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That the Upanishadic Sage Yajnavalkya was a #Beef eater, is an accepted fact among Indologists. Some Hindu traditionalists disingenuously claim otherwise. Well, even Twitter Sanghis' fav 'Historian' #TrueIndology, agrees that Yajnavalkya was a beef eater:…
'It was in early medieval times the concept of "Bharatavarsha" was invented.. and the culture was characterized by a taboo on beef. If #beef eaters like #Yajnavalkya and #Savarkar were teleported to medieval India, they'd be shunned as mleccha "chandalas".' #TrueIndology agrees😜
Just noticed that Anamika OWNS #TrueIndology hashtag
Questions for Sanghis to ponder: How come Rishi #Yajnavalkya relish beef? How come #Savarkar endorse steak? Did #Vivekananda eat beef? #DalaiLama ate meat after moving to India? Did #TarekFatah manage to give up beef after he said he'd? Why many NRI Hindus devour Pepperoni Pizza?

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Sep 12, 2018
1/ "A woman cannot act independently; she is under the authority of the man" (Vashistha Dharmasutra 5.1); "It is not possible for a woman to act independently [...] Women are devoid of strength" (Baudhayana 2.3.44-46); "A woman should never go against her husband" (Gautama 18.2).
2/ "Shudras are to serve another, the three higher castes [varnas], to be expelled and beaten according to the pleasure (of their masters.)" -- Aitareya Brahama

(Source: Aitareya Brahmana of the Rigveda, Published 1922, The Panini Office, Allahabad.)
3/ "A Brahmana may compel a Shudra (whether he was bought or not) to do servile work; for he was created to be the slave of a Brahmana"; "A Sudra, though freed by his master isn't released from servitude"; "A Brahmana may confidently seize the goods of his Sudra slave"—Manusmriti
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Jul 23, 2018
(Thread) Memes In The Mind

You probably are aware that your physical desires and instincts are at the service of your genes. Survival and reproduction, that's their game. 1/
Your genes are nomads crossing the immensity of time, and you, are only the tent under which they sleep tonight. But, are you aware that your mind is also the tool of another kind of evolution, not one of genes, but of memes. 2/
A meme is a unit of information which replicates itself moving from mind to mind. An idea, a concept, a slogan, this very thread, are memes. There are successful ancient memes such as: "Thou shall not kill," or "Life is suffering." 3/
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Jul 15, 2018
You can't be a Brahmin AND a Shudra!! In case your father is a Shudra and mother a Brahmin, then the proper term for you is "Chandala". In the reverse case, you are termed a "Nishada". Please be specific, @AgentSaffron!
2/ BTW, @AgentSaffron believes in Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory and laments that Brahmin genes aren't spread wide enough in India.
3/ Forget Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory - it's a given - "Aryan Seduction Theory" must be explored, says @AgentSaffron 😂😂
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Apr 24, 2018
Dear Coffeeyogi,

I have climbed the Virtual Mountain of Beans to ask you a question, O Wise One.

What do you think of cowboy coffee? Is there any spiritual benefit to be gained from this ‘Western’ practice?

Lethargic and Confused

(Thread) my response
Dear L&C,

Thank you for making the trek up here to join me in learning, amid the groves of trees weighted down with the Bean of the Gods. I am not THE CoffeeYogi, but a simple coffeeyogi, a devotee of the Divine Elixir. Pour yourself a cup & let us explore the mysteries together
3/ Coffee is indeed the Ultimate Elixir. It adapts itself to every mood and culture, from the dark snap of espresso (a perfect jolt to brighten the drive on the Autostrada) to the light foaminess of cafe au lait (ahh, Paris in the springtime)...
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