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LIVE NOW #Unity4J Vigil in Solidarity with @JulianAssange

#FreeAssange #Unity4J Truth will not be silenced!!!!!!!

50 Hours = 50 Guest Speakers
1 "All we need to do is say no!" -Caitlin Johnstone

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
2 "They don't want people who are oppressed to know how oppressed they are!" -Margaret Kimberly

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
3 "It's okay for everyone & anyone, to do the right thing!" -Vivian Kubrick

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
4 "He [Julian] was brought into this world, to bring light to it ... transparency in government, so kids don't have to be subject to terrible things." -Noah Hardwick

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
What Crime Has Julian Assange Committed?… Video covering Julian's current legal situation.

#Unity4J #FreeAssange
5 "Hacking is a burning curiosity about how things work, a steadfast resolve not to accept systems that are not functioning for the greater good, persistence to remedy, deconstruct & reconstruct into positive. I see Julian as the greatest hacker in history." -CommanderX

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE

Hosted by Journalist Suzie Dawson, 5 Guests have shared personal stories & experiences of Julian Assange, who is still confined in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
Elizabeth Lea Vos Hosting @Unity4J the next 11 hours with guest speakers.

Watch LIVE

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange
6 ""I don't think Moreno has the guts to kick him out!" Catherine Vogan, WikiLeaks filmmaker

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
6 "This is the *mask Julian wore, a week before he went into the Ecuadorian Embassy." -Catherine Vogan [*a replica of, created by same artist]

5 "If it wasn't for #Unity4J I fully believe they would have already rounded him up this past week." -CommanderX

#FreeAssange #WWG1WGA
On why @Lenin Moreno won't end Julian's asylum: "The reason is that Moreno would be violating his own constitution, & betraying the trust of citizens who voted for him on a promise to protect Assange's asylum (where his opponent was vowing to end it)." -Catherine Vogan #Unity4J
"Elizabeth responded that there are indeed protests in Ecuador about this, and I am not surprised people are angry." -Catherine Vogan #Unity4J #FreeAssange
7 "Julian Assange is noble, there is nothing wrong with publishing truth! Nobody has ever been hurt by it [truth]! It's not a sustainable endeavor suppressing truth!
If you [US] could use Julian Assange to save American lives, why wouldn't you?" -H.A.Goodman #Unity4J #FreeAssange
8 Helen Razer is the most colorful interview yet, no words to describe, will just have to listen for yourself!

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
9 "This is the time for the news media in the world to stand up. #Unity4J talks about freedom of speech, the way we have been lied to, what is wrong with our world & tries to bring back some of the soul to the news media, what we have lost!" -Alastair Thompson #FreeAssange
Til Freedom's Won for @JulianAssange

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE Truth will not be silenced!
@CiaronOReilly Thank you for courageously modeling what being an active Julian #FreeAssange supporter can do, occupying outside the Ecuadorian Embassy for 2 weeks now! #Unity4J

To join Ciaron & others: 3 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge Rail Stn (Piccadilly line)
Kill the Messenger Seveaux Remix… #Unity4J Song Tribute to @JulianAssange Courtesy @JamesGetsIt

50 Hour Vigil = 50 Speakers, Watch LIVE

#FreeAssange #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople
10 "We have Julian Assange & Wikileaks because journalism abdicated it's responsibility to the public. Julian Assange & Wikileaks isn't an accident, it became a necessity!" -Peter Lavelle

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
11 "Radical transparency, the efforts of WikiLeaks, is a form of activism in a whole new way!" -Felicity Ruby

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
12 "If the power elite can take a voice like Julian Assange & silence him... we need to respond." -Don DeBar

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
13 "UN guidelines are that no one should remain in solitary confinement in one stretch for longer than 2 weeks, Julian has been in solitary for six years. Why? The only crime he is wanted on is failure to appear." -John Kiriakou

#Unity4J Watch LIVE
14 "It's amazing how Correa was so brave... It's very sad to see this very amazing constitution being defiled by this gov't & this descent into lawlessness. I would hope the people of Ecuador show their displeasure." -Diani Barreto

Watch LIVE #FreeAssange
15 @CiaronOReilly has been at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for two weeks, in solidarity with a #FreeAssange

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
16 "There should be CNN cameras outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, where is Sean Hannity, any of them? I would like to see more people wake up & get involved!" -Graham Elwood

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
17 "The US state department cable releases... exposing immorality [funding, arming terrorists] the most unhighlighted work WikiLeaks has done." -Mark Sleboda

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
17 "NATO is a great source of instability & danger for the world... Expanding & creating crisis in the world." -George Szamuely

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
"If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth!" -@JulianAssange
20 "WikiLeaks created a safe haven for whistle blowers to come forward... Assange has given up all his freedoms for us!" -Aaron Kesel @ActivistPost

