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#NXIVM Unlocks Worlds
This week, a public figure, Jeffrey Peterson, came forward
with a stunning story. A first-hand account being revealed thru his twitter page @realJeffreyP
His perspective changes what we know about the NXIVM case
Who is Jeffrey Peterson?
#DeepDive #KAG
2. On July 11, 2018 Jeffrey Petrerson "reset" his twitter account.
3. He said he was going to be using his account to "raise awareness 4 some pretty important stories (to say the least) that need to be told but it will take a while..."
4. July 19, 2018 - Lead public investigator on #NXIVM - Frank Parlato Jr released his first article about Jeffrey Peterson
I have been following Franks blog as the premiere source of all NXIVM information. And was stunned frankreport.com/2018/07/19/fam…
5. July 21 Jeffrey RTs the FrankReport.com article and begins speaking to the public on his twitter page
6. Parlato - worked as publicist for NXIVM when they ORIGINALLY were getting bad press as being a "cult". YEARS before any of this. They had the reputation just based on their multi-level marketing-Amway-ish type approach. Parlato was hired by NXIVM to squash the "cult" press.
7. In the ultimate poetic justice - Frank would become the biggest force EXPOSING #NXIVM and the massive web it leads too!
8. Long story shor, Frank would go from publicist, to legal victim, to whistleblower, to victim advocate & organizer.
And the leader - by far - on the investigation of "#NXIVM" ("it ain't just a sex cult in Albany!)
Many former members have contacted Frank.
9. Frank started his investigation and #NXIVM blog back in 2015 (!) with this article...
10. Peterson tweeted that he found similarities between the legal persecution he was personally dealing with and Parlatos.
Petersons first tweet and what followed was a quite a bombshell
11. Wow! The heads of DHS/ICE at a "vulgar, sex charged drunk party" with #EmilianoSalinas (son of #CarlosSalinas) Discussing international money transfers and "visas for Mexicans"?! 🍿(Nice glass Radha)
12. Jeffrey says he leaves wanting no part of it.
13. So how DID Jeffrey Peterson end up at this drunken party of corruption? And what lead to his #GreatAwakening #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
Jeff's life experience really seems to give him a most unique perspective that cannot be matched. Is he who he says he is? Lets find out
14. He is generally considered to be the pioneer of "Hispanic internet"."Peterson is considered to be amongst the top authorities on Hispanic Internet culture in the United States" (2002). "Hip to be Hispanic: American pop culture showing Latin accent". Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
15. Born in California in 1972. He is caucasian and born to a British mother and an American father. There is european spanish from his Paternal side. His life story was featured in a book about entrepreneurs called "Cracking the Code to Success" (His photo on back)
16. Jeff was "educated at public schools in the Santa Barbara area. He was raised next door to the director of the University of California, Santa Barbara computer laboratory, who introduced him to computer programming at an early age in 1978."
#Motto "Let there be Light"!
17. "Jeff spent much of his early childhood remotely connecting to the UCSB mainframe computers via terminal & modem. Through early access to technology, he learned to make his own Unix & VMS based software applications on the campus PDP-11 & DEC VAX systems."
18. "In the early years, the tech science of programming was run by college professors & engineers. To fit in, Jeff reportedly maintained an ID for login on the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory PDP-10, where he was known by peers as "Dr. Jeffrey Peterson", at the age of 11
19. "1n 1981, [9 years old?] Peterson landed his first job, as a troubleshooter for a software company focused on Commodore computers."
20. "In 1983, he worked as a product tester for vintage hardware manufacturer LOBO Systems." Maker of the #Max80
21. "During the mid-1980s, Jeff focused on the development of software for freely distributed bulletin board system and multi-user dungeon gaming applications," Talk about witnessing the birth of the entire internet world!
22. "He was known among his colleagues as an expert at implementing customized kernel-level multitasking solutions, who regularly pushed early hardware beyond traditional limits." Everything we are reading, truly has already defined him as a "pioneer".
23. From the book: "Peterson, a seasoned assembly & C language developer, "contributed heavily to the emerging F/OSS programming communities of the 1980s. He has published numerous texts & articles on multiprocessing, quasi-empirical methods, & artificial intelligence."
