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I did a lot of work on outcome (worth based) models back in 2004-2007 ... they tend to expose weakness in the business to define value and inability of budgets to cope with variable models -…
One of the most interesting aspects of Serverless - as we move to measuring capital flow and opex for running code, as IT becomes even more an enabler rather than an obstacle - is the shift will expose huge weaknesses in other groups (from strategy to finance to HR) ...
... in the past, IT has always been the whipping boy, the one to blame, to point the finger at. In reality, past inefficiency & ineffectivess in IT has simply masked wider organisational problems. The next decade should get very interesting ...
... it's also why I've been talking about the world of #serverless becoming more a world of Development + Finance. Next time you attend a #ServerlessConf, bring your CFO.
To be honest, most people seem not to grok how important billing per function is. They will, over time. Those practices of managing, monitoring and refactoring with capital flow are just emerging. Keep an eye on @ewindisch ... great things will happen.

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Oct 9, 2018
X : Can you make a map of my industry?
Me : Let me guess, mapping is hard and you need to apply strategy to it?
X : Yes.
Me : I can make the map.
X : Excellent.
Me : Alas, you can't apply strategy to it.
X : Why not?
Me : You can't map. You don't know what strategy is.
... to explain, it's a bit like someone who has been playing Snap for a decade wakes up to discover the world is playing Chess. It doesn't matter how much "Snap" strategy you've developed over the years - it's meaningless. Most corporate strategy is Snap i.e meme copying.
I count every year of "strategy" experience that I had prior to learning how to map as a negative i.e. a source of inertia, bad habits and old models to overcome.
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Oct 8, 2018
X : Maps are not the territory!

Me : All maps are imperfect. This is a necessary requirement in order to be useful. A perfect map of France would be the size of France i.e. it would be France.

It would be useless ... as a map and a mechanism of communication.
... it is not perfection that makes maps useful. It is the ability for people to communicate, learn, navigate, challenge and explore that makes them useful.
Hidden in that is a concept that space has meaning. You start with a blank map, you fill it out as you explore and communicate with others. We can navigate with it through anchor, position and movement. Even a blank map has this and the first thing we do is draw the anchor ...
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Oct 5, 2018
X : Why are you going on about sustainability in tech -…
Me : Do you have $1bn in the bank?
X : No, and what has that got to do with anything?
Me: You're a muppet. Look, VC's might be dreaming of escaping on spaceships but you're not on those ships.
... less than a $1bn then you're an outsider, a nobody. You're not in the rich set. You might think you and your family are escaping the future damage we're causing to the planet but you're not. No escape for you. No Star Trek Federation. We either fix it or we wallow in it.
At least 500 signed up, it's a start. They'd probably have got more if they said they were going to shave a cat rather than try and save the planet. But we're the generation of apathy. Why fix things when we can just ignore it and let it become someone else's problem.
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Oct 5, 2018
I'm still processing what I heard and saw at #mapcamp #map18 ... everything was on a scale I hadn't expected. I mean when you're listening to people talk about mapping saving lives and the UN talk mapping, it's ... #mindblown -
and on top of this you have mapping used in food safety (@JuliePierce77 presentation was glorious) - ... ok, saving lives, UN, Gov regulation and safety ...
and we switch gears into the world of startups with @yoditstanton bringing the house down with maps and collaboration - ...
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Oct 5, 2018
Listening to #bbcqt and how "big government is bad for the economy" ... hmmm, someone better explain that to China who is currently going around the globe knocking the stuffing out of these neoliberal fantasies.
I must admit, I'm looking forward to the future neoliberal narrative that tries to explain how China is a neoliberal fantasy of small government ... I'm not sure how they're going to try and hoodwink that one, should be funny to listen to though.
It'll have to be something truly twisted, an epic reality distortion of doublespeak proportions e.g. "it's not so much big Government, it's lots of small Government" or something like that.
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Oct 4, 2018
Going for an early morning walk in London, passing an Estate agent. Oh lordy. £1.25m for a tiny one bed flat in Bloomsbury and it's not even freehold. That's 3x the price of my entire 4 bed detached freehold house. The rents in London are also eye watering.
It must make living in London very hard and stressful. Having a smoke and chat with a lovely chap Jim. Poor fellow, living on the streets. Really? We're supposed to be a wealthy country but then GDP is distorted with rents, debt revenue etc rather than productive work.
If this is the best our society can do, then it's clearly not working. Capitalism has some merits but it's a pointless system if it leaves people behind. The focus must always be the many not the few.
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