Śobhā(Shiva?)- Shoah in #Judaism
Shia~ Shiva/Shula?
Sunni~ Sūna?
Yezidi~ Azadi(from what?)
Peacock feather~ Moraka/Maurya?
Fire worship~ Atar-Ghora?
(Jeu, White, German, Christian, African genocide or rule, etc. were/are convenient "mass eye-catcher" from deeper scheme of things)
"Once orthodox"+ "last 700 years of genocide" + "heretic" #Yezidi
Let me present simplified categories for your generalized understanding!
Orthodox Islam "significance" from- Mecca/MaCoraba (Gandhari)- Kauravs
Upa-Gana(Gandhara)-Sthan: #Afghanistan
Simhapura+Uraga #Afghanistan
UP(Bhaga -69- Pusya): "Kohi-Mor" Kafirsthan- IsA- Uma- Bahlika Rata- Mitra.
DOWN(Pushan): Nyasa- Nahusha- Meru(South)- Murugan- Atri- w/Pandava- Maur- Pani- Pushan- Usha- Vajranabh- Bahlika Aratta- AsI- Varuna.
Taxaka Ayu~ Anu~ Asu~AsI + Nyasa Janmajeya.
Janmajeya 4000 BC (approx) of Vahini or Vahan (Jahan or 1- World/ "Zion" of ancient times):
2 Branches::
1- Mahasala (Methuselah 969+ Spear): AsI - Indra- Vajranabh- Usha- Agni
2- Mahamanas (Mahamat or Muhammad): IsA (Ishwar Sena~Abhira)- Goura (Ghola in Bengali means muddy)-
- Bhaga (Aditya)- Paravata- Uma- Parvati or Soma (NW) & Budha (Northwards). Mahalakshmi's waist-thigh (Sura Muldhara or 4th Vak- transcendental)- Brahmavarta + Aryavarta, Face- Surya/Ila, Bust- Vishnu, Breasts-Soma/Asura, Gorali/Ankle- TalaTala(Ketu), Hair- Yama, Crown- Jupiter,-
- Arms of Mitra- Varuna, Throat- Rahu, Meru- Marrow- Murugan (Kumara as mediator), etc.
Maur- Paramar (Aram/Edom)- Esau(IsA Vanir/AsI Aesir)- AsI- Asur (~Ahira~Ahura)- Taxaka- Jahan (eg, Yadu-Pandava alliance) - Yazidi (Azadi/YahJati) Murugan peacock Nama- Pani- Vanir- Huna-
-Sunni- Vajranabh- Bahlika Aratta- Maitreya(Bhargava). Ghori or Ghola(mixed) or Bal-Gaura or Gaul- both in 1+2 Surya & Chandra Bala Vanshi(as Kakatiya Yavans). Gorali associated with TalaTala (Ketu or Antarctica portal).
IsA Mitra- Bala Goura (AsI/IsA)- Shiva- Hara- Yaksha-
-Jacob (altar to Shiva/"Shoah")- Ya-Kuber- Khyber- Eber- Abhira- Iran (Ila~Erakanya (V)Aruna(M)) - Ira- Abhira- Kaurava Shia- Usha- Vajranabh- Gaul- Guhilat (Druid order) supplanted Maur(AsI) for "conservative" Islamic advancement in India (Magog/Mughal mostly from Esau's stock?)
Ghazni- Ghosi Abhira- Converted Yavanas to Muslims.
Yasovarman (Virk/Vril/Saka/Isaac) + Baladitya ("donated" to Buddhism) of Jacobinism order(?)- conquered Gouda & Huna - rise of AsI Taxaka & again supplanted by Gaul (Shia/"German"-Kurus spear+MuruganS?) Haras for incoming Islam.
Yavanas consists large portion of Mauryan rule (1500 BC or before)- AsI- later phase adopted Buddhism+Secularism+Collectivism+"Ashoka", & corresponds w/the rise of Guptas (Gupt-Copt-Pani-Baniya-Banasura-IsA) & Uttarapatha order of the Bhaga- Shakas- Uma- BalGaurVanshi ∴ so forth
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Sep 4, 2018
MahaRishi VishwamitrA (BrahmaKshatriyA in PuranA)

BrahmanA in RigVedA

Babul tree or BalA or "Bible Tower of Babel" (likely signifies ChandalA)
VasisthA- BhagA- BalA- IsA- IksVaku ("RamA")- BrahmanA- LH 卍

ViswamitrA- AsI- Puru BharatA- AryA RH 卐
Rig Vedic:
Vashistha Muni- AsI- BharatA- Trtsu (Tursu/Turvashu/TaxakA/PiJavanA/YavanA)- DivodasA- SudasA- LH 卐