24. An attempted swipe on Jeffreys bio appeared on wall street based website "The Street" in 2014: They saw his claim of programming since 10 yrs old & doubted it. You can read the full text here: web.archive.org/web/2013111310…
25. Quote: "Sure enough, Peterson confessed that the implication that he had started programming computers when he was 10 years old was a little off. In fact, he says, he was 6."
26. "It's a heck of a claim to be able to make," says Peterson, "and I'm glad to be one of the few people who can make it with a straight face."
27. Here is the referenced QuePasa proxy statement which includes biography info on Peterson. sec.gov/Archives/edgar…
28. Peterson was published as a contributor to a book on Commodore 64 computers at 11 years old.
29. Cracking the Code: "Peterson dropped out of high school in 1988 at age 16, to pursue his career in investments. He continued postliminary studies in the areas of law and history."
Smart kid - not your typical "dropout", right?
30. According to a covery story in the Arizona Republic in 2001, Jeffrey left for Wall Street, got a job at Lehman brothers, and started learning the ropes. He would pass the industry exams and become a stockbroker at 19 years old.
31. He moved into investment banking and corporate financing.
"He would go on to work with investment groups that financed hundreds of companies primarily through initial public offering transactions during the strong stock market conditions of the early 1990s." - AZ Republic
32. Which led to him founding his own company called "QuePasa.com, Inc."
"the first internet brand for U.S. Hispanics to go public (June 1999). Raised $150 million, investors included Gloria Estefan [pictured], Sony, others. Post-IPO market cap >$450 million."
33. "Quepasa was continually ranked the #1 most popular Hispanic online community in the U.S., beating competitors Yahoo En Español, Starmedia, and other early Internet names for domestic Spanish-language internet."
34. He was not a speaker of spanish. He learned Spanish to develop QuePasa.
35. From his bio: he "exited[Quepasa, in] late 1999 during a management shake-up. After declines in tech throughout the entire market in 2000-02, [he] was again named by the Board as CEO of Quepasa from 2002-2007"
36. "...resulting in a successful re-start and another $150 million increase in market capitalization, growth to over 50 million users, and a sale to billionaire investor Richard Scott (now Governor of Florida)."
37. "In 2012 Quepasa changed its name to MeetMe while retaining its user base, & shifted from a Hispanic-focused brand to a mainstream market focus. MeetMe today continues as a public company with over a million active daily users & 100 million registered users. (Nasdaq: MEET)"
38. Peterson stayed busy "in July 2001, he founded an internet search company called Vayala Corp, together w Brian Long Lu, and Mike Marriott.
... In 2002, Vayala was acquired by Quepasa."
39. How's this for some #GreatAwakening foreshadowing??
"The Arizona Republic ran a photo of Peterson on the front cover of the Sunday edition, in a three-part feature about his career. The series ran on September 9 and 10, 2001, concluding on September 11, 2001."
40. 1/2002, seeing Quepasa at death's door under the current management, Peterson "led a group of investors through a proxy fight & hostile takeover of Quepasa, reportedly investing millions of his own money. See proxy statement here, Peterson went IN. sec.gov/Archives/edgar…
41. Shortly after the takeover, April 2002...
"Following the annual shareholder meeting, the newly elected Board of
Directors elected Jeffrey Peterson as the Registrant's Chairman, Chief
Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer."
42. 2/2004: "Quepasa, the Phoenix-based Internet company caught in the dot-com blowup, is in the midst of a revival led by its creator, Jeffrey Peterson."...
43. "The concept I had for Quepasa was a good one," said Chief Executive and Chairman Peterson. "I wasn't about to let my dream and the leading Hispanic Internet company I created go to waste."
Good article overall to gain insight into this time period and Petersons mindset.
44. As was said earlier, by 2006 the stock value had increased by 150 million. When he left again in November selling the 30 percent of stock to Rick Scott. His next project would be where it all starts really coming together.
Mobile Corp.
45. Before we go furthur, it must be noted that during the rise of Quepasa, Peterson was becoming a major donor to the democratic party. Giving a large percentage of his money to the party and networking w the elite - seen here w #ArizonaMafia leader Janet Napolitano in 2004.
