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Sonanon break.
Back for a few thoughts and observations
First to @jack.
Thank you for falling for it again. You're really building my case for me. Do you really think you can keep this silent?
Stop me, 1000 more will come
@jack Clowns posing as q are joining the movement.
Pretty sure that falls under RICO, but I'm no expert there. They aren't smart enough to know that they are already being watched too.
#God Wins
@jack #StopTheBias
And, I take it personal when you ask for my mother's phone # as if your hax didn't already have it
When it's over Twitter will overflow with evidence of your crimes.
Be not decieved, God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap
See folks, I had called in the most powerful prayer warrior I know, to pray for jack. It's ok. She's still going to pray for you. Watch out, cause she has thousands of others that will join in. Some of them will likely join once they hear about this. Hmmmm.
HT ]mom[ 😁

Oh yeah
You can't stop ALL of them, even if you try. And you can't stop God's power when His people begin to pray, and humble themselves, and seek His face.
Even your book admits it, jack
Had to play with the bot for a min. Its cute, re-liking the same thing 20 times in a row
Might help identify it
But we're the bots, I almost forgot.
Pretty sure stealing DM's is also a crime. Say cheese.
Gonna go organize and eat.
Thanq all
Sorry for the delays I have been busy doing research. I'm sickened by what I've discovered. I have no clue what evidence the real investigators have, but mine seem awful damning!
I wonder if I should start over for all the newcomers.
I doubt ill get back through the whole story, as I have many more pics to share. See, I've added to my collection. And copied them again. And redistributed.
Praying folks, I need you now. Let's pray for Him to bring #DarkToLight
Thank You Lord, for using a donkey such as myself, to open some eyes. You know how badly we need it. It will be painful, but it will help us grow. Thank You, for opening my eyes and for allowing me to play some small part on this #GreatAwakening
See, it actually started for me over on Facebook. I went there b/c I didn't like my news coverage. What I eventually was led to there was a story about a poor victim, or so I thought. Found it through @LizCrokin
Yet she was being openly mocked.
I did what research I could over there, and decided to migrate here. Never used Twitter before. But I have a pretty good bs-meter, so I decided to follow them, maybe I would get a chance to see for myself.
And that is when this happened.
So, now I KNOW I've stumbled on to something! I had only followed @SaRaAshcraft and @LizCrokin
(And @POTUS )
Sarah happens to be the 'victim' I was referring to. She is no longer a victim, for she is now a shining light!
Forever grateful to all 3
This was followed by having to pass a captcha, which I quickly submitted to. But then, I also had to give Twitter my phone#. He almost scared me off there, but I felt that this was important to Him, so I gave them my number.
After I was finally able to read some of the horrifying tales and offering emotional support I noticed a lot of the same attacks.
Not from most, but there were always a few. Usually vile and hateful things. Or demands for proofs online. So I stood up.
Right back please explore some links, if you haven't
Start with Liz or Sarah
Search #SurvivorStories
Or #SayBraveThings
As I did, you'll likely need some tissues and meet many other survivors.
Prayers for all who have stepped out of the darkness
What I began to notice was that these attacks were somehow, coordinated. I'm pretty observant sometimes. So I began to dig deeper. What I discovered was bands of gangs essentially, that silence speech that is not approved. Don't believe me?
You will.
I'll start with some lighter stuff tonight and get to the scarier ones in the morning. Don't want to overwhelm you. If you're just finding about the survivors, you'll probably lose some sleep. I know I have. But let's move forward lots to go
How about we start with the flashmobs that attack and target people with. They are well organized and will bomb the victims with bad reports and blocks. I've witnessed that a few times. And one of them was wiping the page while I was taking pics.
This one really bothers me because as I was taking the pics, I watched as many more pages of them dissappeared! This is a big one
These are some of the teams that I and others have witnessed. Several of them knew I was there and began scrubbing. But we already had it all. 😝
Question being, how did they know? How could they tell I was there? I know, but we'll get to all of that
You should dig for yourself. If they haven't wiped everything.
Even if they have, it's too late.
All your servers are belonging to us! See along the way, I managed to help guide some others to do some digging Collect pics of their deeds
And it's coming
It's ok that you deleted my pics
I have hundreds more. I have only just begun
He that being often reproved @jack
I'm still praying 4 you
I say tomorrow night, I drop so many pics your sentinels WILL crash. And I won't be alone. I will bring some friends
Pretty sure this one hacked my phone. Til he got jacked. See God didn't send me to do this alone. For I would surely fail.
He raised an army to stand up with me. Some are detectives, prayer warriors, RT'ers and hxrs
Thanks to you all.
As well as millions of voices that will soon cry out for justice.
I need some sleep now, so thank any of you that have gotten around the censorship to see me
You're all in my prayers
Even Jack
Goodnight all
Good old jack. Never changes.
I probably actually deserve it this time. Keep calling me a Russian bot, and I'll keep acting like one
Don't call me, unless it's to confess
#GodWins <<--- still @ 560
Been meaning to send a special message to brill someone pls pass along
Thank you for your courage and sacrifices. Wanted to reach out when it happened, but opsec.
You are in my prayers
I am one of many that were touched by his sacrifice
That's just how God works!
Also thanks to Pam and all for the glorious display of humanity and poise. I could not have done that. I was too busy crying my eyes out.
Thank you all for all you do
All in my prayers.
Lunch/study break
Same as always.
Jack, you're really getting pathetic. I now pity you.
All you had to do was be fair.
Lift the shadowbans on all of us or I will continue to humiliate you. Then I'm gonna see to it that you go to prison for your crimes
PS. I'm not the One you should be worried about!
I feel honored that you finally quit asking for my phone#.
You finally wrote it down?
Then you thought you were tricky with the captcha. 😉😘
Pepperidge farms remembers, and so will the 🌎
Also, if you stopped erasing my likes and retweets, I might stop carpet-bombing you.
But you won't. Predictable, you are. Almost boring. If you weren't so despicable, I'd lose interest.
And the irony is I'm not even close to a hxxr, but u seem to have angered them 2
Soon people will come home from work. And we will start lighting the darkness again.
You'll probably erase as fast as you can. You will fail
Tell your b-rate h_rs they will be pwned again tonight. And exposed. I have backups of all!
Speaking of such.
Still amateurs. All followed each other to sway conversation.
One was smart enough to block
That's why Sarah's page shut down
They were about to be exposed
They still are, see I'm faster.
I have warned jack on many occasions and he has refused to budge. Ask pharoah how that worked out.
I hold no grudge, I've forgiven him. Because I must.
But, I am going to expose all of his dirty little secrets.
They are thick.
They are blocking me quick.
But not quick enough, sicky Nicky.
Can I check to see who all has me blocked?
Likely all trolls.
She has nudity pinned to scare you off.
There's that blue wave
In my digging that often points to one of their digital brownshirt gangs. They swoop in to stifle conversations, shout others down, or chain report/block.

