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1) This is my #Qanon thread for July 31, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: 1776

2) It seemed apropos that for post #1776, #Qanon posted a picture of the President's pen, a quote from a great American patriot and the number 1776 written by President Trump.

3) The President is at a rally in Tampa, Florida tonight
#Qanon posted these images from outside the rally and a link to a YouTube video.
4) Here's the video #Qanon posted.
5) President Trump: "I've probably been in Washington D.C... seventeen times."

He then repeats "seventeen times."

Q is 17th letter of the alphabet.

#Qanon #TrumpTampa
6) As the President was looking at the crowd he pointed to someone holding a Q.

#Qanon wants the person to post their picture or video so Q can repost it.

7) @thehill posted a photo of someone at the #TrumpTampa rally holing up a Q sign.
8) An anon brought it to #Qanon's attention

9) #Qanon responded.
10) Jim Acosta: "Dear Diary... Trump ignored me again."

#Qanon #TrumpTampa #AskTheQ
11) Dear Jim: #AskTheQ
12) This may be the person #Qanon was referring to at the #TrumpTampa rally.

14) It's a good idea to bless your bread.

#Qanon #AskTheQ #TrumpTampa
15) But it doesn't always keep the shills away.

(To the concern trolls on Twitter: I will ALWAYS ignore you.)

#Qanon #AskTheQ #TrumpTampa
16) Speaking of bread...
The bakers and anons celebrated bread #3000

(A bread is a thread on a particular topic.
Bakers create the threads.)

#Qanon #AskTheQ #TrumpTampaRally
18) #Qanon congratulated the bakers and posted a link to an article.

#AskTheQ #TrumpTampaRally
19) The article #Qanon posted is about Robert Mueller referring Tony Podesta to Federal Prosecutors.…
20) An anon asked #Qanon if the team found the video yet.
21) #Qanon posted a link to the video but said they don't have a source yet.
22) Here's the video #Qanon from the #TrumpRally

24) An anon (who is now a bit less anonymous) thanked #Qanon for the shoutout at the #TrumpTampaRally
25) #Qanon responded.
26) The man who held up the Q at the #TampaRally posted on Reddit.
27) #Qanon responded.
28) NBC reporter Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) has developed a fascination with #Qanon.

I retweeted Ben last night.
29) Evidently, the feedback from the tweet hurt his feelings.
He blocked me.
This is the message I see when I go to his timeline.
30) Ben, I do hope we can be friends again.
31) #Qanon supporters at the #TampaRally forced the hand of the MSM. No longer able to ignore Q, the [4am] narrative went out to paint the movement as a pizzagate-wackadoodle-alt-right-tinfoil-hat-conspiracy.

Twitter lifted the ban on Q to help the MSM with their narrative.
32) An anon responded to #Qanon
33) Here are the links #Qanon posted.
@Wapo is not diggin' #Qanon…
34) The Guardian gave #Qanon a thumbs down.…
35) Fast Company thinks #Qanon has created an alternate reality.…
36) The Lifestyle section of WaPo weighed in on #Qanon…
37) Rolling Stone got the [4am] message and followed orders.
According to them, #Qanon is officially mainstream.…
38) Think Progress agrees that #Qanon is now mainstream.…
39) The DailyMail expressed their concerns about the #Qanon movement.…
40) Being a part of the Mockingbird media, Newsweek obediently followed the [4am] orders to bash #Qanon…
41) Splinter followed suit with their article on #Qanon…
42) The Hill got the message about #Qanon…
43) Today is doing their part to make sure everyone knows the truth about the crazy #Qanon movement.…
44) MSNBC wishes to inform you that the #Qanon conspiracy is dangerous to your mental health.…
45) Rounding out the day's stories:
CNN confirms that the dangerous internet conspiracy known as #Qanon has become mainstream.…
46) What are the odds that all these news outlets would randomly publish nearly identical articles about #Qanon within 24 hours?
47) #Qanon posted this.
48) To the MSM:
If anyone is an authority on the deep state, it's former FBI Director James Comey.
He has confirmed that the deep state exists.
(The more you deny its existence, the more foolish you look.)
49) More attacks on #Qanon from the [4am] memo to the mockingbird media.
50) The New York Times is worried about the meteoric rise in popularity of #Qanon noting that receives about 7 million visits a month.…
51) USA Today provided a McDonalds-like not-so-happy-meal report on the dangers of following #Qanon…
52) Axios obeyed orders, filing this report on the wacky #Qanon conspiracy.…
53) We've been waiting for someone to ask a direct question to the President about #Qanon. It would settle the debate about whether Q is working with Trump.

We got close today when the @PressSec was asked a Q-related question but she dodged the topic.…
54) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet, pointing to an article about a data breach on Reddit that threatens user's anonymity.

And therefore, it threatens those who are researching #Qanon.
55) Here's the tweet #Qanon posted.

Link to article:…
56) #Qanon asked why Fox News isn't participating in the coordinated bashing of the movement.

Because Fox (at least some reporters) support POTUS
57) An anon asked for an estimated number of people reached by #Qanon to date.
58) An anon asked if the phrase "common sense" in post #1776 was a message to Tom Steyer, who is spending a lot of money trying to impeach President Trump.
59) #Qanon answered the first anon: 300-350 million people are aware of Q.
52-58 million are following the movement.