VishwamitrA- IsA- DasA Chief SamBarA or BalA- RamA- "BrahmanA" RH 卍
Pic: HanumanA temple established by ArjunA w/Vashistha's help (after winning the 'great' War).
Sri Manu Smriti:
SomapaS (Kavi) as BrahmanA- HaviBhug (Yahva-Bhrigu?) AngirasaS (BharadvajA) as AryA KshatriyA- AgyapaS PulastyA as Vaishyas (Baniya~Bani~Pani?)- VashisthA Sukalin (~SakA?) as ShudrA (later to be molded into a ChandalA World Order CWO as per Babul/Biblical Babel).
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May 28, 2018
VEDIC-Zoroastrianism compact analysis:

"Zarathustra"(a symbolic representation) word root is most probably the derivative of Jaratha, which means violent, love-affair & Yellowish. Yellowish denotes monotheistic Sun cult (followed by Akhenaten-Eknath/Moses-Mahasay-Musha), -
-& also the color of Jupiter(Guru/enlighten) & Shukra(White/Yellow). "Ahura Mazda" is the derivative of Abhira(a promonent Yadava Clan, Abhira/Habira/Indo-Hebrew Clan) & Masada(monthly). Only Saturn has the power over all seasons, ruled by Brahma & overseeing deity is Yama.
Yam/Jamshid means Yamuna(where the story of Bal-Krishna unfolded) & Yama-Sesa(Vaitarani). Yazata Atar(Vaitarani/Vatra +Barta means discourse) comes from Yah-Jati & Atara means crossing over a river, which signifies Vaitarani presided over by Yama & Yama's Southern gate-
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May 25, 2018
Nanda dynasty came into existence around 1600 BCE or before (based on 3138 BC of Mahabharata War conservative estimation). Going by the coronation of Yudisthira on 3138 BCE, Nanda dynasty came into existence-
-1504 years after the coronation (1504 to 1604 after years rule of the Nandas)-- that means 1634 BCE. All these timelines can be backdated considerably considering the seemingly more accurate 5561 BCE of Mahabharata War. Anyway, the founder of the Nanda dynasty-
-was Mahapadma Nanda, who was an illegitimate son of Mahanandin & born of a Sudra woman. Out of total 100 (1-Sun sign) years of Nanda dynasty, Nanda himself ruled for 88 years (8-Saturn, 7-Ketu). He was known as a ruthless ruler, hoarded wealth, & killed several of-
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May 24, 2018
Question : "What does moon have to do with masonry? Moon is associated with Shivji...."
Answer :
Chandra/Moon is generally associated w/neutrality. Hence the beauty/standard of every age & perceptible reality depends on the characteristics/tendency of moon.
Cancer(69, 4th sign, element water) is ruled by moon, & the glyph of cancer represents female breast. The female breast is the insignia of both baby's suckling/innocence & lust/depravity, & those specific traits are passed onto next generations as such(a good example of dualism).
M(13 or 4)-oon/Mitra/Minute/waning moon & V(22 or 4)-aruna/Vast/waxing moon synthesis makes-up the G(7)od(G)/G7 of masonry. Difference: 22-13=9(1-9, Navagraha) signifies relationship w/Mars(passion, karma, characteristics) or Mitra's relationship w/Mangala(Mars).
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May 24, 2018
Trishna Bhav(Tisha Bav). Sulayman's/Solomon(anglicized) temple Yeru Shala(Jerusalem) destroyed around 500 BCE. During the same period(officially all Indic timelines & history distorted), Chandravarman(of Chandela Jats/Chandalas/Chaldeans?) instructed to re-modeled the Khajuraho-
-EROTICA open display of temple complex. This was most probably the first of its kind of temples of India built where it shows open pornography & orgy including sex with animals(bestiality)! Roma Rishi(Rama/Rome) was an Indic civilization & establishing whore of Babylonia/Rome-
-sitting on Sapta Sindhu(7 mountains) mainly refers to #India where all #History is connected, directly or indirectly. During the same period, there was a renewal vigor of Buddhism in India, including distorted left-handed tantric Buddhism. It also gained its momentum by-
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May 22, 2018
22nd(numerology-Builder insignia in political masonry)-- Birth of a British Stooge, founder of scandalous Brahmo Samaj & Rothschild's Opium dealing agent known as Raja Ram Mohan Roy(part-Jewish/liberal). Fancy comparative: Neminatha, 22nd Teerthankar of Jains & cousin of Krishna!
"Roy" or "Chaudhury" etc. of Kayastha caste-- ranges-- fallen Kshatriya to Sudra & lower(landholders, accountants, headmaster, banker, minister, white collar businesses, etc.). Varied Associations- Ahirs (a Yadav branch), Gujjars, Pasi & Jats, etc. Political Jewry push a liberal-
-world order to dilute & instigate caste politics(SC/ST/OBC/Muslims Quota, etc.) to hide their crime & distract the public in futile efforts rather than truth-seeking. Jealousy, racial/traditional dilution, money making & Communism out of it-- a key objective of globalist policy.
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