46. Peterson here 2005 w Mexican Min of Foreign Affairs (at time of photo) Luis Ernesto Derbez
(Derbez prev in charge of Mexico's international trade negotiations. In 2001, he finalized trade agreement between China & Mexico which allowed China's accession to the World Trade Org
47. In 2003, Peterson had been appointed to the Arizona-Mexico Commission by former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. By 2005, he had been appointed to the Executive Committee. You can see how he was an ideal democratic political operative candidate and had very high value.
48. 2005, Peterson was appointed to the cross-border transactions committee of the Arizona Department of Real Estate. The committee is focused on international real estate transactions between residents of Arizona and Mexico
49. "He was appointed as the chairman of the Technology Subcommittee of the 2006 Executive Bond Committee, by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon"
50. Jeff financially supported the 3/25/06 & 4/10/06 reform marches organized by "immigrants"
These large scale mobilizations are widely seen as a historic turning point in Latino politics, esp Latino immigrant civic participation & political influence.
51. "He was a co-host at a June 1, 2006, fundraiser for Arizona Senatorial candidate Jim Pederson, featuring former president, Bill Clinton.
52. Playin' with the Big Dawgs!
"Jeffrey held a fundraiser at his residence [at his OWN HOME] for Barack Obama featuring Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and actress Scarlett Johansson on August 21, 2008."
53. "Scarlett Johansson is scheduled to visit Phoenix today for a fund raiser for ...Sen. Barack Obama.
The reception begins at 6 p.m. at 1724 W. Steinway Drive in Phoenix, a private residence, and costs between $250 and $5,000 to attend."
Read more: archive.azcentral.com/community/phoe…
54. When you donate enough money, Bill Clinton starts calling you by your first name.
55. In 2013, Peterson was appointed to the Board of Directors of the U.S. Philippines Society, a Washington, D.C. based private sector initiative chaired by U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte and former AIG Chairman Maurice "Hank" Greenberg
(Negroponte on left)
56. Hank in the news more recently ...
57. Here with Phillipino President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III,
"In 2013, Time named [Aquino] one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World."
58. He had become a Democrat power player & international mover and shaker. He was more than "on the rise". Big things were happening. Real big. Obamas "Hope & Change" was here. "Healthcare for all" SOUNDED like a good idea. So did "Immigrants Rights". Twas a simpler time.
59. Before the dark times. Before the Trump Derangment Syndrome. Back when Repubs were banking on a two-faced traitor who's name we dont say. I think he has an AZ address too...
60. When you are involved with cross border transactions and real estate deals between U.S. & Mexico, and you are THE Hispanic internet guy; the Bushes want to know you too. #UniParty
NEVER forget that the Bushes endorsed Hillary Clinton for President 2016
61. I think we can verify that this guy knows some people...
62. Armed with all this knowledge, experience, & contacts. Having taken Quepasa public, having won a hostile takeover to reclaim it & ressurecting to success. After many political appointments & international planning - Peterson starts his next venture - Mobile Corp.
63. In April 2013, Peterson launches Mobile Corp with partner Michael D. Silberman.
“Mobile Corporation will serve as a tool to redefine the capabilities of the online workforce and serve as a platform for social interaction across the globe.”-Jeffrey S. Peterson, CEO
64. "According to filings w the SEC notable board members of Mobile Corp included Univision Online CEO Javier Saralegui, son of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Brent Bushnell, former U.S. Attorey Dennis Burke and Senior Advisor to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, Marco A. López Jr.
65. Here is Peterson with Carlos Slim (right)
Marco Lopez (Slims senior advisor) was Jeffrey Petersons best friend. Jeffrey has said Marco Lopez was like his brother.
66. If you dont know who Carlos Slim is, you better ask somebody!
(appropriate slim comes in on tweet "66")
I implore you to read this extrememly informative article on #CarlosSlim
67. 2013 SEC document proof of board members
68. Notable investors in Mobile Corp include the venture fund of Silicon Valley based Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati law firm, Salt Lake City businessman Phil Marriott, Texas land Commissioner George P. Bush (son of Jeb), & Prorsus Capital (Emiliano Salinas - Vice President)
69. "Salinas/Bush/Clinton"? - where have we heard all these names linked together before? Hmm I wonder...