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
21 "There is no country in the world where weakness is seen as a strength!" -Jamarl Thomas [continued persecution of Julian Assange, the weakness]

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
Q & A with @ElizabethleaVos #Unity4J Live Vigil

Q: Can we show up at London Ecuador Embassy in solidarity with Julian?
A: Yes, the more the better! 3 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, London (Knightsbridge Stn, Picidilly Line) Peaceful non-violent, dress well
The Julian Assange Story: Underground

List of Julian's Journalism Awards…

"If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth!" -Julian Assange
#FreeAssange #Unity4J #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
22 "We are getting a slice here into how Empire actually functions... behind these shells & layers of deceit, fabrication & BS... you get to see under the hood as to how these people think, how power actually operates." -Scott Ludlam

#Unity4J Watch LIVE
17 "WikiLeaks is in [the people's] best interest, to protect them from corruption... & war crimes. It is in the people's best interest to continue WikiLeaks." -Joe Lauria

#Unity4J 50 Hour Vigil in Solidarity #FreeAssange

Watch LIVE
Correction above, Joe Lauria was speaker #23
24 "If you provide the correct prospective & information, then you are productive in every respect in diagnosing the problems in society. There is no shortage of will & productive capacity." -Simon Floth

#Unity4J Watch LIVE #FreeAssange

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Oct 7, 2018…
[Pg 294]
[Meeting between Comey and Coleman on October 4]
>Coleman told us that he could not recall this briefing with Comey.
>Coleman’s notes from October 4 contained the following entry:
(1) Anthony Wiener [sic]
(2) [Unrelated]
(3) Wiener [sic] – texting 15 yo – Sexually Explicit
-9/26 – Federal SW – IPhone/IPAD/Laptop
-Initial analysis of laptop – thousands emails
-Hillary Clinton & Foundation
-Crime Against Children+++
>We asked Coleman about these notes and he told us that, given their ...
... placement in his notebook, the notes would most likely represent information he was briefed on first thing in the morning by his subordinates in the +++Criminal Investigative Division+++.
>Comey told us that he did not recall the briefing by Coleman ...
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Oct 6, 2018
Justice K >>> Highest Court in the Land.
Law & Order [majority] [U.S. Constitution] safeguarded.

Think HRC win >> SC appointments >> SC 'Corrupt' TILT [ex: LL]
Now comes the real PAIN.
Now comes the real TRUTH.
They want you DIVIDED.
This movement challenges their ‘forced’ narrative.
This movement challenges people to not simply trust what is being reported.
Research for yourself.
Think for yourself.
Trust yourself.
This movement is not about one person or a group of people.
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Oct 6, 2018

And so it begins..
How do you start a WAR?
[Markers] matter.
Playbook [FAIL].

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #FollowSnowWhite #WWG1WGA
Post Justice K confirmation.
"The Hunt For" dropped - why?
When was the unauthorized missile fired?
Was it found/discovered prior to [Hunt]?
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Oct 4, 2018…
"Elemental’s servers could be found in Department of Defense data centers, the CIA’s drone operations, and the onboard networks of Navy warships."
"Multiple people familiar with the matter say investigators found that the chips had been inserted at ...
... factories run by manufacturing subcontractors in China."
"One official says investigators found that it eventually affected almost 30 companies, including a major bank, government contractors, and the world’s most valuable company, Apple Inc."
"One country in particular ...
... has an advantage executing this kind of attack: China, which by some estimates makes 75 percent of the world’s mobile phones and 90 percent of its PCs."
"But that’s just what U.S. investigators found: The chips had been inserted during the manufacturing process, two ...
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Oct 4, 2018
[Part re: Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie now being revealed?]
"Former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the 2016 season with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s private law firm."…

How the [SPY OP] re: Russia hacking + POTUS-Russia False Narrative + Installation of Mueller was CONSTRUCTED.……
"Britain, Australia and New Zealand have accused Russian military intelligence of carrying out a ...
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Oct 3, 2018…
Ford herself coached by the C_A?
FARM (pre-family invite) w/ internship assignment (Stanford)?
C_A-assisted 'sex assault' 'sleepers' who are targeted based on trusted family backgrounds, geopolitical location relative to families...
... of power/influence, ability to harvest [control], etc.?
Fantasy or Reality?
Normal-to- [self-induced] in stages to exhibit past trauma-level events w/ 'friendly' therapy sessions notated as undefined?
'Past trauma' exerted to IDEN 'mind w/ feelings' w/ TARGET INSERTION.
Polygraph administered by [former] FBI agent?
Who was the agent?
Goal: [per past statistical success rates] apply enough ...
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