Q confirmed "common sense" was a warning to Steyer but asked how they knew an article about Steyer would be published that afternoon?
60) Here's the article I believe #Qanon was referring to.…
61) Tom Steyer and his brother Jim are mentioned in the Podesta emails (published by Wikileaks) in a message mentioning "walnut sauce."

Jim's email is connected to
62) Background info on Jim and Tom Steyer.
63) How did the #Qanon team know an article about Steyer would be published?

Because No Such Agency has it all.
64) An anon got excited because someone asked the @PressSec about #Qanon
65) Unfortunately, they asked the wrong person.
(Less than 10 people have first-hand knowledge of #Qanon)
66) #Qanon posted a crumb from November 2017 where he explained that less than 10 people had inside information about Q and most of them are in the military.

The purpose?
To prevent leaks and give the Q team a strategic advantage
Game theory [moves and countermoves]
67) An anon alerted #Qanon to the fact that he was being discussed on Fox
68) #Qanon responded.
69) Here are Juan Williams and Greg Gutfield discussing #Qanon
70) Time to get caught up on #QAnon posts from a few days ago.

On the 30th, an anon posted this.
71) #Qanon reposted it.

(The red numbers in a post indicate a previous post that is being answered or reposted.)

Note the number of the previous post: 2363960
72) Q posted this link to an article by the Daily Beast.
73) Link to article Q posted.…
74) The article was in response to a series of posts by Q.
This was the first one on July 29th.
75) An anon responded.
76) Q responded.
77) Q posted this on the same day.
The missile launch over Whidbey Island was on June 10th.
78) This tweet was posted on June 10th.
79) An anon posted this.
80) Q responded
86) Apparently, Avenatti called the police to investigate the Q post.

How did a lone grifter on 8chan manage to bring the entire world to his front door?…
87) An anon picked up the 2 minuted delta between these two posts.
88) Q responded.
89) From July 28th.

(Yes, I'm aware.
No, I don't care to comment at this time.)
90) Q posted this on the 30th.

Link 1:…
92) #Qanon posted this.
95) Link 3
96) The AP News wrote this about #Qanon…
97) The New York Post re-published the AP story on #Qanon…
98) #Qanon has become mainstream in Australia.…
99) The Valley News took a swing at #Qanon…
100) The Detriot Free Press had this to say about #Qanon…
101) The St Louis Post Dispatch wrote this article on #Qanon.…
102) Business Insider published this about #Qanon 31 minutes ago.…
103) The New Haven Register published this about #Qanon.…
104) Bakersfield. Com published this about #Qanon8chan…
105) VOX weighs in on #Qanon.…
106) Tampa Bay Times wrote this about #Qanon…
107) PBS had this to say about #Qanon…
108) Fortune wrote this about #Qanon…
109) Esquire wrote this about #Qanon…
108) The Winston-Salem Journal published this article about #Qanon…
109) The Advertiser (based out of Australia) published this about #Qanon…
110) Reason Magazine posted this about #Qanon…
111) The Daily Journal published this about #Qanon…
112) The Chicago Tribune published this about #Qanon…
113) Like many newspapers, the LA Times re-published the Washinton Post article about #Qanon…
114) #Qanon asked:
Does it appear as though the attacks are independent or coordinated?
If coordinated, why?

They could end the debate by asking POTUS (not Sarah Sanders)
Why won't they ask?
115) #Qanon congratulated the autists & anons for making the movement go mainstream.
116) An anon responded to #Qanon
117) I've watched the board a long time. The anons are some of the most skeptical people in the world. They smell BS a mile away. If #Qanon convinced them to research his crumbs, it's because he's repeatedly proved he's legit
118) #Qanon
119) Now that the #Qanon movement has gone mainstream, opponents will focus on every negative thing any Q supporter has ever said.
They won't examine what Q posted
They'll examine what people said about things Q posted.
They're looking at us.
We are the face of the movement
120) The MSM is in a fight to the death.
If #Qanon convinces people to think for themselves and do their own research, [they] lose control of the public narrative.
What do they fear most of all?
Loss of control.
People waking up.
Sheep no more.
121) #Qanon
122) On July 31st, @POTUS_Schedule tweeted this.
123) Coincidence?

• • •

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Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My Theme: It's Time
2) Is it a coincidence that Democratic politicians are trying to impeach President Trump over alleged bad behavior with Ukraine when their own corrupt dealings with Ukraine are been exposed?
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This is what a TV camera captured.
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No doubt, DC politicians are on a [search and destroy] mission to scrub the video from the internet.
3) Nancy Pelosi explained to reporters the "wrap up smear."
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1) This is my Q thread for October 4, 2018.

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1) This is my Q thread for October 2, 2018.

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My theme: Red October
2) Heading toward the midterm elections, Q has often used the term Red October.
Lots of possible decodes (multiple meanings exist) but I believe presently, it simply refers to the red wave that is coming to DC.
3) Q posted links to a couple of tweets to give us a quick history lesson.
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