70. #Nafta - a long time dream plan of NWO devotee & CIA Drug Kingpin George HW Bush, became executed into reality with rigged Mexican Pres #CarlosSalinas (Emiliano's papa) & Canadian PM Mulroney.
Eventually signed into law by cocaine smuggling Bill Clinton in 1994.
71. (side note - on Bill Clintons final day in office he pardoned 100 criminals - included in that list was his brother Roger Clinton - who had been busted on video selling cocaine to undercover agents) telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews…
72. Great article here on the Salinas crime family. The next few quotes will be from this piece by Larry Shea: "Mexico’s Biggest Criminal: The Salinas de Gortari Crime Family" artvoice.com/2018/04/26/mex…
73. "Carlos Salinas’ so-called “biggest accomplishment” for Mexicans was the entrance of Mex into NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). However, over two decades later, Salinas’ hollow promise that NAFTA would lift Mexicans out of poverty has gone unfulfilled."
74. “Mex economic growth during the period was among the lowest in Latin America and poverty and inequality levels remain at pre-NAFTA levels.” (Thornton and Goodman, Nation)
As unemployment increased over the decades, more Mexicans were living in poverty in 2012 than in 1994"
75. "Bush crime family godfather, George H.W. Bush, who was the U.S. President at the time, had already announced his “Enterprise for the Americas” in June of 1990 when he rode a wave of popularity after his Gulf-War victory over Saddam Hussein.
76. "Bush had already met with Salinas in his hometown of Aqualeguas prior to the outbreak of the Gulf War and, at that time, the first item on the agenda was Wall Street’s demand for NAFTA."
77 "Again, when CS visited D.C. 4/91, it was an urgent call for NAFTA. Corrupt Salinas was more than willing to dissolve Mexico’s national sovereignty & jump on the neo-liberal-free-market gravy train, while creating tens of thousands of one-dollar-an-hour jobs for Mexico’s peons
78. "NAFTA came into effect on January 1, 1994 after Pres Bill Clinton, godfather of the Clinton crime family, signed the NAFTA Implementation Act into law on December 8, 1993. "

["Hey George - remember when we pulled off NAFTA?
That was great."]
79. "Following the signing of this criminal act against the American worker, a giant sucking sound could be heard emanating from Mexico, as thousands of solid middle class and other good-paying American jobs simply disappeared into the maelstrom of low-wage Mexico."
80. NAFTA did not stem economic migrants into the United States - it increased them. "In 1990, there were 4.5 million Mexicans living illegally within the borders of the USA, while today there are around 12 million Mexicans living undocumented in the USA." #Salinas #CarlosSlim
81. See also this article here: "How the Mexican Drug Trade Thrives on Free Trade"
82. from above: "The policies of the last twenty years may have made a small group of Mexicans part of the global ultra-rich elite, but they left the vast majority and the country as a whole no better, and in some cases much worse, than before." #Carloslim #Salinas
83. We will examine Carlos Salinas furthur in a future thread. For now, lets get back to Jeffrey Peterson & the startup of Mobil Corp.
Emilano Salinas was given a "sweetheart" investor deal to get in.
84. Peterson claims he is unaware who brokered the deal for Emiliano (possibly Salinas family advisor and Mobil Co board member Marco Lopez) but that most investors were in at $1 share of convertible notes. Emiliano was given 1 million shares at $50k.
85. US Attorney Dennis Burke (currently working on the side of Clare Bronfman in the #NXIVM case) was on the board and was "Chairman of the Compliance Committee" for Mobile Co. (Howard Dean was a global spokesman) (Burke is also implicated in #FastandFurious)
86. Peterson had been best friends w Marco Lopez. He says he was like his brother. He has described him as his "hetero life partner" They jogged together on a regular basis. Marco was the "youngest mayor in America" And the two were often the youngest guys at DNC events.