Their symbolism will be their downfall
Saw them doing the report/block attack
She's also somehow privy to me being there. Someone scrubbed that list before I got halfway through. Still got enough to show the pattern. And others did too.
But that's actually pretty mild.
It gets worse. Much worse.
But, I really want to head a bit deeper down this rabbit hole I've discovered. You will want to also. Please allow me to eat first
Say 45m tops
See clown activity?
Report if applicable
And #BlocketyBlock
@jack #StopTheBias
In case you haven't figured out, I believe in Jesus.
I also fully believe in Q.
I do not worship Q. That is reserved for Him above.
That being said, I do not expect or require you to believe in Q. Discern things your way 😀
Love and prayers to you all.
@jack #StopTheBias
I like to retweet multiple things at once. This keeps those pesky sentinels busy, as well as identify. I apologize if I crap your feed up, but it allows me to get messages through sometimes
Know that if you have been unfollowed by me that it wasn't me. I only block
I am not related to Q in any way.
Really just a "normal" guy.
I will get things wrong at times
Often, if you ask my wife. 😁
Also, I retweet things I don't necessarily agree with
I encourage you to follow the facts and think for yourself.
IMHO is the essence of Q
#StopTheBias .
But, as I've said, I'm not here to sell Q. I'm just here to help shine some light into this darkness. It needs it.
I would also like to caution you. Attacks have increased and the better trolls have already blocked me
When sc'ing do not get porn
It's a setup. Nikki
Fortunately, I needed screencaps that I could post without giving jack a legit reason to ban me. Upon later consideration, it occurred to me. Possibly it could be CP. What better way to silence us?
Detectives beware!
They've brought in the big guns
Gonna shut my eyes for a bit.
Can't sleep much anymore.
Praying for you all. Hope you do the same for me. I need the courage.
But, I fear for my future more than I fear for my safety.
So I will stand up!
I'd like to point out some of the differences in Twitter standards.
See, while many of you have been censored by jack, I keep finding pedo support groups. I've noticed that, not only are they being allowed to operate freely, they are being protected by twitter. 😮
I've also documented many of their attacks on victims.
Coordinated attacks. And I have caps to prove it.
To those people: Blocking me won't help you hide. Others are also following the facts. You will be exposed! Repent!
For we, the decent people of the world, are fed up. We will never accept your heinous lifestyle. We are standing up to shine light into your darkest corners.
Get some aloe, cause this will🔥
Same goes to the other assorted clowns.

• • •

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