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I've been a fan of @rosie's for almost thirty years. So big in fact that back in the 90s I had not one, but two, talking Rosie dolls in my collection. One stayed on my bed, and one remained in the box. Dreams come true with Rosie, don't you know? My admiration has never waned. 1/
There are few artists with the kind of courage, "real guts" my dad would have called it, that O'Donnell has displayed throughout her career. I will never forget her uncomfortable, but powerful interview with Tom Selleck. Her talk show then was outlandishly popular. 2/
She was known as the Queen of Nice. And if she was the Queen of Nice, her show was the Show of Nice. Nothing untoward ever happened in that studio. Only love, sharing, and awestruck giddiness. Yet Ro was always clear about her values, but never as clear as with Selleck. 3/
Selleck was an active and vocal supporter of the National Rifle Association and O'Donnell decided to confront him. It was tense. Uncommon ground for her, the audience and the show. But she spoke truth. Selleck was unamused.

The decision to do that was probably not the best one for the show. She knew it would alienate and anger many, but the issue mattered to her. It was bigger than her career. I loved her a lot that day. She's made many similar choices since. And always she chooses to speak. 5/
In fact, I think you would be hard pressed to find many other mainstream performers who have so consistently placed their political and moral values above their career in the way that @rosie has. That is a trait to admire from my perspective. 6/
It's been impossible not to stand in awe of the woman since Donald Trump stole the Presidency from @HillaryClinton. She has been fierce and unrelenting. Her voice and perspective have been essential, not the least of which is because we know he dislikes her so much. 7/
Trump is a sexist, hateful, disgusting human being and his smallness as a person makes it impossible for him to drop grudges of any size. If his ego gets bruised it's bruised for life. But this also makes it impossible for him to ignore those he imagines personal war with. 8/
So we know that much of what flows out of @rosie makes it, in the end, into Trump's ear. He can't help himself. He can't ignore it. This is a blessing. These petty personal wars distract Trump. They often somehow become more important than even national security issues. 9/
Normally you wouldn't find many people arguing that having a distracted sitting US President would be a good thing, but with Trump we've had to reassess all the old assumptions we had about our relationship to the Presidency. A distracted Trump is, turns out, better. 10/
A distracted Trump places his own ego above the Office he holds, always. Keeping his attention away from bills, trade, and foreign policy is the closest we get to fine these days. So, every public battle he has with someone like @rosie might save a program he might have cut. 11/
I'm talking about @Rosie tonight because the interview she did yesterday moved me deeply. Ro gets it and she tries to help others get it too. Here is a portion if you missed it.

I do this also because I have been letting the negative aspects of this social media experience affect me in ways that I'm not proud of lately. I've been short, mean spirited and, at turns, intellectually lazy as a result. So, while acknowledging @rosie I'm acknowledging me. 13/
At least the me I want to be more like again.

Fierce. Determined. Resistant. Honest. Prepared.

I have always believed in the power of example and have striven to provide a model of civility, even in the absence of it.

I will do better. Just like @rosie. So, thanks Ro. 14/
As an aside I want to plug Rosie's amazingly funny and moving stand up special that she filmed for HBO a couple of years ago. It was called "A Heartfelt Stand Up" and it is a great way to spend an hour.

#Resist #RosieOdonnell #Love


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Oct 7, 2018
Finally slept.

For a few days when I'd sleep I was either having nightmares about #Kavanaugh or, and this was a first, having nightmares about having nightmares about #Kavanaugh.

My poor puppies didn't know what the hell was going on...


When people invoke platitudes like this it is usually done in order to being hope, to assert the positive aspects of what's ahead.

Not today.

There is nothing positive about this. We played the Super Bowl and we lost, but there is no rematch.

Worse, one of the players for the other team is suddenly a fucking umpire and wants to review the tapes of all previous games and change some of the calls made by other, better umpires from games we had already won in the past.

It doesn't make sense.

None of it.

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Oct 7, 2018
I won't be lectured about majorities or electoral politics on the day #BrettKavanaugh was confirmed to #SCOTUS with the help of a goddamned Democrat.

I don't care where he's from or the demographics of his state. I don't care about any of that bullshit.

He deserves some fire under his feet on the day he voted FOR a fucking lying racist rapist who is probably going to overturn ROE v. WADE and a host of other important pieces of legislation.

He could have called in sick.

He could have abstained.

He could have stood on the Senate floor and said "I am casting this vote because my constituents have asked me to and I am their representative, but I personally strongly oppose this nominee, and support Professor Ford.

Instead he basically endorsed Collins speech.

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Oct 6, 2018
Let it be our promise to every future life that is destroyed, changed, or affected by a Justice #Kavanaugh that we will make it a priority to see Sasse, Manchin, and Collins suffer for their vote today.

They must lose their Senate seats, and be reminded everyday why.


If we can't manage to focus long enough to carry through on our threats to our elected leaders who betray us then there will never be a reason to fear us. There will never be a reason to reconsider a decision or vote.

And maybe no mistake, @SenatorCollins must be made an example of, if only because so much focus was placed on her and her decision making process.

But also because of that poisonous victim blaming/ shaming speech she delivered yesterday.


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Oct 5, 2018
There is no way to sugarcoat how bad things just got, and if there was, we shouldn't. This is a loss that will haunt this nation for decades.

The confirmation of #BrettKavanaugh has managed to confirm more than just a man, for many, its confirmed our worst fears.

It has confirmed that the @GOP is the most corrupt ruling party at the federal level in our nation's history. That they will do anything and everything to protect itself, including putting the survival of our Republic itself at risk.

Its confirmed that the real decisions are made before the questions are even formally presented, and that they really do not care what our opinions of those decisions will be.

And it has also confirmed that Donald Trump has a lot more power than we imagined.

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Oct 3, 2018
If you want to live in a nation that is "led" by a man who would mock someone who was the victim of a violent sexual assault then we are very different people.

Trump's behavior today was that of a playground bully. They were the words that a bully utters and then laughs.

The bully imagines, and may even hear, the world laughing with him, but the chuckles are only from his hangers-on and those hoping to impress the bully.

The rest of the world only turns its head to look away. They hope that someone, anyone, will intervene.

They almost always get away with it, though, bullies.

And Trump will likely get away with this, like always.

#ChristineBlaseyFord passed a lie detector test on the day of her grandmother's funeral. No one non-partisan or credible has questioned her credibility.

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Oct 2, 2018
They told us @HillaryClinton was just as bad as @realDonaldTrump.

Hell, @SusanSarandon said she was worse.

She should really never open her mouth about politics again, ever.


U.S. to partners of U.N. LGBTQ staff: Get married, or get out… via @NBCNews
That anyone ever fell for that ridiculous lie is beyond disgraceful.

Even if Clinton were guilty of the types of corruption they claimed she was she would still not be comparable in this way to Donald Trump.

Not even close.

But she's clearly not.

As the nation braces itself for the @GOP's latest betrayal in the runup to the #BrettKavanaugh confirmation vote, it is becoming clearer that even those we once believed retained some recognizably moral standards, simply don't.

@SenatorCollins, @lisamurkowski--we see you.

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