictions of land from the indigenous community - the conservationists have taken an ugly turn - Sell wildlife....
Yet this is just as disastrous as evicting indigenous pastoralists.
• WILD LIFE belongs to #KENYANS as a whole, it cannot belong to eg, #NRT because it happens to be within those fences - fences which we agree, were put up illegally.
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Aug 15, 2018
Secondly, despite going around the country in a 'secret & sudden' rush asking people about whether they'd like kill our Wild Life for bush meet, most answers from Kenyans boiled down to a firm NO!! .../2
@VMatiru @kwskenya
... /3
Here's the Breakdown of the Total rejection of this 'bill'.
1. Ethical consideration: it will legitimize #consumption and #killing of wildlife.
2.The cost of implementation and control will supersede the gains.
3. It is a fallacy [a #bigwhitelie to say that proceeds ..
..will go back to community. @KWS generates a stunning 257 Billion Kenya shillings but only receives 4Billion of a budgetary support against an annual budget of 23Billion to care for Wildlife across 54 parks & reserves.
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Jul 24, 2018
This is the Berlin Conference all over again. Cut & Slice Africa, disregard what the indigenous owners of the land say. But you make your choice. Here is the thread.
TiTLE Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), and IEBC Kenya on scrapping of #Constituencies in Northern Kenya.
#NRT, @USAID several @EU_Commission countries are lobbying the @IEBCKenya and the Environment, Mining, Minerals, Wildlife and Pollution Committee in #KENYAN Parliament to scrap constituencies to make one single 'manageable' constituency in Northern Kenya.
[Note that #NRT is owned by the @RoyalFamily. It is NOT owned by 'the communities' - who have no land title deeds - all this land has been "grabbed" though eviction, burning homes, killing cattle, poisoning boreholes and "NRT" does not benefit the community in any manner]
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