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1. Whoa. Two people sent me this today. In which @RealSexyCyborg details the saga of Vice sending a report (not Jeong) to write a profile about her and it devolving into a mess that Jeong jumped into.
Vice profile here:…
@RealSexyCyborg 2. There are tons of links to various Twitter threads in the piece but on the cultural clash/safety issues, @jackiehluo’s thread is the most interesting.

@RealSexyCyborg 3. Oof.
@RealSexyCyborg 4. @RealSexyCyborg on having to fight to participate as a female maker.
@RealSexyCyborg 5. 🔥
@RealSexyCyborg 6. This is actually the same argument that those on the social justice left use to justify their own behavior/language.

“We are powerless, therefore we are entitled to be as angry we want & to fight back in any way we want.”

It’s not a good position.
@RealSexyCyborg 7. I don’t know if this is true. Many people had never heard of Jeong before the NYT announcement.

People in tech: do you agree that Jeong "is considered the final word in her respective fields by many people”?
@RealSexyCyborg 8. Many Asian American activists employ an Americocentric lens when looking at any “Asian” issue in US or even in Asian countries. I saw this when I covered #KimonoWednesdays protests @ MFA in 2015.…
@RealSexyCyborg 9. Even if Asian American activists were born in Asia in my experience, they have little to no understanding of the sociopolitical climate in Asian countries.
@RealSexyCyborg 10. Even if Asian American activists are following news from Asian countries, how they process that news is typically through an Americocentric or Western lens—often an intersectional feminist, antiracist, or white guilt lens.
@RealSexyCyborg 11. So Asian American activists will tell Westerners living in Asia with Asian families that they and their loved ones are wrong to hold whatever views they hold.

I find it’s usually the Asian Americans who are wrong.
@RealSexyCyborg 12. Politics in Asian countries simply cannot be understood through a Western lens. Ask any Western journalist who actually lives in those countries (not the ones who just parachute in like VICE magazine did).
@RealSexyCyborg 13. This is the most damning paragraph in the piece.
@RealSexyCyborg 14. There is so much going on in this thread. It’s a little hard to follow but here are a couple of sections.
@RealSexyCyborg 15. The thread perfectly illustrates the way in which many WOC activists don’t actually engage in sisterhood & cross-racial solidarity on the basis of a shared identity as “women of color” but rather based on:
- whether they like you
- whether they think you are sufficiently woke
@RealSexyCyborg 16.
- whether they think you’re doing activism correctly

If you don’t pass their purity tests you are not in the club and it doesn’t matter if you live outside the West and are actually more marginalized.
@RealSexyCyborg 17. Western WOC will tell them they are doing it wrong and therefore don’t deserve solidarity.
@RealSexyCyborg 18. For all the complaining about “white feminism” in the US, Western WOC feminists actually engage in similar throwing under the bus of WOC in developing nations who have views that run counter to intersectional feminism or who cross Western activists.
19. Seeing more people speak up about their bad Sarah Jeong Twitter experiences. Thread archived here:

Though note that she didn't @ Lowery and was just talking about him with others.
h/t @IonaItalia
20. Tweet was part of a convo Jeong started complaining that witnesses at the House Judiciary Committee 1/28/14 hearing on "The Scope of Fair Use" were apparently all white.…

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Oct 8, 2018
1. I just saw the footage that’s being spread around from a protest in Portland on Saturday that people are claiming shows antifa directing traffic and yelling a drivers who won’t comply.
2. I spent 5 minutes Googling and reading news articles to find out that the protesters seem to have been part of a protest following a fatal police shooting on 9/30/18 in which some claim the man was unarmed. Police say he was armed.…
3. One of the videos going around doesn’t show that the elderly white driver who was chased down the street did so after driving through a crowd of protesters with one directly in front of his car.

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Sep 29, 2018
1. Kept my friend company in line at the #HelloKitty Cafe Truck East today. It’s basically a store on wheels.
2. My friend got in line around 9:45. We still had to wait more than an hour to get to the front. When we left the line was to the end of the building. #HelloKitty
3. Finally made it to Southern Kin for brunch. My eggs were over-poached but I would go back. My friend said the biscuits & gravy were delicious. Eggs Benedict came with cheddar grits.
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Sep 27, 2018
1. A friend was on a jury that tried to convict people who may or may not have been guilty (a doctor and nurse practitioner). She was the lone hold out that resulted in a hung jury despite tremendous pressure from fellow jurors to change her vote.
2. But she’s a mathematician and highly analytical and said the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were guilty of the charges. At a 2nd trial they were acquitted. If my friend had been more susceptible to peer pressure they would be in jail.
3. She told me it completely changed her view of our “justice” system. Jurors engaged in vote trading and changed their votes because they were tired of being in court and wanted to go home to their families, jobs, or go on vacation.
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Sep 20, 2018
1. I saw an old tweet from a white feminist today that said something to the effect that she was totally willing for “some” men who haven’t done anything to go down in pursuit of dismantling the patriarchy.
2. I am not linking or screencapping since I want to discuss this idea, not encourage harassment of her. She is far from the first/last/only feminist to express this idea.
3. I often wonder—would these women be willing to sacrifice their:

male friends, neighbors & coworkers

to the cause?
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Sep 20, 2018
1. A bunch of people have asked me if I’ve taken a look at the Data & Society report, “Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube”.…
2. People familiar with the work of some of the YouTubers included in the infographic are calling foul, as are some of the “influencers" who have been included.
3. I saw the infographic floating around last night and at a quick glance thought it was so bad that I didn’t bother to look at the report, but I did see a tweet from someone replying to Tim Pool that he had been on a show Tim was claiming he hadn’t been on.
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Sep 20, 2018
1. Poll has closed! Thanks to everyone who voted & participated in the discussion. I found it really interesting. I'm actually a little surprised by how close the yes & no results are.
2. Of the people I heard from it seemed like there were some who felt that belief in ghosts was incompatible with reason & skepticism and therefore incompatible with atheism, which should have skepticism at its root.
3. Others seemed to feel that belief in a higher power(s) was separable from belief in something supernatural or whatever you want to think of the phenomenon of ghosts as. Ghosts have not been definitely proven not to exist so they’re still something of an unknown realm for some.
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