87. They had originally bonded over that and hit if off as friends. Marco on the rise in the democratic party, and Peterson at the top of hispanic internet ventures. Both making moves in Arizona. (Here Peterson helps Marco move to his new apartment. They lived near each other)
88. @realJeffreyP has posted intimate vids & pics proving the friendship. There have been several disinfo statements claiming Peterson did not really know these people that well. He answered these swipes directly.
Check his timeline for proofs:
89. Peterson says Marco "sold out" to the "Dark Side" And that he himself did not. That it was this split which leads to Petersons personal revelations and #GreatAwakening "These were my friends, they sold out. I didnt."
90. In the beginning, Jeffrey had traveled to the Salinas home personally to present the Mobile Co investment opportunity to Emiliano. Emiliano had been impressed with the presentation and said he wanted to get in. However, he also wanted Jeffrey to join his own group, "ESP"
91. #NXIVM & #ESP are the same. K Raniere was always listed as the founder of both & Emiliano was listed as executive board member of ESP - Executive Success Programs. Recently, revisionist history & web edits attempted to change that. Documented here: frankreport.com/2017/11/29/ran…
92. In his pitch to Peterson about the ESP group; Emiliano would say that #NXIVM was "their base of operations in the United States."
93. Either Peterson hadnt heard of the "worlds smartest man" Raniere, or just wasnt impressed with the overall pitch. Either way, he left the Salinas mansion compound without joining Executive Success Programs & Emiliano would soon be negotiating his investment deal into Mobile
94. (pic above not actual Salinas mansion, but you get the idea)
It was soon after this meeting that Jeffrey Peterson would begin being pressured to join ESP by his best friend and advisor to the Salinas family - Marco Lopez. "So hey Jeff, are you gonna join that thing or what?"
95. A tweet from Jeff showing Marco Lopez (of US Customs Border Protection) on a regular call w Emiliano Salinas. Seems like something was guiding Jeff all along to one day bring all this to light. Quite a serendipitous snap! #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
96. Peterson does not join the group even with added pressure from his friend Marco. Mobile Co opens office branches in Cambridge, Mass, Nogales, AZ (town Marco was previously Mayor of), the Phillipines, & Mexico City.
97. Also a deal is made whereby Mobile Co will license intellectual property from Inter123, a seperate Peterson venture. It would be this deal that would be the later focus of a hit piece planted by Dennis Burke against Peterson.
98. The hitpiece is very poorly done. And was followed by no lawsuit. It seems to only serve as a placeholder. Placed there perhaps if Peterson were to come forward with damning information in the future?
100. Without fail, if you search "Jefferey Peterson", who is a true internet pioneer w many accomplishments, you see his wikipedia & then the hit piece article. They did some SEO (search engine optimization) work to make that happen. Heres the hitpiece: azcentral.com/story/news/loc…
101. In the hitpiece Burke & Marco Lopez make the following statements: "Where did all the money go? Burke...had been asking that question for months...Burke then provided The Republic copies of many of those records, including internal bank documents for a three-year period."
102. "Board member Marco Lopez alleges Peterson transferred Mobile money to Inter123 without board authorization. That company had a licensing agreement to handle Mobile's internet domains.
"There was NEVER ANY MENTION OF MONEY," [my emphasis]
103. "There was never any mention of money," Marco Lopez said. He added that he quit the board because Peterson would not share financial records with board members."
My my Marco. Can you put the knife in any furthur?
104. Gonna guess Burke & Lopez NEVER thought Peterson was going to have as big of balls as he has. Because 16 hours ago, Aug 5th, @realJeffreyP publicly dropped audio of Mobile board meeting where Burke & Lopez THEMSELVES approve the payments! #BOOM
105. Video is 20 minutes. Features Burke & Lopez w Mobile board members on a conference call where the inter123 payments are approved. Shows complete transparency & conclusivley proves that hitpiece is lies. Peterson shared it twice, asking it be saved

• • •

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His life is in danger
He lives the #GreatAwakening - Ultimate #WalkAway 🙏
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3. We left off that Emiliano's lawyers were arguing that there's no way Emiliano could have known about any of this.

Emiliano: "Keith Raniere?? Ive dont even know who the guy is!" [editorial comedic paraphrasing]
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3 He has also joined Twitter and has been sharing evidence. @realJeffreyP
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